The Perfect Relationship

Chapter 14 Yin Chang is missing

After ending the call with Yang Jiajia, Yao Manhuai thought of another person, and the phone that had just been dropped was picked up again.

"Lawyer Wang," Yao Manhuai asked coldly after the call was answered, "I don't know if you have seen the news online."

"Mr. Yao, I'm really sorry ..." Wang Yan apparently knew the situation, and his voice was full of guilt. "I just finished talking with Yin Chang."

Yao Manhuai frowned: "Have you called Yin Chang?"

Wang Yan: "Yin Chang called me on his own initiative. He asked me about Shao Junling."

Yao Manhuai: "Do you know Shao Junling?"

Wang Ye: "I know, but it can be said that it is equivalent to not knowing, because I only heard Mr. Yin mention it twice."

Yao Manhuai: "What did he tell you?"

Wang Yan: "This incident also involves Yin Chang's privacy. I shouldn't have told you originally, but now this is happening on the Internet, I think you must also know to restore Mr. Yin's reputation. But I hope, next time I When it comes to public relations crises, you can try not to make it public without making it public. "

Yao Manhuai: "I promise you."

Wang Yan: "It was probably in March of this year, Yin Dong called me and he asked me what to do if he wanted to adopt another child."

"Again ...?" Yao Manhuai caught the point immediately and was shocked: "Yin Chang was adopted?"

Wang Zheng: "Yes, Yin Chang was adopted by Yin Dong when he was one year old. Yin Chang was completely unaware of him before he met me. Although Mr. Yin is rich, he is single and has been adopted. After a child, if he wanted to adopt a second one, it was not legally feasible. I originally suggested that he raise the second child by means of "funding" and he refused. "

Yao Manhuai wondered, "Why? Is Shao Junling really his own flesh?"

Wang Zheng: "I can't conclude this, but I thought about a method for him. I said that the law recognizes blood relationship. Unless you can provide him and your paternity testimony, you can recover in the name of" parent-child " Father-son relationship. "

Yao Manhuai: "How does he answer?"

Wang Yan: "He hesitated for a little while, and then said to me, he will think of a way."

Yao Manhuai froze: "Somehow ... what do you mean?"

Wang Yan: "My personal guess is that he may not be related to the child, but he can find a way to forge a paternity test. I didn't mention it on the phone. He can think of it himself; The child refused to recognize him, and he had to find a way to persuade him to do a paternity test with him. "

Yao Manhuai: "What happened then? Did he get it?"

"No," Wang said, for a moment, said quietly, "he said that the child wasn't ready yet, he had to wait again, and then there was no news."

Yao Manhuai shook his body and sat on the chair with one hip.

Attorney Wang's words had already hinted very clearly. When thinking of the photo of the boy exposed by Yu Ji, Yao Manhuai was cold.

The reason Yin Dong rejected her was because she couldn't forget Yin Chang's mother. She couldn't be more devoted to others in her life, so she let go. But ten years ago, he had a child behind her. How could this be explained?

Wang Yan continued on the other side of the phone: "This is all I know about this matter, and Mr. Yin said to me over the phone, a total of two times, which will not add up to ten minutes before and after. Just now Yin Chang called me, and I told him the same way. Although I felt sorry, but we did this business, the tone is very important, ambiguous things, we must not speak out casually. Later Mr. Yin accident, the day Yin Chang returned home In the evening, I asked him if he had heard the name Shao Junling. I originally thought that if he had heard it, I would have to analyze the specific situation to see if it would affect Yin Chang's inheritance rights. But Yin Chang did not know it at the time. What's more, he also learned that he was adopted that night and seemed to be shocked. I can't stimulate him with such things that I am not sure about ... maybe there is no follow-up news because Mr. Yin has already repented. ,Am I right?"

Yao Manhuai asked, "After you have spoken to Yin Chang, what is his reaction?"

"I can't hear it on the phone, it feels quite calm, but I guess he must be uncomfortable now, after all, it is so nasty to scold on the Internet," Wang Yan sighed, "I'm really sorry if I knew that today's storm , Definitely inform in advance. "

As she was talking, Lu Lingjuan suddenly grabbed her cell phone and rushed in from the door, her eyes flushed and her head sweated, "Yao Chang! Yin Chang, Yin Chang can't be contacted!"

No one answered the phone, and WeChat didn't reply. Lu Lingju was afraid that Yin Chang could not think of it after seeing the overwhelming abuse on the Internet.

I wanted to take a look at Huaihe Apartment in person, but it happened that the company's commercial vehicles were collectively dispatched today. Lu Lingjuan turned around at the gate of Yao Manhuai's office for a few minutes and faintly heard that the other party was on the phone.

After listening to Lu Lingjuan's eager statement, Yao Manhuai said nothing and grabbed his car key: "Look at it."

Ramped all the way to the Huaihe apartment, the two were stopped outside the gate. High-end apartments pay great attention to protecting the privacy of residents. After the property changed hands, Yin Chang had not updated the list of trusted contacts. Without the permission of the owner, neither could enter.

Yao Manhuai took a lot of effort to explain his relationship with Yin Chang to the property, and also signed an access security agreement, only to learn that Yin Chang had left the Huaihe apartment at about 8.40 that night.

"Not at home?" Yao Manhuai said. "Are you sure !?"

"Every head of the household here we recognize, there are monitors staring in and out!" The former head of the Yin Dong plane crash is big news, and the security guards are very impressed with this new young man. "Look at the monitor, he drives A black BMW was taken from the underground garage. Was that car driven by Mr. Yin Dong before? "

Yao Manhuai was speechless.

However, Yin Chang has lived abroad since he was a child. He has not been back for a month. He has no friends. Where can he go?

And the time he left was almost the time when Yao Manhuai and Lu Lingju started from Nova Entertainment. In other words, when Lu Lingju was calling Yin Chang, he was still here.

Yao Manhuai returned gloomily to the car seat and instructed Lu Lingju: "Continue to call him."

"He ... shut down." After dialing four or five calls perseveringly, Lu Lingjuan got the prompt "The call you dialed is off."

"Send him a text message to make sure that he can see our news as soon as he powers on." She explained, searching the address book, and soon found the person she wanted to contact.

"Director Jin, this is Yao Manhuai. I'm disturbing you so late ... Yes, there is another little thing to trouble you, and I want to ask you to help me check the whereabouts of a car ..."

The night was deep, and the curtains were tightly closed in the high-rise rooms of a star-rated hotel.

By the dark bed, Yin Chang sat down on a soft chair, sipping a bottle of wine alone.

When he saw the news, he felt that the name "Shao Junling" was familiar. Later, he remembered that Lawyer Wang mentioned it the night he returned, and immediately called to ask.

After listening to Lawyer Wang, Yin Chang strung a few strange details when he first arrived at the Huaihe apartment.

It turned out that the Transformers sheets in the guest bedroom, towels and toothbrush cups in the bathroom, including the large box of Lego on the side of the coffee table, were all prepared for the child named Shao Junling.

It turned out that those psychological education books in the study were also researched by Yin Dong to better get along with Shao Junling.

Not only that, after hanging up the lawyer Wang's phone, he rummaged in Yin Dong's study, and finally found a paper bag in the drawer on the right side of the Nanmu desk ... In the paper bag, there was a copy of Yin Dong Proof of paternity test with Shao Junling.

Seeing that value close to 100%, Yin Chang finally admitted in despair that Yin Dong really had an illegitimate child behind him!

He thought that his father couldn't accompany him because he was busy with work, so he tried to make him mature, understanding, and understanding ... In the end, he realized that he was a complete fool.

Imagining that Yin Dong had been with his young son kindly in this apartment, Yin Chang was uncomfortable and panicked, and didn't want to stay there for a moment.

The author has something to say: [Interlude]

Director Jin: "Xiao Yao, I have asked the traffic police below to check it for you. The car you said is currently in the Westin Hotel parking garage on Road XXX."

Yao Manhuai: "Okay, thank you!"

Director Jin: "However, I have to tell you a few points. According to the monitoring, we found that this car has slight speeding on Hongjing section and Lin'an section."

Yao Manhuai: "... ????"

Director Jin: "Also, he ran a red light at the junction of Fengshan Road and Jiangming Road ... Although there was no one at that intersection, we monitored him for passing the line at the moment when he jumped at the yellow light."

Yao Manhuai: "I'm really sorry! He might be in a bad mood at the time ..."

Director Jin: "You ca n’t drive like this if you are in a bad mood. Drag racing is wrong. Next time I want to do business, let the traffic police below directly issue a ticket!"

Yao Manhuai: "I know I know! When I find him, I will strictly remind and criticize!" (Hang up the phone)? ? ? Thought it was a little boy, didn't want to be an old driver? ? ?

(PS: Yin Chang didn't drink and drive, he only drunk after driving to the hotel.)


[Spoiler] Paternity test is fake, don't get me wrong.

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