The Perfect Relationship

Chapter 27 Xue Zi asked the background

The bear child didn't give Yin Chang the expected "thank you", and even gave a smile to him, and once again gave Yin Changqi internal injuries.

Yin Chang thought in his mind dozens of times "the other party was just a child" before slowly calming down. He silently moved his clothes and personal items to the master bedroom first, leaving those two boxes of toys for free or even a little blood loss. Shao Junling ...

Having lunch at noon, Shao Junling couldn't wait to play with his new toys.

Yin Chang cleaned his clothes for a while, and felt that his waist was sore and his legs hurt. Maybe he was tired after a long day of tossing. He went directly to the bedroom and planned to take a break.

The door was not closed, and a “click, click” sound came from outside. It was the voice of Shao Junling in the living room trying to model, and the feeling that someone was accompanying him nearby reassured Yin Chang's inexplicability. Fell asleep.

When I woke up again, the "click" sound continued outside, and the room was bright.

Yin Chang lazily didn't want to get up. He slumped on the bed for a while, faintly feeling that the place where he had been bitten by someone seemed a bit cool.

Squinting and raising his hand, Yin Chang froze.

... what is this ... indiscriminately rubbing on your hands ...?

Frowning and smelling it, smelling a cool toothpaste.


Apart from him in the apartment, there was only Shao Junling, who had self-explanatory toothpaste on his wound.

But when did the child come in? Do you sleep so well? Why doesn't it feel like ...

Yin Chang sat up and wiped his face, feeling angry and funny.

He got up and went to the bathroom to wash off the toothpaste. Yin Chang went out and saw Shao Junling still focusing on the Jurassic World in the living room.

He leaned his arms against the door and watched for a while, went straight forward, rubbed his head, rubbed his head, and turned away.

Shao Junling: "..."

Hey, although I always feel that the other party is a big trouble, as long as we treat each other genuinely, we will gradually get better.

In the evening, Yin Chang received a message from Teacher Lin: "Is Junling okay?"

After being called urgently to talk to the school twice in a row, Yin Chang asked Teacher Lin to add his WeChat.

He secretly took a back photo of Shao Junling's playing model and posted it: "Not bad."

Yin Chang thought about it and told Teacher Lin the guess he had made last night. Of course, he skipped the farce that ran away from home during the day.

After a morning conversation, he basically confirmed the conclusion that Shao Junling expressed an obstacle.

After receiving the message, Teacher Lin responded with a long paragraph, saying that she had not thought of this possibility before, but had not had time to verify it. She also gave Yin Chang a thumbs up and praised him as a good brother. After looking at Shao Junling's background information, she was very worried that the child's education would lack family participation, and did not expect Yin Changhui to be so careful and responsible.

Teacher Lin also said that in the future, she will let Shao Junling's make-up teacher communicate with each other and let the other party add a recitation project to Shao Junling every night. At the same time, it is suggested that Yin Chang buy some fairy tale books for Shao Junling. When Shao Junling returns home on the weekend, he can let him read with him and help him correct his pronunciation. This method should quickly improve the situation that Shao Junling is not used to speaking.

Yin Chang felt very reasonable and immediately bought a hundred children's books for Shao Junling on the Internet.

He only reacted after placing the order. Shao Junling only came back a few days a month. How can I read so many books ...

On Saturday and Sunday, Yin Chang wanted to find something to talk to Shao Junling, but the child was completely attracted by the two boxes of new toys. Apart from eating and sleeping, he was immersed in the model and could not help him.

Before sending him back to school, Yin Chang made a bunch of small cakes for him. He also packed two extras in exquisite paper boxes, one for him to eat as a snack during the day and the other for Xue Zi to ask.

Shao Junling was unhappy when he heard: "No, don't give him."

Yin Chang already knows why he asked Xue Zi to ask, but he deliberately asked, "Why not give it to him? You hurt someone, you have to pay him a gift."

Shao Jun Linghu said with a face: "He is bad, he says you, not good."

Yin Chang: "He doesn't know me, why do I say I'm not good?"

Shao Junling: "He listened, Xiaoyu, said."

Yin Chang explained: "That's it. He also listened to what his sister-in-law said, and he believed it. If he knew that I was your brother, I guess he wouldn't say that, but would ask you for confirmation first." The little guy hasn't figured out where he offended Shao Junling yet.

Shao Junling was walked in by Yin Chang, and he felt a little bit plausible.

Yin Chang really did think about it. Xue Zi asked that he was only an eight-year-old child, who was childish, and the bad ones were those who didn't know him but still wanted to criticize him and spread such remarks. For example, Xue Zi asked Xiaozhang.

Yin Chang stuffed him with a small cake: "Okay, don't talk to me. I will give this to Xue Zi today after school. You can say that I made it for him, and I will handle the relationship with my classmates. Ah. "

Shao Junling unsuccessfully drummed his cheeks and finally resignedly obeyed Yin Chang's order.

After returning to school, Shao Junling approached Xue Zi and asked, passing him the cake blankly.

Xue Ziwen was beaten twice by Shao Junling, and there was already a psychological shadow. After seeing him, he stepped back instinctively, but also grinned his teeth and pretended to be fierce.

Shao Junling glared at him: "Here! Cake!"

Xue Zi asked to put away the fierce expression, and took it tremblingly: "Why are you giving me cake?"

Shao Junling: "My brother, it's for you." He snorted, and turned away.

Xue Zi asked with a grimace: "???" Who is your brother?


After sending Shao Junling to school, Yin Chang went to the company.

The fashion test shot that failed to go last Thursday was changed to today. Yin Chang first met Lu Lingju before passing by the company's commercial vehicle.

On the way to Yingman, Yin Chang saw a few "New People" sample magazines on the cover by his seat, and rummaged to open them.

In that issue, in addition to him, Yu Ruize, Xiao Xing, You Xiangrong, Wang Yan ... Yin Chang held his hand, and his eyes stayed on the page printed with Wang Yan's photo.

I saw Xue Zi asking last week. The child ’s local features are very similar to Wang Xi. If you just look at the photos and infer that Wang Ji is probably Xiao Zi ’s little sister.

But Yin Chang couldn't be sure. He tilted his head and asked Lu Lingju, who was sitting beside him, "Sister Zhu, do you know Wang Xi?"

Lu Lingju: "Ah, Wang Xi! I know, he is as big as you and he has been very red recently."

Yin Chang wondered: "As big as me?" Then he was only eighteen years old, so small enough to be a puppet?

Lu Lingju rarely saw Yin Chang gossip with her, and immediately exerted her professional abilities and began to stream.

This Wang Ye has been a trainee at a South Korean entertainment company before returning to China early this year. He won the championship in the "absolute idol" show that Mi Xiu became popular recently.

But everyone in the circle knows that the title of Wang Yan is not as gold-bearing as Mi Xiu, because Mi Xiu is famous for his self-produced, but Wang Xi has a strong background behind him.

He has a sister who is seventeen years older than him. His sister, Wang Xuan, was a well-known host of the East Television Channel. However, soon after Wang Xing became famous, he married the grandson and husband, and gradually faded out of the audience's sight. His husband's family has huge power, coupled with Wang Xuan's own network, it is not difficult to want his brother to debut as a star.

Hearing this, Yin Chang was basically able to take the right seat. If Wang Zhen really has an older sister so much older than him, then it is not surprising to have an eight-year-old nephew.

Yin Chang asked: "Is Wang Xi's brother-in-law surnamed Xue?"

Lu Lingjuan looked at him and said with excitement: "How do you know? Wang Xuan is married to Xue Family, the richest man in Haicheng! Her husband is Xue Qin, the young master of the Xue family!"

For the giants, women always have endless chats. She also told Yin Chang many gossips from the Xue family, such as how Xue Qin proposed to Wang Xuan, how grand the wedding was, and the status of several other Xue family members, and so on.

Yin Chang listened, only fortunate that Deyin was a responsible school, so he didn't have to ask him to negotiate with the Xue family. He didn't bother, he just felt that it was particularly troublesome to have a relationship with such a large family.

Lu Lingjuan thought that where Yin Chang had seen Wang Xi ’s program, he actively said on the side: "If you like him, we can see if there are any opportunities for cooperation. TV stations often invite many stars to perform, and some For entertainment variety shows such as Happy Camp, several stars will be invited to do activities at the same time, and getting to know each other will help to drain ... "

Yin Chang frowned slightly, trying to refuse, and then listened to Lu Lingju said, "Yes, speaking of Wang Yan, VI watch recently sent us an endorsement audition invitation!" She first introduced the VI to Yin Chang The condition of the watch, and later said, "I heard President Yao said that the watch was originally endorsed by Wang Yun, and I somehow wanted you to try it."

"Oh?" Yin Chang suddenly became interested.

Lu Lingju said, "It may be because you are more popular now than Wang Zheng, but most of the cooperation we have got is 100% sure that you want it. There is no such thing that you have to audition before you decide. You talk to Wang宸 It's different. He has three years of trainee experience. You are still a newcomer. If you are not elected, it will waste time and lose face, so I didn't tell you ... "

After listening to this, Yin Chang felt a little unpleasant in his heart. He wasn't a competitive personality, but thinking of the previous series of troubles might be caused by Wang Xi's few words, he couldn't help but want to meet him.

"Am I enough time now?" Yin Chang asked Lu Lingju.

"What time?" Lu Lingju hadn't responded yet.

"Go to audition time," Yin Chang closed the magazine and threw it aside. "I want to try."

"Are you serious?" Lu Lingjuan was a little surprised. She took Yin Chang for a short time, but she already saw that the other party was a second-generation Buddhist star. Although he worked hard and dedicated, he had no ambition. To him, those efforts seem to be "internal affairs", just like punching in to work every day, leaving as soon as possible after work. This is the first time Yin Chang has taken the initiative to work for an opportunity.

"Well, if time runs out, help me get one." Yin Chang said.

That night, Lu Lingjuan responded to Yin Chang: "Appointment is made. At 1 pm next Friday, they also invited Wang Ye to audition. The same day, the results came out that day, do you think it is OK?"

Yin Chang: "Yes."



There was no sound in the bedroom. Shao Junling moved his ears and rose to watch his brother die.

His brother was asleep, and he still had an obvious tooth mark on his hand.

Shao Junling quickly went to the bathroom and took a toothpaste, and carefully coated him ...

(He was injured before, and Mr. Gu also coated him with toothpaste, which is said to have anti-inflammatory and swelling effects)

Shao Junling: Hmm! Today, I also have a good job with Uncle Yin. o ( ̄ ヘ  ̄o)



After Shao Junling asked Xue Zi the cake.

Xue Zi asked carefully to open the box, and found that the inside was messy, as if it had been shaken maliciously, and the cream was completely paste.

... ate it with tears, otherwise Shao Junling was afraid to hit him again. (Q︿Q)

But the taste seems pretty good.

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