The Male Lead? I Don't Want Him

Chapter 6

I’m tired of dealing with Seira in the morning and buying things to leave the long way.

Fersen, the goddamn bastard, visited the Baron again despite what had happened and blew Luna’s mind.

With a smile on his face, she threw things at Persen, who welcomed him, saying, “Are you here now?” He was so nervous that he stopped Luna and went back inside.

So Luna, who was ready to leave the capital in a day, loaded herself in a rented wagon and said goodbye to her father.

The destination was the False Territory, where the gold mine was hiding. To pick up gold by hand and throw it into the face of Seira, and then hire dozens of knights to beat Fersen home.

“I’ll be back.”

She said she would leave without having breakfast as a way to avoid Fersen. She made a pretty large sum of travel expenses, which she saved little by little. Luna, who breathed a sigh of relief in her heart, thanked her father, saying, “I’m glad I fell into his hands before I blew it.”

“Thank you, Father.”

“No, I’m afraid it’s not enough. By the way, I’m worried that all of a sudden vacation is not a place for you to relax.”

There was nothing in the Palais. There were no residents, let alone villages, and, of course, not even one old house that was also worn out.

I don’t know what else to say because I don’t have anyone to visit. If it were big, I would have had an inn where I could stop by and take a break while traveling, but it was small enough to just pass through, so there was nothing. The city right next to the capital city was the second most prosperous Vincent’s estate, so it was just a way through, and there was no presence. Therefore, it was not unreasonable for the Baron to worry.

Luna smiled that she was fine and tried to ease the Baron’s worries.

“It’s okay. The horse is resting in the Palais, but it’s going to stay in the next town, Vienna. It’s safe there.”

“However, it is that a pretty, cute, good-natured child like you goes down alone without a maid.”

“What are you talking about? When did I ever go around with a maid?”

Three employees were working for the Baron. One is Laura, Luna’s exclusive maid, and the maid of the mansion. She was a maid, just a maid dedicated to chores.

One is Henry, who is in charge of managing carriages, including hard work in the mansion and the work of a barmaid.

The other one is the chef, but Emma also cleans the mansion when her hands are full.

Everyone did what inefficiently was in front of them, to the point where a distinction was made. In any case, there was no lady-in-waiting in that situation, and I never went out to diner with anyone. I didn’t go out much because I didn’t have much money in the first place.

The Baron was embarrassed and coughed in vain when she pointed it out quietly to the poor Baron.

“…..Sorry, this father is incompetent….”

“It’s not my father’s fault, it’s my ancestors who’ve been spending money for generations. How can I be rich overnight? And don’t worry, we’ll only walk on the main road during the day. I’m going to travel with the top of Vincent’s estate, so I won’t meet the bandits.”

With dozens of mercenaries at the expense of paying, they could accompany the big top. The bandits did not attack the top of the posse unless they were crazy.

“When you arrive, make sure to send a letter. If anything happens, come up right away.”

“Of course. Stay healthy, too healthy. I’ll go get a present.”

The day before yesterday, the Baron was relieved to hear that she was moving with the top, Luna hurriedly set off the carriage. If I get stuck and meet Fersen, I might not be able to leave.

It was not long before we arrived at the gathering place told by the wagon rental shop. I was worried that they might have introduced me to a poor top because I asked them to leave as soon as possible, but when they arrived, the scale was quite large.

There are over 20 large carriages, dozens of mercenaries, and rare but neatly dressed employees. It was like a parade I saw somewhere.

Oh, I felt strange.

‘The impressions are a little bit harsh for that.’

Is there a rule that mercenaries should be tough? If the impression was not harsh, the tattoos drawn on bare skin were harsh, if the physique and even the eyes were ordinary.

‘I’m going to make it pretty…’

It wasn’t enough to make it seem like a self-tattoo, and someone’s food-picking tattoo or skull-destroying tattoo. No matter how scary it is, the tattoo that means murder was scary. That’s why she desperately looked for someone who looked as good as she could talk to without getting off the wagon.

‘If it’s that guy…’

Maybe it’ll cover it up.

I could only see the back, but I didn’t see a weapon in his neat outfit. Perhaps it was the person at the top, not the mercenary.

Out of the carriage in a hurry, Luna called in a man of relatively distant colors.

“I want to ask you something.”

“What is it?”

Then, a dozen threatening eyes stared at her. It was the blond man who talked, and somehow the fierce men around him glared.

Surprised by an unexpected situation, Luna opened her eyes wide, and a man in a distant look tinged his fingers to clean up the surrounding area. Then he looked back at his face and asked, “Who?”

But why are you so handsome?

I didn’t know because I turned around, but the man had a tremendous appearance. When I saw the mercenaries, I was speechless in a different sense of form. I thought it would look good only if I had the main female character’s buff with colorful blonde hair and pure light green eyes, but even a tall adult male can pull it off well.

But it was not a face that could be mistaken for a woman.

He was handsome and pretty, and he had a neat and clean face. A handsome face. It mingled with sharp eyes, slightly disheveled blonde hair, and a white shirt, creating an unknowingly ascetic beauty.

When she was speechless due to the shock of meeting an unexpected face after seeing only threatening tattoos, the man smiled as if he were familiar with it.

Even though he was so pretty, Luna hurriedly broke away from the man’s appearance and revealed her business before something more important.

“I’d like to meet the person in charge at the top.”



All of a sudden, many people were saying that they were dumbfounded by the mysterious woman who was looking for the person in charge. The man, too, stared at Luna and slowly opened his mouth.

“I think you can tell me, what’s going on?”

The reaction of the people around him was nonchalant. It seems that he was the one who was in charge of the group.

As time was time, it was no use to doubt anymore, so Luna nodded and revealed her purpose.

“My name is Luna, who is the one you’re accompanying to go to the Vincent Estate.”


As if he’s never heard of it, he frowned. Do we have to name the family? I wondered if it was okay to go on a trip alone, but there was no reason to hesitate about handing over my information on the wagon rental anyway.

“Yes, it’s Baron Palais. I got a message from the wagon rental shop telling me to go here.”

“…Luna Palais?”

Having heard the name of her family, he asked back with a cold face. It’s a family that’s too small for you. I didn’t know, so I wondered, but it was his illusion. Luna was more famous than I thought.

“Huh? The lover of the young lord, the Duke of Rodrienn?”

“Then that’s the name!”

Fersen’s lover.

The men’s eyes were piqued by the voices of mercenaries from the back. It’s normal to be afraid of the vicious eyes of the mercenaries, but it’s more irritating than fear because of the many things they’ve been subjected to.

Luna angrily rejected the fact.

“Hey, what did you just say? I’ve never seen you before, but you’re so rude. Would you feel good if I asked you if you were my enemy’s lover?”

Some mercenaries were stunned because it was true that they were rude without checking the facts. When Luna responded that she was genuinely disgusted, the man with the bitter eyes slowly blinked and asked strangely.

“It’s a rumor? But I heard that Lord Rodrienn only talks about you. To the point where it’s possible if it’s not your lover.”

Fersen, what the hell was he doing out there? I couldn’t imagine what to do about this terrible rumor.

The grim-faced Luna quickly corrected the rumor.

“It’s not, absolutely. Fersen’s personality is so bad that I was his only and former friend but it’s time to get rid of any misunderstandings. Besides, I hate Fersen. So much.”

It was their first time to gossip about Fersen, but in other words, the rumors spread again, as his atrocities made him gossip about him.

“Misunderstanding? Why? You said you were his only friend.”

“Isn’t it weird to make strange rumors about whether you’re a friend or a lover to first-timers like you are now? It doesn’t make sense to talk, and it’s doubtful that the brain exists.”

It was embarrassing to call yourself a wretch, but at any rate, he was a wretched fool enough to drive himself into such a rough road compared to an adult man.

When she openly criticized Fersen for having a lot of things piled up, the mercenaries were filled with silence. The man, too, stared at Luna and began to seek the truth in her eyes.

With a handsome face that cooled down a little after being treated like a lover of Fersen, Luna reluctantly avoided the gaze.

“There is no brain at all….”

A little while later the man who rolled his eyes followed Luna’s words. Soon, he folded his eyes and smiled as if he was happy.

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