The Perfect Relationship

Chapter 21 IQ test

When Yin Chang arrived home, Lu Lingju rushed out to greet him like an amnesty: "You are finally back!"

Yin Chang glanced at the other's arm: "Are the scratches on the hand all right?"

Lu Lingjuan: "It's okay, the scratches are relatively shallow, only one of them has broken the skin. I rubbed some iodine myself, and it's fine."

Yin Chang gave her a gift and said, "You have worked hard these days."

Lu Lingju holding the box of high-end skin care products that she could only afford with her salary for half a month, she cried in tears: "Anyway, there is a little reward for this effort, it's worth it."

Yin Chang smiled, looking over Lu Lingjuan's shoulder and looking at Shao Junling who was dragging and dragging along. He saw the child looking up at himself, blinking a pair of big dark-painted eyes, and he could not see the size of the appearance Trouble fine.

Yao Manhuai ordered a meal for them in advance, and the four got together for a simple meal. Yin Chang knew that Lu Lingju hadn't taken a good rest this week, and didn't keep her after dinner, so Yao Manhuai let her go back.

Before leaving, Lu Lingjuan quietly said to Yin Chang: "You better take the time to cut Shao Junling's nails. I found a nail clipper for him a few days ago. Anyway, I dare not cut him. "

Yin Chang: "..."

As soon as Yao Manhuai and Lu Lingju left, the apartment fell silent.

Shao Junling didn't speak, and went to play alone. Yin Chang didn't know what to say to him, so he packed his luggage alone. After that, I went to take a hot bath again.

Seeing that Shao Junling had arrived at bedtime and had not yet returned to the room, Yin Chang couldn't help walking to the sofa and asked, "Are you still asleep?"

Shao Junling turned to look at him, and there seemed to be a gloom in his eyes.

Yin Chang was stunned by him, squinting at the nail clippers on the coffee table, remembering Lu Lingju's instructions when he left, beckoning to him while sitting on the sofa: "Come here."

Shao Junling immediately got up and moved to Yin Chang.

Yin Chang also said, "Hands are extended."

Shao Junling's eyes were bright and his hands spread out, but he didn't expect that Yin Chang grabbed his two hands and turned over, and looked at his nails carefully.

... It's really long!

I want to use the nail clippers on the coffee table.

Shao Junling was startled, quickly retracted his hand, and stared angrily at him.

Yin Chang was also holding him, imagining that he had opened his teeth and danced in front of Lu Lingjuan, and he said to me, why don't you get angry before you give me a temper?

He quickly caught Shao Junling's hand and dragged him in. Shao Junling still wanted to struggle, but the two were not inferior in age. Not to mention Yin Chang also learned Muay Thai and some basic physical skills. His size and strength alone are an absolute suppression of a ten-year-old child.

He twisted the person easily, Yin Chang wrapped his legs and long arms around him to prevent him from escaping, then clasped his palms and whispered "Don't move".

Shao Junling was "snoring and snoring" and was fixed in her arms by Yin Chang, with a small face flushed.

Yin Chang didn't care what he did, grabbing the pliers was a "click", cut his ten fingernails clean, and frowned in his ear while cutting and educating: "No more arrests will be made in the future ,do you know?……"

After the scissors were loosened, Shao Junling slammed out. He looked at his bare fingers, like a cat with only his claws cut off, and fled back to the room in shock.

After waking up the next day, Yin Chang took the downcast Shao Junling to take an intelligence test.

They went to a professional institution that identifies children's IQ and developmental conditions. The entire test takes three hours. There are several links such as roll filling, exercise observation, game observation, and basic question and answer. The tests include the child's thinking ability and speech understanding. Dozens of indicators such as ability, sports coordination ability, and finally, the analysis expert will analyze the meaning of each value for the parents one by one.

Yin Chang was still a little worried that Shao Junling didn't cooperate, but the experts in the organization were extremely friendly. Under their friendly and professional guidance, Shao Junling behaved very well and completed the three-hour test smoothly.

Moreover, the results greatly exceeded the surprise of Yin Chang and Yao Manhuai.

Instead of being mentally retarded, Shao Junling was rated as a child with high intelligence by experts.

"... High IQ?" Yin Chang glanced at Shao Junling who was eating Haagen-Dazs not far away-that was the reward he promised Shao Junling to obediently after completing the test-contacting the child's usual abnormal performance Originally, I thought, thank you for being able to measure a normal intelligence.

However, several of Shao Junling's sub-items are seriously substandard, such as the "expression ability", "speech comprehension ability", and "humorous sense" that everyone can perceive clearly, which is understood by ordinary people. "Emotional Intelligence." But experts say that most of the emotional intelligence is cultivated by the day after tomorrow. Children with high emotional intelligence are not necessarily high in intelligence quotient, but they are a social ability formed by human influence during the growth process.

According to rumors, Shao Junling had a wandering experience before going to the orphanage, and obviously there was not enough interaction with people. It is also very likely that this period of experience caused him to close himself and refused to communicate with people he was unwilling to contact.

However, this does not affect Shao Junling's natural intelligence level. Experts even optimistically stated that as long as he allows him more contact with different people and communicates with him in good faith and gradually opens his heart, he will learn better than anyone else. fast.

After returning home from this test, Yin Chang saw Shao Junling's feelings different from before. Even the back of the child playing Lego seemed to have a layer of "genius glory" ...

A few days later, Yao Manhuai called Yin Chang and said that he had communicated with Deyin International, and there should be no problem in applying for investment.

Yin Chang boldly proposed to Yao Manhuai: "Perhaps, we can let Shao Junling try to take the entrance exam of Deyin."

Yao Manhuai, who was on the other side of the phone, said, "Are you sure? The entrance exam for Deyin is not the same as the professional intelligence test. Most of them are cognitive questions, mainly to examine the comprehensive quality of the child. Shao Junling has a higher IQ and some He couldn't pass it without contact. "

Yin Chang hesitated, "Try it, you can't say anything about the test."

He didn't feel bad about the money, but he didn't want Shao Junling to be undervalued by the school because of his investment and admission status. If the child is so smart, as long as he goes in for two years, he will definitely not fall behind.

After listening to Yin Chang's request, Yao Manhuai contacted several preschool training institutions to see if any experts were willing to provide short one-on-one tuition.

She doesn't fight unprepared battles. Since Shao Junling is going to take the exam, if she can surprise her in advance, it's better than temporarily catching the ducks on the shelves.

At the same time that Shao Junling was madly filling up the duck culture lesson, Yin Chang also officially started work.

Yao Manhuai and Lu Lingjuan screened a dozen projects suitable for him, including brand endorsements, fashion magazine photography, idol drama appearances, etc. After looking at several plans, Yin Chang finally decided to shoot a series of fashion hard for major magazines first. Photo, officially debut as a plane model.

He is not good at acting and singing, but it should not be difficult to do interviews and take photos.

Lu Lingju immediately contacted the partner to make an appointment. Yin Chang's first favorite magazine was "New People". This is an interview magazine for young idols. It only works with new generation idols who already have a certain popularity. Yishuier's little star, from the third line to the eighteenth line, takes "New People" as a sign of true fame.

Yin Chang got the exclusive cover of "New People" and a full 18-page color inner page interview. He also gave away 3 inner page advertisements, which together accounted for almost a quarter of the pages of "New People". It is said that the last one to receive this benefit was Mi Xiu, which became popular two years ago.

The interview was conducted in the studio of "New People". When Lu Lingju accompanied Yin Chang to the past, the studio was crowded with young staff. Because this young man who came to the stage due to the accident of Yin Dong plane really has too many curious secrets.

The female reporter who got the right to interview this time was also very excited-she had met Yin Chang at Yin Dong's memorial service, and was deeply impressed by the excellent appearance and temperament of the other party.

"Yin Chang, nice to meet you again!"


"Listening to President Yao, this is your first official interview with the media. Thank you for giving us such a precious 'first time'." The female reporter humorously said.

"It's also my pleasure."

"Next we will start the formal interview. You can see me or the camera. Don't be too nervous, just like chatting with friends."

"it is good……"

The interview asked many questions, including basic information such as Yin Chang ’s birthday, constellation, and blood type. He also asked about his growth experience and hobbies ... Yin Chang looked at the camera from time to time, and was very clear in his heart. After this exposure, I'm afraid I can't really go back to ordinary people's lives.

Of course, "New People" can give Yin Chang such a big face, naturally he will not miss the more topical character behind him, Yin Dong.

"As we all know, you are the son of the deceased film emperor Yin Dong. I would like to ask you, what kind of person is Yin Dong in your eyes?"

Yin Chang watched the interview text in advance, and was pointed out by Lu Lingjuan how to answer the corresponding questions. Although there are still some small mustards in his heart, he behaves calmly: "He is a stable and steady man, a dedicated actor And a gentle father, I respect him very much. "

"It has been two months since Yin Dong left. Has your recent mood calmed down?"

"It's better ... but seeing a lot of things he bought for me before, I still feel bad."

"Is this what you think?" It seems that the relationship between your father and son is really deep ... "

The interview ended here, but I did not expect that the female reporter closed the interview file, looked at it with a smile, and asked casually: "I heard that you have a younger brother now, how do you get along with your younger brother? "

Yin Chang said for a moment that this question was outside the text. He caught the reporter's cunning gaze and knew that he had been put together. But the other party has been polite for such a long time, and he ca n’t even get Joe because of an unexpected problem, so he can only make a relaxed look and answer: “Very good.”

The female reporter then asked, "Do you live together?"

Yin Chang: "Yes."

"Tell me one of his strengths," the female reporter looked at Yin Chang, who was strangled with a smile, and continued to set him aside. "Can't you think of it for the time being? That's a shortcoming."

Hearing this sentence, Lu Lingjuan already nervously gestured Yin Chang not far away.

Of course, Yin Chang knows that this kind of question can't be answered randomly. Although I really want to talk about the various shortcomings of Shao Junling, if I really say it, it will be reported by the outside world that their brothers are discord, and there are even people who think that his previous series Act just for show.

Yin Chang quickly adjusted his emotions, smiled slightly at the female reporter, and a hint of pride revealed in the corners of his lips: "My brother has a high IQ." In addition to this IQ, he can hardly think of Shao Junling and others. Advantages.

Female reporter: "..."

After the interview, on the way back, Lu Lingju couldn't help complaining to Yin Chang: "Wow, that female reporter is so cunning, but fortunately you can respond fast enough!"

Yin Chang also had a stern face, but instead of disgusting the female reporter, he was struggling with what he said.

Today, Yao Manhuai took Shao Junling, who was infused with a lot of new knowledge, to take the test of Deyin. Tomorrow, if Shao Junling fails to pass the exam, his investment and enrollment will be exposed, and his answer will no doubt be shamed.

One night passed anxiously, and the next day, Yao Manhuai called Yin Changgang to report Shao Junling's entrance examination results.

With only one week's surprise, of course, he failed, especially the pre-school English, reading aloud, literary language, and interviews. They all failed and scored very low.

However, the result was once again shocking-because Shao Junling took the first full score in three years in the "Logic" which is the most difficult German entrance examination, and after the admissions group met to discuss, he was accepted exceptionally. .

The author has something to say: [Interlude]

Shao Junling: Not only did I bring a gift, but also cut my nails. I also suspected that I was mentally retarded, and I became a puffer fish! (` Δ ′)

My mother's spoiler: Don't worry, wait patiently for a month, a lot of gifts are on the way ...


[Flower arrangement]

When I wrote about Yao Manhuai's planned debut for Yin Chang, I seemed to see some controversy under the article. Some readers said that Yin Chang could not do without strength.

Explain, in fact, many Star II generations do not have their own works at all, and can also make their debut with the popularity of their parents and a "person".

For example, Kimura Takuya's daughter, Kimura Kimi, is only fifteen years old. As a newcomer, she did not make TV dramas, did not act in movies and did not release albums, but was selected by the Italian jewelry brand Bulgari as the brand spokesperson. . For example, the children of several celebrities who participated in "Where Are My Dads" also frequently participate in various fashion shows, rely on shooting variety shows, and advertisements are constantly well known by the public. It can be said that talents are just extra points for them ... (〒 ▽ 〒)

There may be readers who read more motivational texts of "working hard for dreams" and are more willing to believe that "the harder you work the happier" (including me), but in fact, the entertainment industry is really resourceful and lucky One place ... Yao Manhuai wanted Yin Chang to inherit his father's resources because of this consideration. Her approach was not accepted by the public, but her logic was correct.

As for how Yin Chang will grow and develop in the future, I do n’t have a lot of spoilers, just keep reading. ~ XD

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