The Perfect Relationship

Chapter 121 Cherish the present

Yao Manhuai looked at Yin Chang, just like Yin Dong who was leaving him 20 years ago.

She clearly remembers that when Yin Dong proposed to her for development, she asked him: "Why can't we keep together?"

Yin Dong said, "Manhuai, you have your pursuit, but the direction you pursue is not what I want."

"I can make adjustments for you," she said.

Yin Donger: "You are so good, if you change for me, then you are no longer 'Yao Manhuai'. Even if it is no longer a cooperative relationship, we can still be good friends, I will always remember that you put I have become a high-profile film emperor from a nameless generation, and no matter what help you need in the future, I am incumbent. "

He thanked her for her efforts, encouraged her to pursue the life she wanted, and blessed her to find her own happiness.

Now this scene is reproduced between her and Yin Chang.

"I just want to give you what I think is the best ..." Yao Manhuai suddenly felt unprecedented fatigue, and there was a kind of sadness that could not escape the fate of rebirth. But she will not do vain persuasion anymore, because she knows Yin Chang has made up his mind.

"Aunt Yao, I know," Yin Chang stood up and hugged her. "Even if I am no longer a star, you are also my most respected elder, but of all the things you have done for me, I am most grateful to you at the time. Able to adopt Shao Junling and give him completely to me ... "

Yao Manhuai was a bit surprised. She thought it was just a trivial matter: "Jun Ling has grown up and he is good to you."

"Hmm ..." Yin Chang hasn't told Yao Manhuai about her relationship with Shao Junling, but she will know one day.

"Can you tell your aunt, what exactly do you want?" Yao Manhuai finally unloaded the armor of a professional agent and cared about Yin Chang's needs like a simple elder.

"I want to leave here and go to Shao Junling." The psychological trauma caused by Yin Dongju's childhood is destined to make him eager to be with his family throughout his life. Yin Changmai nevertheless had this hurdle. Shao Junling encouraged him to face it honestly three months ago. When he was himself, he already wanted to understand.

"... Reading?" Yao Manhuai was shocked.

"Not just accompany reading," Yin Chang smiled. "I want to stay with him in the future, no matter where he goes."

Yin Chang originally planned to gradually reduce the work in the performing arts, shift the focus to the direction of company management, and then completely let go and return to the family when appropriate. But Yang Na's sudden death made him realize that human life is limited, and no one knows the day when death will end your life, like Yin Dong ’s unexpected plane crash.

Watching Shao Junling bid farewell to him again and again, both of them could not bear the pain of separation. Yin Chang thought that since he didn't want Shao Junling to delay his studies for him, why not give up his domestic career and go to him?

Moreover, after hearing the stories of his parents, Yin Chang knew how hard it was for him and Shao Junling to be today, and felt that he should cherish the present.

"Is this your dream?" Yao Manhuai didn't understand.

Yin Chang shook his head: "To accompany him is just what I want to do, but it cannot support the word 'dream'."

In this circle, Yin Chang has met many people who have dreams, like Bai Xiaozhi, Jia Siqi, Mi Xiu ... he is very envious, he admires their relentless pursuit of dreams, and once he was eager to find a A goal you are attached to. But now he understands that if he has been on a path that is not suitable for him, he will never find the answer.

Yao Manhuai frowned: "What do you mean? Give up your career for Shao Junling?"

Yin Chang asked with a smile: "Aunt Yao, what do you think of your career?"

Yao Manhuai opened his mouth and wanted to explain, but in the end he didn't say anything, because the problem returned to the original point.

Yin Chang is not short of money and ability. With his assets and savings, he doesn't need to support his position in society or family through his career ... What he wants is just what he wants.


After talking with Yao Manhuai, Yin Chang started to finish the work. He did not intend to declare the withdrawal from the outside world directly, which would cause a lot of sensation, but wanted to slowly fade out in a natural way.

As soon as Yang Na died, Shao Junling seemed to be very concerned about Yin Chang's condition. At least two calls and dozens of WeChat messages every day to confirm that his brother's mood was normal.

As soon as he returned to the dormitory that night, he made a video call: "Brother, are you up?"

"Get up early ..." Yin Chang put the mobile phone on a small shelf by the closet, and let the camera face his own direction, freeing his hands.

"What are you doing? Didn't go to work today?" Shao Junling asked.

"Pack up your luggage ... Will I pick you up outside?" Yin Chang squatted down and put a few clothes into the suitcase.

"Get your luggage? Where are you going?"

"... A business trip, did you have dinner?"

Shao Junling pointed his camera at the dinner he bought: "Here it is."

Yin Chang got up and glanced, frowning: "A sandwich again?"

He remembered that Shao Junling had been eating fast food like sandwiches and Subway for several days ... knowing that the child was hungry when he was a kid, what he ate, never picky eaters, but it was too casual.

"Convenient, just fill your belly." Shao Junling unpacked and stared at his brother while eating, feeling that everything was appetizing, "Yes, I'm going to take Christmas break soon, I plan to return to China next week, How long do you travel and where do you go? "

Yin Chang held his arm and said, "I just want to tell you, don't come back. My business trip this time is to go to the United States, and I will go to you when I do, and give you a birthday by the way."

Shao Junling said, "Really? When will you come?"

Yin Chang smiled and looked at: "Before and after Christmas."

Shao Junling: "Specify where to go. You asked Sister Lu to send me the schedule. I can go to you first when I have time."

Yin Chang raised an eyebrow: "And the schedule? Why don't you just put a position on me?"

Shao Junling stared at him for two seconds, and said, "I have the equipment."

Yin Chang: "?????"

Shao Junling: "In your phone, as long as you bring your phone, I know where you are."

Yin Chang picked up the phone aggressively: "What did you do to my phone?"

Shao Junling: "Just a positioning and sending plugin."

Yin Chang said, "Shao Junling, do you know what privacy is? Quickly turn it off for me!"

Shao Junling: "I can't operate remotely. You turn on your phone and follow my instructions ..."

Yin Chang managed to close Shao Junling for that position, and said sternly: "In the future, such small actions are not allowed without my consent."

Shao Junling reluctantly said, "I knew I wouldn't tell you, you don't know anyway."

Yin Chang is both angry and funny: hey, fool, if you know everything, how can I surprise you?

Because Shao Junling cracked the antecedent with AI confidentiality settings, Yin Chang couldn't rest assured, so he bought a new phone. In early December, he took his luggage and flew to Los Angeles.

Twenty hours later, Yin Chang was out of the airport accompanied by a bodyguard. At the airport, he met Lu Lingjuan, who was sent to the place 10 days earlier.

"How's the house looking?" Yin Chang asked after getting into the business car.

"I watched it for ten days, and currently only three sets of conditions are more suitable for your requirements. I have made an appointment with the agency to take you to the room for two days. The hotel is set at Crowne Plaza. Let ’s rest first?

"Okay, adjust the jet lag and start watching tomorrow."


Yin Chang did not conceal the fact that Shao Junling had arrived in the United States, but always claimed that he was busy with his work and had no time to meet him.

Keen as Shao Junling saw that Yin Chang was lying, he also associates in the direction that Yin Chang wanted to surprise himself with a birthday, but felt that they were all done like this, there is no need to engage in such mystery.

A week later, Shao Junling finished her last lesson before the holiday and found Yin Chang sent him a WeChat message half an hour ago.

"I'm waiting for you here." A positioning is attached below.

Shao Junling opened a small map and saw Yin Chang's positioning is the square in front of the L Library ...

He was startled: even though it was abroad, there were still many Chinese in the school. How could my brother dare to appear in such a place?

In the evening of December in Los Angeles, the sun began to set at four or five. When Shao Junling ran out of the classroom, it was already dark outside.

"Well, Shao Junling, what are you doing so fast?" He Hongjun caught up strangely.

"My brother is here!" Shao Junling's tone couldn't hide his excitement and nervousness.

He ran to the square at a stretch and saw Yin Chang wearing a black coat sitting on a bench from a distance. He wore a wide-brim wool felt hat on top of his head, almost blocking most of his face, but his perfect figure and the pair The erected long legs still caused many passerby students to stare.

Shao Junling rushed over and called out in breath: "Brother ..."

He didn't dare to scream too loudly. I didn't know if he was afraid of others' attention, or if he was afraid of his brother waiting so quietly.

Yin Chang heard his voice raise his head, revealing the handsome face that had captured the hearts of millions, then took off his hat and smiled at Shao Junling under the street light: "You are here."

Shao Junling seemed to hear someone's gasp and exclamation behind him. He strode forward, trying to hug each other tightly, blocking his brother's face, and not let anyone see it.

Yin Chang also stood up and opened his arms at him. The moment Shao Junling embraced him, he asked softly, "Would you like to come home with me?"

Shao Junling was shocked, feeling that he was surrounded by a huge sense of happiness.

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He Hongjun, who came after him, saw the picture of Yin Chang and Shao Junling embracing under the street lights ...

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