The Perfect Relationship

Chapter 15 go home with me

Driving around in a car aimlessly, Yin Chang saw this hotel and checked in directly.

He turned off the phone, didn't want to see anyone, and didn't want to talk to anyone, he just wanted to be alone.

"Dangdang", another empty wine bottle was thrown to the ground by Yin Chang.

Yin Chang fell back dizzyly, silently thinking about the strange name-Shao Junling.

Shao ... Jun ... Ling ...

Shao ... jun ... ling ...

The room was silent, he was a little drunk, and his ears seemed to sound like what Yin Dong had called him during his lifetime—

"Xiao Chang, your eighteenth birthday, Dad can't come back for the time being, sorry ..."

"After a month, Dad will go back and make up your birthday, okay?"

"I will prepare a great gift for you and guarantee you like it."

After a while, it turned into Lawyer Wang's voice--

"The file states that the reason you were registered by Mr. Yin was 'adoption'."

"Did your father mention the name" Shao Junling "some time ago?"

"Mr. Yin did consider restoring father-son relationship with the other party in the name of" parent-child "..."


Ha ha, if it wasn't for the news, would he never know the truth?

I don't know when it went to sleep, all night, Yin Chang just felt a heart tormented in the fire, and he felt uncomfortably cold and hot.

I woke up and opened my eyes again, the room was still dark.

Yin Chang fumbled and turned on his mobile phone. It was already the next afternoon when he saw the time.

What followed was a series of missed calls and unread messages, most of them were from Lu Lingjuan, and several were from Yao Manhuai.

23:45 yesterday

Aunt Yao: "Xiao Chang, first of all I want to say sorry to you. What happened yesterday was caused by the negligence of Yang Jiajia and me. I'm sorry that aunt didn't protect you and I can understand your mood very well."

Aunt Yao: "I already know where you are now, but rest assured that I will not let anyone bother you until you have adjusted your emotions. You have not changed your domestic driver's license soon after you returned home, and went out to pay attention to reporters. Candid shots, we must pay more attention to driving safety! "

Today at 07:21

Aunt Yao: "At present we have contacted the Jingxue Welfare Institute and learned the real situation. We are considering joining them to issue an official news to calm down public opinion ... However, regarding Shao Junling's future arrangements, you may need to come forward to discuss and decide together. . "


Yin Chang had a headache. He dropped his phone and closed his eyes like an ostrich who escaped reality.

He lay there for almost an hour before he got up from the bed in pain, washed his face hastily, grabbed the car keys and went to the parking lot.

After entering the car, he sat in the driver's seat for a few minutes, and then entered the "Jing Xue Welfare Institute" blankly in the navigation.

After half an hour, the navigation voice reminded him that he was about to reach his destination.

In fact, Yin Chang didn't think clearly why he came to this place.

Xu was unwilling or jealous. This emotion forced him to come and see for himself how the boy named Shao Junling looked like Yin Dong.

The orphanage is located in the western suburbs of the city. A white-walled, red-tile low-rise house looks a bit dated and has a small footprint.

Yin Chang did not walk directly from the main entrance, but instead walked a half circle and parked the car outside the back wall of the orphanage where few people passed.

There is a diamond-shaped hollow window on the hospital wall. Through the window, Yin Chang sees a broken children's basketball stand in the open space inside, as well as swings, walkers and other equipment. It looks like it is for the children in the welfare home to play. Outdoor venue.

At this time, the evening was approaching, and there were not many people in the open space. A few children gathered together in twos and threes to chase and play.

Yin Chang clasped his hands and stood outside the wall one by one to look at the past, but none of them were Shao Junling.

He was a little lost, but it wasn't normal to think about it. With so many children in the orphanage, he didn't go inside and just stood outside, how could he see the guy so easily.

After a while, there was a sound of music in the courtyard, and the children cheered, "It's dinner time", and ran back in a hurry.

No one is on the field.

Yin Chang stood silently for a while, consciously weak, and was about to turn away, and suddenly saw a person coming out of it ... To see the other person's appearance, Yin Chang held his breath and stopped.

The child slowly moved to the sand in the corner and crouched down, seemingly bored with the sand in the pit.

Looking at the small back, Yin Chang's mood was extremely complicated.

A few minutes later, several older children came out of the company and saw the boy crouched beside the sand in a glance, and walked towards him.

Yin Chang originally thought that they were looking for him to play, but he unexpectedly shouted at him: "Little crazy dog, is it good to eat?"

Hearing this strange title, Yin Chang narrowed her eyes and could not help thinking of "bullying" mentioned in that news.

Under the leadership of that man, the companions around him also laughed strangely.

"Little crazy dog ​​doesn't eat, eats sand, hahaha!"

"Are you deaf? Why don't you speak?"

"Hey! No response?"

A few people, you say it to me, and when you see that the boy has no response, you push him.

The boy squatting on the ground jumped up unbearably and stared at them with grin.

"Wow! The mad dog is going crazy again!"

A few people took a step back, pretending to be afraid, but soon they noticed the difference between the boys.

"Oh, he's not eating sand, he's hiding here crying alone!"

"What are you crying for?"

"He's 'daddy' is dead, of course he's going to cry!"


After hearing this, Yin Chang's chest lit a fire, and he clenched his fist subconsciously.

The boy flushed with a flushed face, and then he spit out a refutation: "No! Nonsense!"

"I didn't talk nonsense!"

"Yeah, he's dead! The TV is on!"

"No!" The boy jumped up in excitement, trying to seduce.

"He's going crazy, run away, hahaha ..."

A few older children laughed and coaxed out, grimacing at him in the distance, feeling bored for a long time, no longer ignoring him, and leaving the boy alone and repeating in situ: "No! No!"

Then the sound is getting lighter ...

The meaningless rebuttal may make people completely unaware of what he wants to express, but do not know why, Yin Chang understands.

The other party seemed to call out the grievances that he had held in his heart for so long, and the incredible and unacceptable of Yin Dong's death.

The two were inside the wall and one outside the wall.

When Yin Chang's vision was blurred, he reacted, and his eyes were soaked.

Rubbing his eyes embarrassedly, Yin Chang turned away and didn't want to look any further.

But with his hand on the door, countless thoughts flashed through his mind.

——You saw with your own eyes, what kind of life is that child living in this place, do you still envy him?

——What kind of life have you adopted as an adopted son in these 18 years? No matter what reason Yin Dong conceals you, he is not ashamed of you.

——If Shao Junling is really Yin Dong's own flesh and bones, would you be willing to let him stay here and continue to suffer?

——Yin Chang Yin Chang, if you really leave like this, what is the difference between the cold-blooded and ruthless scum in the mouth of netizens?


For a moment, Yin Chang was condemned by his conscience for his actions.

After a battle between heaven and man, he turned around again. Through the pane, he saw the boy still standing alone, lowering his head and sniffing his nose, as if he had been abandoned by the whole world.

Yin Chang's heart froze fiercely. The next second, he grabbed the wall and lifted him up, then turned over directly.

Several bear children who had just scattered around playing were frightened by Yin Chang who suddenly entered the wall, all staring at him in surprise.

Yin Chang walked towards Shao Junling step by step, and stopped when he was only half a meter away.

The surroundings were extremely quiet, and Shao Junling, who was immersed in pain, finally found Yin Chang.

Because of the height of his oppression, he instinctively took a small step back, and looked up unbelievably at this handsome young man who seemed to fall from the sky.

Yin Chang bent on one knee and crouched down to stare at him: "Shao Junling?"

His voice was hoarse because he drank last night and was a hangover.

The boy might be scared and stupid, the red eyes stared at the boss, his body tight, and he said nothing.

Yin Chang frowned slightly and asked slowly: "Your name is Shao Junling, isn't it?"

Shao Junling nodded dullly.

At such a distance, Yin Chang could clearly see that Shao Junling did have faint scratches and bruises on his face, and the news was not exaggerated at all.

Yin Chang tried to make his voice softer and his attitude more kind. He asked, "Do you know who I am?"

Shao Junling stared at him, opened his mouth, and said, "Brother ... Brother?"

Hearing this appellation, Yin Chang's eyebrows suddenly stretched out, although he was still intrigued by this, but this "brother" at least proved that Shao Junling knew him, and this recognition gave Yin Chang a magical comfort.

He took the corner of his mouth, smiled slightly at Shao Junling, and murmured "um."

Shao Junling's face quickly turned red. He stubbornly stubbed his neck and lowered his eyes. He probably called the "brother". He felt embarrassed.

Yin Chang tentatively reached out and rubbed each other's head, and Shao Junling did not hide.

"Dad is gone, I only knew you yesterday ..." Yin Chang asked with hesitation, "Would you like to ... go home with me?"

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Shao Junling stared at Yin Changshi's inner activity——

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