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The Male Lead? I Don't Want Him
Author: SanSobee
Genre: Comedy

The Male Lead? I Don't Want Him

I reincarnated as Luna, a supporting character who is accused of ruining the heroine and hero’s relationship, and is murdered.
I’m not interested in someone else’s man, but the heroine’s friends bully me every day.
“Why are you trying to get close to someone who’s already taken?”
“That’s right, please stop! Why are you doing this?”
“Stop doing such terrible things!”
So Luna decides to announce it in front of everyone.
“I don’t want someone like Fersen even if you beg me to take him so stop bothering me. I’d rather date Anthes Vincent, who’s rumored to be insane.”
And soon she meets someone who she never expected to meet……
“I heard you have an interest in me? The truth is, I do too. Is it a coincidence?


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