The Perfect Relationship

Chapter 17 Public opinion subsides

Yin Dong has no brothers or sisters. His parents are a pair of old teachers in ordinary cities, and have children in his later years.

Grandpa died when Yin Chang was still very young. I heard that Grandma was very dissatisfied with Yin Dong's work as an actor. When Grandpa left, Yin Dong couldn't stay in front of the hospital bed because of busy filming.

Last year, Yin Dong ’s mother, who was in her eighties, died of illness. Yin Dong went back to her hometown to deal with her affairs in a low-key manner, and did not allow Yin Chang to rush back from abroad.

Because he had not had the opportunity to get close to the elderly since childhood, Yin Chang was also used to this state. It wasn't until Lawyer Wang told him that he was adopted by Yin Dong, Yin Chang was stunned, probably because he had no blood relationship with his grandparents, so he was so alienated.

Yao Manhuai frowned, and asked, "Is it because of those comments?"

Many people on the Internet scolded Yin Chang for turning off his legacy to ignore Shao Junling. Yao Manhuai was worried that he would be affected by public opinion and advised him: "I didn't tell you very early that it is normal to be criticized as a public figure Yes, what do you care about those keyboard men? "

Yin Chang shook his head. He admitted that when he first saw the news, he was indeed affected a bit, and had negative feelings such as being deceived, betrayed, neglected, and felt that his father was a complete bastard.

But calm down and think for a while, is Yin Dong the kind of person who will carry him to make an illegitimate child?

Those passers-by netizens don't understand, but he doesn't know who Yin Dong is?

If Yin Dong knew about Shao Junling's existence long ago, he would never let him live on the street and be sent to the welfare home.

Perhaps this child was in Yin Dongfei's self-willing state. He was completely unaware of the incident before, and he didn't know it until the last six months.

But why should Yin Dong hide the truth from everyone? Not only him, but also Yang Jiajia, Yao Manhuai, and even Lawyer Wang just heard Yin Dong mentioned twice on the phone-these are all Yin Dong's closest relatives.

The only explanation is that the child was born in the dark, and the fewer people know the origin, the better.

Yin Dong had better reason to conceal his reasons-because Shao Junling was born by nature. His status in Yin Dong's heart is more important than his adopted son. Yin Dong was worried that he would hurt himself after telling the truth, so he chose to hide it. .

Not only that, before Yao Manhuai came here, Yin Chang had also called Lawyer Wang.

Lawyer Wang was shocked when he learned that he had found a paternity test between Yin Dong and Shao Junling. He said that if the paternity test was true, in theory, Shao Junling could legally share half of Yin Dong's property.

Today, Yin Chang saw Shao Junling's growing environment, and felt like a dove occupying the nest, taking away everything that should belong to Shao Junling.

He told Yao Manhuai: "Lawyer Wang told me that my father had saved me 30 million insurances. It makes sense that only the 30 million were left to me by my father alone. I shouldn't monopolize other properties. Now Shao Junling is still young. I can help him keep the money for him. When he grows up, I will give it to him if he wants to, or we will decide together how to deal with it. "

"Xiao Chang, you know how much your dad loves you, you don't need to be wronged like this ..." Yao Manhuai still felt that Yin Chang's decision was out of anger, or that the child was too "sensible".

"I haven't wronged myself." Yin Dong treats him well, it's love, not duty. Yin Chang's tone was indifferent, but there was a decency in his eyes. "I thought that even if Dad had a will when he was alive, it would not be distributed like this. He might even give more assets to charity. Besides, I am now I'm eighteen years old. My father has given me such a good education and paved the way for me. I want money in the future and I will make my own money. "

Yao Manhuai sighed, and some distressed Yin Chang, who pretended to be so strong, admired his heart: "You, you have legally inherited your father's legacy, and how you want to distribute is your freedom."

However, Yao Manhuai is not really worried about Yin Chang's lack of money. Since he has decided to enter the entertainment industry, it will be a matter of time before he can start working.

Next, Yao Manhuai asked Yin Chang how to settle Shao Junling.

He was brought back, but in the eyes of Yao Manhuai, Yin Chang is still a child who needs care.

Moreover, she heard from people in the orphanage that Shao Junling might have suffered some injuries during her growing up, her temperament was very unstable, and she was extremely out of place.

Yao Manhuai thought that he was the official adopter of Shao Junling in the future, and he could not help suggesting: "Otherwise, let me take Shao Junling first?"

Yin Chang was also worried about this problem. He just wanted to rescue Shao Junling from the bullied environment, but he didn't have to keep people beside him. It's really a bit awkward to get along with each other now.

"You ask him?" Yin Chang glanced at Shao Junling. Just when he was talking to Yao Manhuai, Shao Junling opened the box of Lego and played with himself. Xu Dong had played with him here before, and he was not too restrained.

Yao Manhuai walked over and said softly: "Jun Ling, would you like to go home with your aunt?"

Shao Junling turned her back on Lego, as if she didn't hear her, she ignored her.

Yao Manhuai went to Shao Junling again and patiently coaxed: "Aunt's family is also very big. At that time, the aunt will prepare a beautiful small room for you and buy you some toys you want, okay?"

This time Shao Junling reacted. He moved his buttocks and turned around half a circle, then turned his back to Yao Manhuai.

Yao Manhuai drew a corner of his mouth: "..." Damn, the bear child didn't even give any face!

Yin Chang originally thought that women had more tactics than men in children's affairs, but after watching the interactions just now, he found that Yao Manhuai had not been more able to communicate with Shao Junling than he was.

Yao Manhuai retired helplessly: "Will I find you a babysitter?"

Yin Chang frowned. He already had a child who was not familiar with him. If he didn't know another nanny, he would feel more uncomfortable. If he really plans to live together in the future, he still considers calling Fiona back from abroad.

"Let ’s just forget it, I ’ll get to know it in the past few days, and I try to get familiar with him ..." Yin Chang looked at Shao Junling's back and thought, at least the child wasn't very upset. Approach. "

Since Yin Chang said so, Yao Manhuai didn't take the idea for them either. She explained a few more words and talked about arrangements to calm down public opinion, so she left first.

That night, Yin Chang packed up the guest bedroom, let Shao Junling sleep, and went to Yin Dong's room by himself. Shao Junling was also very obedient. When the time came, he got up and went back to the room obediently. It was not noisy or noisy. I do n’t know if it was Yin Dong who taught it before.

A dramatic day has passed.

Early the next morning, Yao Manhuai contacted the Jingxue Welfare Institute, and then asked Yin Chang to take Shao Junling to the Civil Affairs Bureau. The Quartet met for the first time and directly handled Shao Junling's formal adoption procedures there.

At noon that day, the orphanage used the words of a formal media to explain the cause of the incident.

They showed that Yin Dong had indeed planned to adopt Shao Junling during his lifetime, and their adoption was interrupted due to the plane crash. They also expressed great regret. Fortunately, Ms. Yao, Yin Dong's agent, got in touch with them recently. At present, the hospital has communicated with Shao Junling, consulted Shao Junling's wishes, and decided to accept Ms. Yao's adoption.

Not long after this news was sent out, Yin Dong Studio's official blog reposted it. In the retweet, he apologized to the welfare home and Yin Dong himself. Due to the plane crash of Yin Dong, the studio fell into chaos. Failure to check the hospital's emails in time resulted in changes in the situation and caused public misunderstanding, which caused great damage to Yin Dong's reputation.

Since then, several credible media have reposted news and statements, and some have followed up reports on the matter.

They interviewed the Jingxue Welfare Institute and learned that Yin Dong personally funded the welfare institution nearly 5 million in his own name.

In addition, Yin Chang and Shao Junling also conducted a relationship identification in a regular private hospital. The results showed that the two did not have sibling blood—this result confirmed that Yin Chang was not Yin Dong's biological son, and Shao Junling was.

But the masses didn't know it. Yin Dong's only son who was officially released to the public is Yin Chang, so they have preconceived to identify Yin Chang's identity.

According to the media's opinion, it seems that Shao Junling and Yin Dong look like pure coincidences, and it is probably for this reason that Yin Dong decided to adopt him.

Seeing this result, everyone who had criticized Yin Dong and Yin Chang online felt that they were severely beaten.

Later, the media also indicated that although Shao Junling was adopted by Ms. Yao, all the upbringing expenses would be borne by Yin Chang. Not only that, Yin Chang also decided to keep Yin Dong's fixed assets and decide with Shao Junling how to dispose of them together.

With this move, the whole network was boiling again.

"What does this mean? Without kinship, do you intend to admit this brother?"

"What about those who said Yin Chang swallowed the property? Come and slap me!"

"This is really rich. People raised in an environment where children are not short of money don't mind the property at all."


Finally, Wang Ye's law firm added a lawyer's letter against Quick Dog Entertainment's false reports that hurt Yin Dong and Yin Chang's reputation. The statement stated that Quick Dog Entertainment would be held legally responsible.

Although the industry knows that the news released by Quick Dog Entertainment is carefully worded, mainly seditious and misleading, it is difficult to truly convict. However, their series of counterattacks and their attitude of not questioning have convinced the public that Yin Dong has been framed.

As a result, public opinion rebelled once again, diverting the flames of war to spray the bad media that rumors and slanders. It can be said how harshly scolding Yin Dong and his son at first, now scolding these blood-eating gimmicks will only get worse.

About a week later, this turbulent public opinion storm completely subsided.

[18-year-old "old father" takes baby to worry about balding]

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