The Reincarnated Princess Wants Territory Rather Than Love, So She Needs a Political Marriage! His Proposition Is Unexpected

Chapter 2 - I didn’t come from another world just to fall in love.

Fairis Garcia, 20 years old.

A slender beauty with straight silver hair, she is at the pinnacle of wealth and power, the first princess of the continent’s largest empire.

But not only that, she is the Warrior Princess, a hero who led her soldiers to victory in the Seven Kingdoms War.

However, in my previous life, I was a 25-year-old office worker named Mido Sayaka.

Reputed to be serious and amiable, I worked as an accountant at a construction company that was one of the biggest and famous in the whole planet.

My boyfriend was the same one from my days of school, yes my life was perfect.

Or so I thought…

“Why don’t you stop hanging out with me and get a boyfriend?”


Out of the blue? Did this happen? When?

Kengo, my boyfriend dumped me and disappeared for a while…

He told me that I never considered him my boyfriend but a distant friend nothing more, when did that happen?!

He was my boyfriend I was sure of that, when did I consider him my friend? I didn’t notice at all!

I thought our relationship was a peaceful one not a fiery love, and that it was fine for both of us.

“Oh no, Ha ha, it’s a joke isn’t it?”

“What? Seriously? You are always like this…”

Why is this happening? No, it’s too late to think so.

At that moment I was pale, I know that I was never of the passionate type but apparently I treated him… like a stranger, according to Kengo.

“Even when we were dating, you never said “I miss you” or “I like you”… anything!”

Of course, in my heart I do, but I’m reserved… My mistake was think that my family, my boyfriend, and even those who I called my friends already understood that it was part of my personality.

“No matter how much I tried, I was too aware of the reality…. of the distance between us! Work was always first! I tried to think that it was just me being too insistent, but how many times did we see each other, in all the time that we were dating? My own girlfriend didn’t care about me at all.”

Oh, I see…

He said he missed me, alright, what did he expect me to do after hearing that? Go back just to see him? And what is the point in saying “I miss you too” if I can’t go back to see him at that moment?

Yes, yes, yes, I know!

Our personalities don’t match! Many have told me that my personality is the problem.

And even if I was cold, I can’t believe he just disappeared after that….

I was shocked!

I was too shocked!!

So, I decided

“Love is a really stupid game! It won’t happen to me again!”

From then on, I worked harder and harder, until everybody called me ‘The Iron Woman’.

And on the days off, I played a lot of “country conquering games”, which I really loved.

Yes, from workaholic to recluse, who never leaves house in holidays.

Very fulfilling at least.

I didn’t have to adjust my schedule for anyone else’s interests, I didn’t have to worry about anyone, and as long as I could balance games with my work’s delivery schedule, there was something fun happening every day.

All I needed was a perfect system that if I work hard, I can level up and get through events and quests!

“Oh, yeah! The enemy is dead! The Quest Complete!”

Talking to yourself? No, it’s okay.

My conversation partner is in the game, so I’m not talking to myself!

There was a kingdom-rebuilding game I was addicted to, “Steal a country beyond the corpse of the enemy! Sengoku Fantasy II”

How many times I played it? I can’t even tell!!

“Plans and bills! Ok, I’ve been saving my bonus for today, I don’t need it!”

After upgrading the game app to the latest version, I decided to devote my entire vacations to completing the game.

A beautiful girl character, given out only to players who completed a limited time event.

With the character I wanted finally obtained, I immediately selected the equipment.

“New level, let’s go!”

But at that moment, my vision distorted and my head felt dizzy.

As a sudden drowsiness hit me I closed my eyes, and collapsed on the couch with my phone still in my hand.

And the next time I opened my eyes, I was already in this world.

“This is me…?”

Thin, translucent white little hands. For all intents and purposes, a little child.

She is wearing a shiny sleepwear like a dress.

“Mirror, mirror….”

I climbed down from the unfamiliar fluffy bed in an obviously unfamiliar room and wandered around the large room.

“There it is!”

When I looked into the shiny and polished mirror, there was a beautiful girl with silky silver hair and intelligent black eyes.

All I can say is “wow”.

Even though she has a twitchy face, she’s insanely cute!!

When I touched her cheeks…. Uh? It’s my cheeks.

And I’m touching them with this little white hands… My hands.

When I force myself to unravel my muddled consciousness… a memory I can’t recall very well… The game! I realize that I was the princess of the game but in the form of a ten years old child.

“It’s Fairis Garcia…”

When I looked back at the bed I had been in earlier, I saw that on the table next to it, there was a tub of water, a towel, and a jug of water.

Apparently, the princess has been sleeping with a high fever until now.

… Somehow I knew that, but I don’t understand the rest of the story!

“What does this mean?! Ok, I made this beautiful girl’s character the leader… and re-grouped the members of the unit ready for starting the quest… But why am I in the character’s body?!! And why is she so young??!!!”

The beautiful girl’s character must have been 17-18 years old, although I didn’t check the details… There is no way that she looks like this! I’m just a little… a kid!

And then, appeared another element that adds more weight to my confusion.

“You must be Fairis Garcia.”


In the midst of my mental chaos, a man in black comes into the bedroom.

… He looks like an assassin, right? It’s a high-ranking assassin’s costume!

The man who entered through the window was holding a dagger in his hand.

While I was wondering what I’m doing in the body of a little girl, here comes a new event who makes even less sense.

Completely dressed in black, but his eyes… He seems to be very handsome.

Grrr, annoying.

Really an annoyance!

I mean, it’s a game about stealing and managing a country, why do the creators have to add romantic element?

It’s so twisted!

In the game you can fight alone or, find a handsome guy, start a romantic relationship and make him help you out.

Of course, I skipped all those scenes.

Because it’s a waste of time!

Seriously, if the people of a country discovers that their entire future is depending on a romance, what would they think about it?

Oh, is this handsome guy already involved in that too, is he a… ‘love target’?

My confusion instantly turned to annoyance and I gritted my teeth just in time.

I was so angry that my whole body was shaking.

Against what? I don’t even know why but I’m angry.

“Your Highness, please give me your life!”

“Now is not the time for that!”

I stared at the stranger in anger, when he jumped to attack me with the dagger, I gave him a simple slap.

However, my palm didn’t hit the opponent, and a blast of air rang out like a roar.



The assassin hit the floor, bounced to the ceiling and walls.

It took me a few minutes to realize that I had done it, and when I fearfully approached him, I found that he was truly a handsome man.

“Ugh……..he’s alive. What do I do?”


I don’t want you to die, but I don’t know what to do…

Wait! This man was here to kill me.

So, without mercy!

From the bedside, I took out a sword and let the tip of the blade resting in his cheek.

It’s still in its sheath so it won’t cut, but it should hurt a lot to be hit with it.

“Hey, what did you come here for?”

“Gah, ah!!”

“Don’t you have a conscience?! To try to kill a beautiful girl like me? You’re despicable”

“Oh! Ah!”

“If I were a weak girl, I would be dead! What is it? Normally, if you reincarnate or something, you’ll have more time to figure out what’s going on or something, right? So annoying! Do you have any idea what I’m going through? Hey, are you listening to me!”

“Ugh…! More…”

This young man is ‘Joe S’, I confirmed in the status screen of Joe on the spot, and determined that he was a very useful person.

Furthermore, I reaffirmed that this is the world of the game of ‘Stealing a Kingdom” because on the specifications of the status screen, there is an option “gain ally”.

It seems that the “gaining allies” method, which brings enemy soldiers and generals to your side in the game, is effective here as well.

Thinking in “My Status Screen” something popped up in front of my eyes, the ‘Otherworldly Reincarnation Screen’, without caring too much about the name I added Joe to the list of my allies.

“I pledge my loyalty to you for my entire life.”


“I’ll work harder if you insult me from time to time.”

“…that is up to you… “

There wasn’t a character like this in the game…

Well, okay. Even if he’s a weirdo, I will have to use what I have at hand.

Ten years later, Joe is now an indispensable partner for me.

He is a weird guy that likes to be punched and kicked, but there is no substitute so competent like him.

Yeah, I still think of Joe as the only person I can marry.

But then, how about a political marriage with a suitable partner?

Even if I’m in another world, when speaking of princesses, political marriage is the first thing that comes to mind!

There is no need to reincarnate in another world just to fall in love.

And this is the world of the game ‘Stealing a Kingdom’, right? I am not reincarnated as a damsel-in-distress, so I can click SKIP to the romantic events and have a friendly relationship with someone who’s willing to marry for logical reasons.

“I’ve decided! I’m going to have a political marriage!”

I cried out aloud while brushing my smooth silver hair.

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