The Reborn Lady is Farming

Chapter 1466 Extraordinary Qi Haoran (8)

   Qi Xiuyuan stared at him for a while, but Qi Haoran rounded his eyes and looked back, not guilty at all.

   Qi Xiuyuan waved his hand and said, "Okay, I'll give it to you, but if you lose it, it's gone, and you don't need to pay back the money."

   Qi Haoran immediately said with a smile: "Don't worry, eldest brother, I won't take advantage of you in vain. 200,000 taels count as your shareholding, and I will give you dividends every year in the future."

   Qi Haoran really took the money to do business.

   He knows that the eldest brother has loose hands recently and can't keep the money. It is better to leave it to others to manage it. In the future, there will be some income every year, and it will be cheaper for the eldest brother to do anything.

  Qi Haoran also doesn't know how to do business, but he knows a lot of people who can do business. He got 200,000 taels and directly invested 100,000 taels in the Zhou family's sea trade business. As long as he can come back safely, he will make money.

   And the remaining 100,000 was invested in Fan Zijin's bank, and the interest was directly paid.

Qi Xiuyuan only reached out to his brother for money when he thought that his brother was fun but had no capital. It was a long time ago when he realized that his brother was really investing in him. At that time, he could get a lot of dividends every year. , With this money, he and the queen can go wherever they want, and even if they want to go to sea, they can rent a whole boat by themselves, and they don't need to rub against his brother's boat.

   Qi Haoran still didn't know that his first independent investment in his life went so smoothly.

   This made him very proud in front of Mu Yangling, "You all say that you have no talent in business, you can't make money and save money, but look, how is your business doing?"

   Mu Yangling praised him, gave him a thumbs up and said, "Unique vision!"

   Qi Haoran is even more proud.

Naturally, this is also a long time ago. At this time, Qi Haoran was heading towards the sea with his brother and sister-in-law. The group first went to the beautiful island that Qi Haoran and Mu Yangling discovered last time. After staying for half a month, I continued westward, and I went up to see beautiful islands along the way, and I had to visit when I saw a populated land.

  As a ruler, Qi Xiuyuan is also very curious and concerned about the ruling system of foreigners and the living conditions of foreigners.

   The group went ashore as merchants to communicate with the natives, and it was eight months after they returned to Daqi from the sea.

  Qi Xiuyuan concluded, "In terms of scenery, each country is different, but Daqi has a vast territory, and many scenery can be seen even without going to sea; in terms of humanities and products, countries are even less numerous than Daqi."

   So he thinks it’s okay to go out and have a look. If he wants to play in the future, he should play in Daqi. Daqi is so big that he has been going everywhere for a long time.

  Fan Zijin nodded in agreement, Qi Haoran invited him: "I also want to go around Daqi, I wonder if you are willing to go with me?"

  Qi Haoran nodded his head almost without thinking, and nodded happily: "Okay, okay."

   Mu Yangling had no objection, and everyone looked at Qi Xiuyuan.

  Qi Xiuyuan hesitated for a while, and finally waved his hand: "Go on, I prefer to play by myself, and I'll find you later when I'm interested."

   Mu Yangling looked at Li Jinghua and pursed her lips and smiled. Li Jinghua's face turned slightly red, and she glared at her secretly.

  Qi Xiuyuan also saw Mu Yangling's eyes, his face was also a little red, but he said with a serious face: "Okay, everyone is tired after floating at sea for so long, hurry home and rest."

Qi Haoran was a little disappointed, so he approached Mu Yangling in the evening and complained: "Big brother is really, it's all going out to play, wouldn't it be better to be together? He wants to be alone with his sister-in-law, and we don't want to disturb them. "

   Mu Yangling sighed, "That's because his skin is not thick enough."

  Qi Haoran nodded habitually. After nodding, he realized that something was wrong. He immediately pressed his wife to tickle and gritted his teeth: "Are you saying that you are thick-skinned?"

   Mu Yangling giggled, "You dare to say that you are not thick-skinned?"

Qi Haoran is really thick-skinned. No matter how Qi Xiuyuan and Fan Zijin get along with their wives in private, at least when there is a third person present, the husband and wife are always three steps apart. Not far, but certainly not much communication.

Unlike Qi Haoran, no matter whether there is a third person present, he always walks by Mu Yangling's side, and sometimes he can't help holding her hand and walking together. He wanted to paint Mu Yangling directly, and his love was so beautiful that even if Fan Zijin had his wife by his side, he couldn't help gnashing his teeth.

   Not to mention the guards who traveled all the way. Everyone hated him so much that they felt that Prince Rong was too shameless, and he openly showed his affection in broad daylight.

   Mu Yangling felt that even in modern times, she could not live better than now.

   Since Baozhu got married, the couple have been living their lives as they please.

  In the beginning, they would still be concerned about the children at home, but because the children were always in the world, their care existed before.

   And after the trip, they can also drop by to see the children.

For example, when they go to Lingnan, they will go to Guangzhou, and then go to sea to see tiger heads and lion cubs, and live with them for half a year and a year; when they go to the West, they will stay for a year or two when they meet the little leopards released outside; grand celebrations When I return to the capital, I will stay with Little Bear and Baozhu for a year or two before going out...

   What really makes Mu Yangling feel bad is probably Qi Haoran's growing temper.

Old kid, old kid, maybe because of this, Qi Haoran's temper is getting bigger and bigger, and he finds excuses to argue with Mu Yangling every now and then. Euphemistically called: hitting is pain, scolding is love.

   A few great-grandchildren love to fight and curse at a very young age, making the children's parents almost run wild, but they can't do anything about the noble ancestors who have the highest status and seniority.

   What Mu Yangling thought was bad, Qi Haoran thought it was the best.

   They are getting old, and it is impossible to go out and play in the mountains and waters like before. They can only walk around their own manor or near the capital. If they don’t find something to do, how boring is it to sleep every day besides eating?

  A Ling was obviously lively and active when he was young, but when he was old, he always liked to lean on a rattan chair with a book in his hand and read, but after sitting for a long time, he would inevitably feel uncomfortable.

   Qi Haoran felt that his heart was broken for his wife's health, and the next day he was so unwavering that Mu Yangling got up from the rattan chair and kicked him.

  Qi Haoran is conscious of his strong martial arts skills and good health. He will definitely live longer than Mu Yangling. He does not want to live alone for too long, and it is impossible for a manly man to do self-harm, so he can only make A Ling healthier.

   But I didn't expect that Qi Haoran fell ill in bed earlier than Mu Yangling. Seeing that Mu Yangling prepared and fed medicine for him, Qi Haoran came back to his senses. It turned out that he was three years older than A Ling!

   Does that mean he will die first?

   Qi Haoran grabbed Mu Yangling's hand and cried, Mu Yangling hurriedly asked, "What's the matter, what's the matter, is there any discomfort?"

  The imperial physicians who were waiting in the room also gathered around nervously and looked at Qi Haoran anxiously, for fear that something would happen to this old prince.

Qi Haoran dragged Mu Yangling's sleeve to dry his tears, looked at the imperial doctor with a sullen face, and said, "You must cure this king, no matter what method you use, in short, the master has to survive the princess, and the princess will not die in a day, this is The king cannot die."

  The imperial physicians opened their mouths and looked at Qi Haoran and Mu Yangling in shock. Didn't they say that these two couples were deeply in love and were very affectionate?

   It doesn't sound like love, but rather like a deadly vengeance.

   Mu Yangling also stared at Qi Haoran with wide eyes, reached out and touched his forehead, and asked, "Why do you have such a strange idea?"

Qi Haoran took her hand down, looked at her seriously and said, "Master is serious, if I die first, how sad would you be to leave you alone in the world? Or you should die first, and wait for the master to take care of us. I will accompany you..."

  Qi Haoran's voice gradually became lower, and he said sadly: "Big brother and Zijin are leaving first. You were so sad before. When I leave, how sad should you be?"

The imperial physicians were very sour for a while, and they looked at each other and backed away quietly, but Qi Haoran's subsequent voice was still clear, "Don't be afraid of death, we have all lived for so long, what should be seen in this world, should not be We have all experienced it, and our descendants are prosperous, what regrets do we have?"

Mu Yangling was amused for a while, but helpless, more moved, she suppressed the tears that were about to fall, and lay directly on his chest, listening to the strong heartbeat in her chest and whispering: "Fool, you die first. I'm sad, don't you feel sad if I die first?"

   When Qi Xiuyuan and Fan Zijin passed away due to illness, although she was sad and sad, Qi Haoran was the one that hurt the most.

   Qi Haoran couldn't bear her sadness, why would she bear it?

Mu Yangling lay on his chest, stretched out his hand to hold his hand, and smiled with tears: "Life and death are fate, it's better that we make an agreement, no matter who dies first, he will wait for the other person on the Naihe Bridge, the one who lives. Don't be too sad, okay?"

   Qi Haoran pouted childishly, he still wanted Mu Yangling to die first, but he couldn't tell why, he just thought that if he died first, A Ling would definitely die of grief.

   But life and death are indeed not up to Qi Haoran to decide. For the first time in his life, he cooperated with the imperial physicians to take medicines and meals, but his body still weakened sharply.

  The imperial physicians were helpless, because Qi Haoran, like Fan Zijin, was not acutely ill, but rather old.

  Sickness can be cured, but old age cannot be cured.

  The imperial physicians felt that if the old prince insisted on dying after the old princess, there was only one way, and that was to die first.

   But Mu Yangling seems to be in good health. Although she has been emaciated a lot because of taking care of Qi Haoran, she is still a very healthy old lady, and she doesn't look like she is about to die.

Qi Haoran also saw that his deadline was approaching, and he was dying behind his wife because of his poor health, so he began to hold Mu Yangling's hand and said, "A Ling, if you leave, you have to help me take care of it. The weapons in the good arsenal should be wiped and polished every other day, so that they don't rust..."

   "And those foals in the stable, you have to take a look every now and then, don't let a few **** ruin them..."

   Avoiding Mu Yangling, he called several children to the bed and asked them to take good care of Mu Yangling. After he left, he would take time out every day to make her happy, take her out for a walk, and not allow her to be alone...

Mu Yangling burst into tears when he heard it outside, but when he went in to take care of Qi Haoran, he didn't reveal it at all. When feeding him medicine, he deliberately disliked it and said, "Several children are very annoying, and they always come to me to show their hospitality, and the family property. They have already divided them up, and even if they come to pester me, I don't have much good things for them."

   Qi Haoran smiled reassuringly: "This is their filial piety to you, where is the private room for you?"

  The children were filial to Mu Yangling, and Qi Haoran finally felt relieved. He looked at Mu Yangling with nostalgia and slowly closed his eyes.

Mu Yangling was holding a piece of candy in her hand to remove the bitter taste in his mouth. Seeing that he closed his eyes and seemed to be asleep, her eyes turned red, shaking her fingers to touch his neck, before withdrawing her hand after a while. Slowly leaning against his chest, tears fell like rain.

   In fact, if you can have this person to accompany you in this life, you will not be in vain to come to this world, and it will even be worth your past life.

   When the servants outside the house found out that something was wrong, the bodies of the two of them were slightly cold, and the old woman was so frightened that she called the imperial doctor.

  The big and small masters of the palace also came quickly. Seeing Mu Yangling leaning on Qi Haoran's chest, they both had smiles on their faces. For a while, their hearts were sore and painful, and they couldn't help crying.

  The imperial physicians checked it again and came to a unanimous conclusion, "The old prince passed away before and the old princess passed away later, but the little princes can rest assured that both of them passed away peacefully and without pain."

  Everyone thinks that Mu Yangling is a sacrifice for love, and the world thinks that this princess is very affectionate, and it is not to blame that the prince has deep-rooted affection for her.

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