The Military Female Soldier With Unwavering Stubbornness

Chapter 22 Clever fox

Chapter 22 Clever Fox

On the mountain, Xia Jinyuan told the soldiers to stop searching for people in the headset.

Xiaotoutou film, let her hide, even a greeting does not hit and left, it is difficult to say "goodbye" before leaving?

"Summer team, do you want to send people to the village to ask, see if she goes back?" Liu Bing, who came back from the team, was not at ease. There were wild boars in the mountains, ... don't be hurt by wild boars.

In the headset, the command came back to the team, and then look at the darkness of the sky. Xia Jinyuan, who has slightly evoked the thin lips, smiled and said: "No, a clever fox can survive any place. Take the team!"

"Receive the team, close the team! Stand upright, take a break!"

Returning to the mountains, it is impossible to be as neat as the return of the playground. After the name is over, in the darkness of the sky, Xia Jinyuan took the patrol team to the direction of the troops.

The sun is already going down, such as the sunset with a layer of light gold through the jungle, sprinkled on the front of the handsome back, more and more his appearance is tall and straight, like a worldly god.

His pace is very stable. Every step of the way seems to carry the shackles of all things. This is the 20-year-old Xia Jinyuan, who met the 14-year-old Ye Jian today.

For both of them, this is just an accident.

The mountain was finally dark, and the dim light was lit up in the village.

Although the mountain villages of the 1990s were poor and backward, the blessings of the troops were the earliest in the ten countries.

The evening in the warm spring was still a little cold. The villagers wore a thick coat and came to see the TV at the home of Qiu Da.

As the only family in the village who has a black and white TV, as long as it is at night, it is very lively.

The villagers chatted while watching TV.

During the day, Sun Dongqing's actions were fermented in one day, and at night it became a critical meeting. Fortunately, she was not there. If she wanted to, she would jump.

The owner of the TV set, Qiu Dawei, still said in the village with indignation: "Sun Dongqing is not a good commodity! If I just bumped into it, Jane’s head did not even bring the clothes to the school on Monday, and what kind of textbooks were there, the plenary was She is locked in the room."

"That's the profit, you didn't see it. I jumped out and said that I was doing nothing. I can see it. This girl is actually awesome. You said, the simple voice of the swearing head, where is The opponents of the mother and daughter.

Ye Jian listened and smiled slightly with her eyes closed. This world began to change from here.

Although the sky is dark, there is no light in the house of the old man, and there are people in the house besides him.

"People catch it, transfer the transfer early, I will keep an eye on the village." The old man in his chair looked like a torch, and the room was dark and slow: "I am old now." I also want to find a successor who can occasionally come forward for me."

"People, I am in the middle, I don't have to bother with the team."

A few unspeakable breaths were extremely light, and some people respected it: "You are good at the owner. If you need to use the team, please feel free to contact us. It is not too early, we will not bother you." Rest, goodbye."

The speaker stood up, and his metaly luster on his shoulder flashed in the darkness. "Tomorrow we are in the team, waiting for you to come and give pointers."

"There are villagers in the back hills, and you avoid a little." The old man did not get up and sent, but faintly reminded a few words, and waited until a few people in the house had left, only quietly started. body.

Ye Zhifan's family is becoming more and more disrespectful. He has to go to the village chief's home to become a success.

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