The Perfect Relationship

Chapter 11 Secret video

After arriving home, Yin Chang sat alone on the sofa and thought about Yao Manhuai's words.

He remembers that for the first time he was exposed to photos by paparazzi three years ago, Yin Dong's response was very strong. He felt that his father did not want him to get involved in this circle.

Indeed, the entertainment industry has a lot of negative things. But during this time, he also saw countless fans on the Internet mourning his father from the bottom of his heart and reluctantly left him.

Yao Manhuai is right. Although Yin Dong sacrificed his time with him, his film and television works have affected the audience, and his efforts have helped many people.

Tonight, there are so many celebrities present to mourn his father, comfort him, encourage him ... This is enough to prove that Yin Dong's life as an actor was successful.

But because of this, Yin Chang has no confidence in himself.

To be honest, compared with those tall reasons, Yao Manhuai's last sentence "I will be by your side and will always be with you" will be more tempting to him ...

Because from childhood to age, every time Yao Manhuai appeared to help him solve his troubles, Yin Chang had made her a trusted relative.

He was also worried for the past two days, and his father would not be in the future. Will Yao Manhuai no longer care about him. It was not until tonight that he knew that he had the value that Yao Manhuai had left.

However, will Yao Manhuai just say that in the face of Yin Dong?


Yin Chang took a long sigh and leaned back, but accidentally pressed the TV remote control that fell into the gap between the sofa, and his eyes suddenly lighted up.

A line of "Reading" appeared on the TV screen. Yin Chang thought it was a video movie that his father usually watched at home. Accompanied by a familiar voice: "Xiao Chang, look here!"

——It is Yin Dong. He is holding a DV to shoot the boy with his head down, and this boy is Yin Chang when he was five years old.

"Xiao Chang, what are you playing?"

"Transformers." Yin Chang tinkered with his toys while answering with a soft childish voice.

"Is Transformers fun?" Yin Dong asked again.

"Fun!" Yin Chang's words were clear at that time, but his tone was slow. "But it's not fun to be alone."

"Why isn't it fun to be alone?"

Yin Chang didn't answer. After ten seconds, he asked, "Dad, when will you give me a little brother?"

Yin Dong, who couldn't see his face, whispered, "Dad doesn't have a lover. How can you give it to your little brother?"

Yin Chang: "Then you go and find one!"

Yin Dong: "Dad is so busy. How can I find it?"

Yin Chang fiddled with Transformers twice and stopped talking.

While Yin Dong continued to shoot at him, he asked kindly: "Why do you want a little brother so much?"

Yin Chang then turned his head, looking at the DV lens with big eyes: "So if you go to work in the future, my brother will play with me!"

Yin Dong reluctantly said, "Isn't Fiona with you?"

Yin Chang pouted: "Fiona can't, she's an adult!"

Yin Dong tried to enlighten him: "You have friends in school."

Yin Chang anxiously said, "My little friends are going home after school. They all have father and mother, as well as brothers and sisters. Only I am alone!"

Seeing his grievances turned red, Yin Dong immediately said: "Well, don't cry, don't cry, dad play with you!"

The picture flickered, and then the screen went black.

Yin Chang stared silently at the screen. Before he could think about it, the next video started again.

"Xiao Chang." It was still Yin Dong's voice.

On the screen is the back of Yin Chang watching a cartoon. He is wearing a blue t-shirt with a Pikachu logo on his back. This seems to be when he was six or seven years old.

"Xiao Chang!" Yin Dong called him again.

Yin Chang stared at the TV intently, as if he did not hear Yin Dong's call.

"Xiao Chang, look here, Dad will make a video for you, don't you like to make a video?"

"I don't like ..." His mind was not at all on Yin Dong.

"Don't like it? Then Dad won't shoot you, will you shoot Dad?" Yin Dong persisted.

Yin Chang refused even thinking about it, "I don't want it."

"Is this" Pokemon "? You haven't watched it many times, why do you still watch it?" Yin Dong got closer and tempted, "Don't watch, come, Dad teaches you to play Video."

Yin Chang was finally overwhelmed: "You're so annoying!"

Yin Dong: "..."

The camera took another ten seconds to the back of Yin Chang. During this period, Yin Dong didn't speak again, and Yin Chang never looked back. Only the animation on TV continued to play, as if playing a silent film.

Yin Chang, sitting outside the screen, was also stunned there, totally unable to remember that he and his father had this past.

After a while, the next video started again.

Yin Dong, holding DV, appeared again, and one hand detained Yin Chang's door.

"Ein." There was a hoarse voice inside.

The door opened and I saw a teenager sitting on a swivel chair with his back to Yin Dong. He heard his voice and turned his head, and a large headset was hanging around his neck.

"Xiao Chang ..." Yin Dong asked unnaturally. "Are there any plans for the afternoon?"

"I asked Evan to watch a movie. What happened?" At that time, his features were long open, his nose was tall, and his eyebrows were stared, but he seemed to be in a period of voice change in his teens, and his voice sounded strange.

"I'm leaving this afternoon." Yin Dong said.

"Oh," his expression was upbeat and sad, and his tone was calm. "All the way."

"That ..." Yin Dong seemed to want to say something.

At this time, Yin Chang discovered the DV in Yin Dong's hands, his eyebrows raised slightly: "Are you filming me?"

"Sorry, I forgot to close it." The screen went dark and the recording was over.

In the last paragraph, Yin Chang was impressed.

He remembered that it was his first year in high school, that night the school was going to run Familynight, and all the students would take their parents to the dinner.

He didn't tell Yin Dong, because he overheard Yin Dong calling the crew, and already tried to postpone the work schedule, just to stay here for two days to see him, and Yin Dong was able to rush to the work place in time in the afternoon The last flight.

He knew Yin Dong was leaving in the afternoon, and he was very uncomfortable, but no one could tell about this grievance, because even if he said it, it would not change the status quo, but would increase his father's troubles.

He deceived Yin Dong and said that he would go to the movies with Evan. He was afraid that Yin Dong would see it. He slipped out early and wandered alone all afternoon.


Now seeing these videos, Yin Chang can't help but feel shocked.

It turned out that he had expressed loneliness to Yin Dong as plainly as a child;

It turned out that Yin Dong had also implicitly tested whether he liked to show himself in front of the camera;

It turned out that he was not rebellious, but he always thought that he could tolerate well, but in the face of his father as the film emperor, I am afraid that he could not be more poor performance.

The thought of Yin Dong quietly recording these scenes when he hadn't noticed it, playing and replaying it in this unmanned apartment alone, he felt like he was being beaten with a heart ...

Yin Chang covered her face and slowly slid onto the carpet. A trace of water leaked from the gap between the fingers and fell silently.

Early the next morning, Yin Chang sent a message to Yao Manhuai: "Aunt Yao, I think so, I want to try this way."

It was Yin Dong who protected him so well before that he could hide abroad and enjoy a comfortable life for so many years. Since he decided to take over his father's career, he must have some understanding of this circle. Yao Manhuai's suggestion must have her reason.

Yao Manhuai confirmed: "Think clearly? Are there any other problems?"

Yin Chang: "I just have a little worry that I will not do well enough by then."

Yao Manhuai laughed: "Xiao Chang, no one can be perfect from the beginning, but you can continue to work hard to make everyone look at you little by little better. Well, don't think of things so difficult, I said that you are not alone and I will carry it with you no matter what the situation is. "

Yin Chang: "Yes."

Yao Manhuai said, "However, since you have decided to follow this path, you will have to suspend your studies and return to the country for development. In the past few days, you should take the time to deal with things in Pasadena and plan to move back to China. I will return as soon as possible. Pick an agent to help you do these things. "

Yin Chang froze, "Aren't you taking me in person?"

Yao Manhuai: "I want to take care of the management of Xinxing Entertainment now. I ca n’t take you like I used to take your father, but you can rest assured that I will take care of all the big decisions related to your development. I will now take care of it for you. The agent chosen is more like a life assistant. "

Yin Chang: "Okay ..."

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