The Mercenary World of Online Games

~ End of the testimony said a lot, all in my heart

Calendar, dare not say it is the truth, and dare not say it is nonsense.

Random evaluation without experience, a person's biggest malicious intention is to impose his own understanding on others, and always think that he is correct. Tolstoy said: You are not me, how do you know the path I have traveled?

What kind of thousands of dollars to buy a set of equipment is still hesitant, such protagonists are really **** and the like, have not experienced poverty, you do not understand what to go through all the net worth to go through. That's right, there are not many thousands of yuan. If you lose, you can't make money, and it's not tens of millions. But you can think about it. Without these thousands, it means the end, and the problems faced by the tens of millions of local bankrupts. It's the same, even worse.

Most of the people who read books are young people. It ’s hard to say no. Few people in their twenties have experienced eating buns and almost holding themselves to death. They eat food in trash cans, and work **** the construction site to eat and drink water. To lose, just to have time to make twenty dollars more ..... I have experienced it.

Therefore, I do n’t explain many of the sprayed places in the book, so I have n’t responded to those who sprayed me, and I feel asked blindly. Just like someone asked me if I was tired at the construction site, I just smiled and didn't talk. They all know that they are tired. Those who have never done it do not know what it feels like. It is useless to say that it makes people feel miserable.

It is said that writing the National War is very poisonous. Friends who have read it know that in fact there is no National War, and an international game National War is inevitable. The protagonist has been playing by himself. The inevitable national warfare will definitely produce many unavoidable factors, which will affect the main character. This is the purpose of writing the national warfare factors.

Some people say that the Grand Guild is very poisonous, and the bosses are too strong to reflect the protagonist's halo. On the other hand, the protagonist crushed the successful people such as the bosses, and it should be said that the brain is disabled. List all kinds of data in detail, it is deduced that the protagonist can complete the task, all will be sprayed. The protagonist should not have such an IQ to complete the task. If he can't finish, he also said that there is no protagonist aura. Therefore, as a writer, there is really no need to make some remarks.

Dawei is not the opponent of the bosses. Be careful of the bosses because of the game cognition has not been reached by Daweihang. In reality, the bosses have a height that Dawei can't reach. In the game, Dawei has a height that the bosses can't understand. I balanced the two with my heart.

As for the ending, it is nothing more than Dawei that led the gods to crush the US emperor server. There is nothing to write. This is also my habit of writing stories, without specific endings. As long as the ending is not what we want to see, even a happy story is a sad story.

Many of the elements and settings and foreshadowing in the book were carried over in the later period, which was related to my personal factors at the time. I have said nothing about the outline, so I will not explain it much. Then there is almost no income in the book. It is estimated that it will take three million words to write it down. It will not take another three years. I hope everyone can understand.

All of the above are talking about my side words. I also admit that many places are badly written, and I never deny these bad places I wrote, but I will not expose my shortcomings, hahaha.

Finally, report the results of the book. First of all, I have a question that I can't understand so far. Why are newcomers writing new books and others are encouraging them. From the time I published the book, I was a variety of blacks, sprays, and rhythms? The vow that never smashes me down is endless, and no one reads it like other new books, I really can't understand it. Even if it is poorly written, there are not so many sunspots. There are hundreds of sunspots in the collection when it is in the 20s or 30s. The click data is not long. Comment, do I also have a protagonist halo to recruit villains?

At the time of writing, the book collection was nearly 17,000. When the website click and app click were not merged, the website click was about 800,000 times and the app click was about 1.2 million. After the merge, the data remained at 800,000. The highest subscription is more than 1,000 and dozens, all of which are less than 260.

So I didn't continue to waste effort writing it down. I really have nothing to say about this data. It is not unacceptable to flutter the street, but this data is more than 17,000 collections, and only over 200 people actually subscribe. Allow me to make a swearing, other people, many people are not even fans, Baba's special ran to the starting point to spray me.

The first big plot material of the new book has been sorted out. At the beginning of this time, I used a lot of thoughts, hoping that I won't be spit out. The subject matter of the new book is Xian Xia. Of course, we will not write routines. I want to eat that bowl of rice, but I do n’t have that strength, so it wo n’t be a “funny upgrade”.

The title will be a bit lo, and I want to take a tall title, but in view of my fame, I still chose a trendy title, so I was mentally prepared to accept the vomit. After the official publication, I will revise the book's introduction and open a single chapter in this book for notification. I hope that everyone will continue to support it, and I hope I will not let you down.

At last.

I sincerely thank you for supporting me, like my book, this book has been bumpy to the end of the street, I did not give up, you still support it, a thousand words are too arrogant, thank you from the heart.

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