The Rich and Powerful Marry: the Rebirth of the Ace

Chapter 356 335: Wake up smoothly, super slap in the face!

   Chapter 356 335: Wake up smoothly, super slap in the face!

  Song Jing is definitely not the kind of person who is knowledgeable and generous.

   She would never come to rescue Song Ruan with her conscience.

   As long as Song Jing had some conscience, she would not care about her, the old man, and even said something to ask her, the old man, to apologize to her.

   What's more, she is also Song Jing's elder.


   She definitely came with a purpose.

The purpose of    is to make her lose the most love and the most promising hope of the Song family.

   Now that Song Ruan has been awake for a long time, she also made up such a reason, obviously playing with their Song family as fools.

  Unfortunately, Song Shenxing and Zhao Ruan also thought that Song Yu was a good person, and they were grateful to Song Yu.

   is simply stupid!

   Song Shenxing looked at Madam Song with a helpless look in his eyes.

   "Are you going to report to the police!" Madam Song angrily rebuked again.

Song Shenxing then said, "Mom, a person like Miss Song, she has no time to care about us! I believe her, since she said that A Ruan will wake up tomorrow morning, then A Ruan will definitely wake up. ."

  Who is Song Jing?

  She is the first place in the national paper of Huaguo, the first place in the preliminary examination of Jingzhou University, and the founder of the plan for the restorers. At the same time, she is also a genius doctor.

   In her eyes, the Song family and Mrs. Song may be no different from passerby A and passerby B.

   How could she have deliberately murdered Song Ruan, as Mrs. Song said.

  Compared with Song Jing, Song Ruan is just an ordinary person who can't be ordinary.

  Song 婳 doesn't need to do this at all!

   "What kind of character is she?" Mrs. Song snorted coldly, "She is so powerful, she didn't want to come to visit me at home before!"

   In Madam Song's cognition, no one can defy her.

   And no one can challenge her authority.

   Even when Song Jing saw her, she had to be obedient and be small.

  Song Shenxing sighed and continued, "Mom, the reason why Miss Song came to visit you further shows that she is a humble and polite junior."

  Unfortunately, what Mrs. Song did, Song Wei was heartbroken.

   As long as Mrs. Song can take on the appearance of an elder, things will not be like this.

   Now, Mrs. Song not only didn't realize her mistake, but she always felt that all this was Song Yu's fault.

   Mrs. Song was too lazy to talk nonsense with Song Shen, and said directly: "I'll ask you a question now! Are you going to report it to the police?"

   "Mom, I would never do such a thing!"

Zhao Ruan looked at Mrs. Song, "Mom, the doctor also said that A Ruan's condition is much better. She has just done Jinzhendu acupoint, and the organs in her body need a process of self-healing. She will definitely wake up tomorrow morning. If we call the police now, what do you want Miss Song to think of us?"

  If this happens, let alone Song Jing, even she herself will not forgive herself.

   One cannot live without a conscience!

   Mrs. Song took out her mobile phone, "Okay, you don't report it, right? I'll report it if you don't report it!"

   She will never let Song Jing escape.

  Song Shenxing took Madam Song's mobile phone away, "Mom! Can you please stop making trouble!"

   Mrs. Song looked at Song Shenxing in disbelief, her face full of anger.

  Song Shenxing has always been a good son who is sensible and filial.

   But now!

   Now he actually treats his mother like this for an outsider.

   Mrs. Song's face was so pale that she could barely stand still.

   Because no one has ever dared to treat himself like this.

Zhao Ruan immediately supported Mrs. Song, "Mom, are you alright? You mustn't be familiar with Shen Xing, he just cares too much about A Ruan, otherwise, let's wait for Han, until tomorrow morning, if tomorrow morning If Ruan still doesn't wake up, it's not too late for us to call the police."

   At this time, Zhao Ruan could only smooth things out, first stabilize Madam Song's emotions and minimize the contradictions.

   After the words fell, Zhao Ruan looked at Song Shenxing, "Shenxing, your attitude was wrong just now, so hurry up and apologize to Mom!"

   Anyway, Mrs. Song can never apologize.

   So the only person to apologize is Song Shenxing.

Although Song Shenxing couldn't swallow this breath, he still followed Zhao Ruan's words: "Mom, I'm sorry, I was really impulsive just now, you don't want to know me in the same way. Ruan is right, if A Ruan doesn't wake up tomorrow, let's call the police again, how much is the police now? It's a little inappropriate."

   Mrs. Song tried her best to stabilize her emotions and looked at Song Shenxing, "Do you have to wait until A Ruan never wakes up before you regret it! Only then will you know that you are wrong!"

  Some things are too late when you regret it.

   "Mom, why can't you believe that A Ruan is okay?" Song Shenxing asked back.

   He often wondered how much his father had suffered over the years.

   When he died with regret, he must be very sad, right?

Mrs. Song nodded, "Good! Good! I respect your choice! Song Shenxing, Zhao Ruan, listen to me, if anything happens to A Ruan tomorrow, your names will disappear from the Song family forever. on the family tree.”

   "Okay." Song Shenxing said firmly.

   Zhao Ruan was a little uneasy, but didn't say much.

   As soon as she came, she believed Song Jing very much.

   two come

   If something happens to Song Ruan, it doesn't matter whether her name is on the genealogy or not.

   After saying this, Mrs. Song turned around and left.

   Zhao Ruan immediately followed in the footsteps of Mrs. Song, "Mom, I'll see you off."

   "I will go by myself!" Madam Song's voice was full of anger, and she threw off Zhao Ruan's hand.

   In addition to being angry, she was also sad.

   After all, Song Ruan is his favorite granddaughter.

  Secondly, she was very distressed why she gave birth to such a stupid son.

  A hoax that anyone with a discerning eye would know at a glance, but he firmly believed in it.

   The most important thing is that no one else can pull it out.

   Zhao Ruan looked at the hand thrown away by Mrs. Song, a little overwhelmed.

  Song Shen walked up to her, "Let her go!"

   Zhao Ruan sighed.

  Xu, Zhao Ruan looked at Song Ruan lying on the bed, "A Ruan, you need to get well soon."

  Song Shenxing hugged Zhao Ruan's shoulder, "I believe Miss Song, A Ruan will be fine."

   "Well." Zhao Ruan nodded.

   Mrs. Song was not idle after she went back. She found a good lawyer and consulted about relevant matters. She planned to let Song Jing in and never get out!

   It was the next day.

   7:30 in the morning.

   Zhang Xueyen and Han Xiaoxiao were still the first to arrive.

   The two brought some breakfast.

   "Ru'an, be careful, you eat while it's hot, the fried dough sticks won't taste good when they're cold."

   Zhao Ruan shook his head, "I'm not hungry."

   It's already the next morning, why is Song Ruan still awake?

   Her condition is the same as yesterday.

   Zhang Xueyan smiled and said, "You can rest assured, A Ruan will be fine."

Having said this, Zhang Xueyen paused, then continued: "It is said that the magician can wake up dead people and turn the flesh into bones. Since she said that A Ruan can wake up this morning, then A Ruan will definitely wake up. You don't now. After dinner, when A Ruan wakes up, what should you do if you faint?"

  Han Xiaoxiao smiled and said, "Sister-in-law is right, Ru'an, you mustn't get on with your body."

   Both of them made a lot of sense. Zhao Ruan picked up a fried dough stick and ate it slowly.

   During the meal, he did not forget to stare at Song Ruan's face.

The same goes for Song Shenxing next to   .

   Before I knew it, another hour passed.

  Han Xiaoxiao and Zhang Xueyan looked at each other, and both saw the worried look in the other's eyes.

   This is Song Ruan.

   Shouldn't he really be unable to wake up?

   It's half past eight after all.

   At this moment, Zhang Xueyan's phone rang, she took out her mobile phone, and the caller ID was Mrs. Song.

   "Be careful, I'll go out to answer the phone. If A Ruan wakes up later, you can call me."

   "Good sister-in-law." Song Shenxing nodded.

   Came outside, Zhang Xueyan answered the phone in a low voice, "Hello, Mom."

   "Are Ruan awake?" Mrs. Song's voice came from the other end of the phone.

   Zhang Xueyan looked back at the door of the ward and said, "Not yet."

After the words fell, Zhang Xueyan sighed and said worriedly: "Mom, if you say that A Ruan really can't wake up, how will the careful couple go on?"

   After all, Song Ruan is the only daughter of the two.

   "They deserve it!"

   If you don’t listen to the old man, you will suffer in front of you.

   After saying this, Mrs. Song hung up the phone and looked at the driver in the front seat, "Hurry up!"

   "Good old lady."

  The driver nodded and stepped on the accelerator with one foot.

   Soon, the car stopped at the entrance of the hospital.

   Mrs. Song did not come alone, she also brought a gold medal lawyer.

   She said she wanted Song Jing to go to jail, not just talking.

   Bringing a lawyer here is to let Song Jing sit through the prison.

   Now is a society under the rule of law, even if Song Jing has the ability to reach the sky, in the face of a human life, she will not be able to pass the test.

   came to Song Ruan's ward.

  Lady Song looked at Song Shenxing and Zhao Ruan condescendingly, "Aren't you awake yet?"

   Hearing this, Zhao Ruan looked at Madam Song, her voice a little low, "For now, not yet."

   Mrs. Song frowned slightly, she knew it must be the result.

   "Then what are you still doing?"

   Zhao Ruan looked at Madam Song with a puzzled look in her eyes.

   "Call the police!"

  Song Shenxing said: "Mom, A Ruan just hasn't woken up yet! I believe she will wake up this morning!"

   Mrs. Song pointed to the clock on the wall and said, "Do you know what time it is?"

   It’s past nine in the morning now.

   It's almost ten o'clock in the morning!

  Song Shenxing looked at the clock.

   At this moment, a surprised voice appeared in the air.

   "Be careful! Ru'an, come over here!"

   followed by Han Xiaoxiao's scream.


"What's wrong?"

  Song Shenxing and Zhao Ruan immediately ran inside.

   Then came Zhao Ruan's cry, "Aruan!"

   Mrs. Song froze in place, her eyes instantly turned red!

she knows.

   Something must have happened.

  Her baby granddaughter.

   Seeing that Madam Song was about to faint, the lawyer on the side quickly supported Madam Song, "Madam, you, your condolences."

   At this moment, Han Xiaoxiao came out, "Mom! Mom, come in! A Ruan woke up and was looking for you!"


   Hearing this sentence, Mrs. Song was immediately stunned.

   Song Ruan woke up?

   looking for her?


How is this going?

   Not only Mrs. Song, but even the lawyer beside her was stunned.

The    atmosphere had already set off here, and he also felt that he had received a big order, but now, Song Ruan has woken up?

what is this?

   "Mom? Mom!" Seeing that Mrs. Song didn't respond, Han Xiaoxiao called again.

  Lady Song finally reacted and looked at Han Xiaoxiao, "What did you just say?"

  Han Xiaoxiao smiled and said, "I said that A Ruan is all right, I'm looking for you! Come in and have a look."

   Mrs. Song walked inside immediately.

  I saw that Song Ruan had already sat up from the bed. Seeing her coming, Song Ruan smiled and said, "Grandma."

   "A, Nguyen, you're all right!" Mrs. Song walked to the hospital bed, feeling like she was dreaming.

  Song Ruan was her only granddaughter, so Mrs. Song was naturally happy to see her wake up safely.

   But while I was happy, I still felt something was wrong.

   How did Song Ruan wake up when he woke up?

   Could this be a flashback?

  Song Ruan nodded, "Well, I'm fine, grandma."

   Zhao Ruan smiled with tears in her eyes, "I just said that Miss Song is skilled in medicine and will definitely make A Ruan safe and sound!"

   Mrs. Song looked at Song Ruan with doubts in her eyes, "A Ruan, do you still feel any discomfort now?"

   "No." Song Ruan shook his head.

   Mrs. Song frowned slightly, "Really?"

   It's not that she doesn't believe in Song Ruan, but she doesn't believe that Song Wei will be so kind.

   "Not really."

   Mrs. Song continued: "Let's let the doctor check it out!"

   What if it is a return to light?

Zhao Ruan next to    was a little unhappy.

  Old woman what does this mean?

  Don't believe that Song Ruan is all right?

  Looking at her appearance, she seemed to be happy if something happened to Song Ruan!

Song Ruan looked at Mrs. Song, and continued, "Grandma, I'm sorry, you have been worried about your old man these days. I know my own body, and I'm really fine. Of course, if you're worried, then Let's check it out."

   Mrs. Song looked at the lawyer, "Xiao Dai, you can arrange it."

   Xiao Dai was stunned for a moment. He was a lawyer, not Mrs. Song's assistant.

   But thinking of the daily salary given by Mrs. Song, she held back.

   "Good old lady."

   Mrs. Song said she wanted to check Song Ruan's body, but no one dared to stop her.

   As soon as it came, Song Shenxing and Zhao Ruan wanted to stop her mouth directly.

  Secondly, Song Ruan was recovering from a serious illness, so it wouldn't hurt her to have an examination.

   Soon, the hospital gave Song Ruan a general examination.

  After a complete physical examination, the results will be available after two hours.

   Mrs. Song was very anxious, standing in the ward, pacing back and forth.

  Song Ruan's spirit was obviously much better than before. Looking at Mrs. Song, she said, "Grandma, don't worry, I'll be fine for sure."

   Hearing this, Mrs. Song sighed.

   As a grandmother, she also doesn't want anything to happen to Song Ruan, but the problem now is not that she doesn't want something to happen to Song Ruan, and Song Ruan won't have an accident at all.

   Moreover, Mrs. Song's sixth sense was always accurate. This time, she always felt that Song Jing would never make Song Ruan better so easily.


  Song Ruan is afraid that this time it will be more fortunate than good fortune.

   Song Ruan wanted to say something, but Zhao Ruan stopped her with his eyes.

   At this time, everything Song Ruan said was wrong. Only after the inspection results came out, Mrs. Song would be reconciled.

   Silence is the best answer.

  Song Ruan didn't say anything more, just said: "Mom, let's pack up and go home after the test results come out."

   "Yeah." Zhao Ruan nodded and said with a smile, "Aruan, you just woke up and need a good rest. My dad and I can clean up the things."

  Han Xiaoxiao answered: "And me and your aunt! A Ruan, you don't need to worry about these things."

  Song Ruan was pressed on the bed by Zhang Xueyan and sat down.

   The other people were busy packing their things and preparing to go through the discharge procedures.

   Mrs. Song looked at the busy people with a speechless look in her eyes.

   What time is it, they are still in the mood to pack up their clothes!

   It seems that they really did not realize the seriousness of this matter.

   Two hours passed quickly.

  The doctor will send the test results.

   Mrs. Song stood up from the sofa immediately, "Doctor, how is my granddaughter?"

The doctor    said with a smile, "Don't worry, Mrs. Song, the test results show that Miss Song Ruan is all normal. Even her previous stubborn illness has been cured!"

   "Really?" Zhao Ruan's face was full of surprise.

   This is unexpectedly good news!

   After all, Song Ruan's stubborn illness was not cured by many famous doctors.

   Because this is a disease brought from the womb.

   Over the years, Zhao Ruan has been blaming herself for not giving Song Ruan a good body.

The doctor    nodded, "Of course it's true!"

   Zhao Ruan was so excited that she burst into tears, "Miss Song is so amazing!"

  Miss Song?

  Who is Miss Song?

  The doctor was stunned.

   The person who healed Song Ruan, wasn't Su Wen senior?

   is that Senior Su Wen wore glasses all the time during the surgery on Song Ruan, making it difficult to see her face.

   Zhao Ruan also realized that he had said something wrong, and immediately said: "I mean Senior Su Wen! Senior Su Wen is really amazing!"

  Song Jing's temperament is low-key, if it wasn't for Tu Yuan's leaking words, I'm afraid no one would know that she is the famous genius doctor Su Wen.

   Mrs. Song half-squinted her eyes.

   The doctor's answer echoed in his ears.

everything is normal?

  Song Ruan's examination result is that everything is normal?

   How is this possible!

   Could it be that Song Jing is really so kind?

Do not.

   There must be something tricky here.

Mrs. Song looked at the doctor, her eyes fell on the work card in front of her chest, "Li Qingfeng, right? You said that our family A Ruan has recovered, so can you take legal responsibility for what you said? ?"

   Hearing this, Li Qingfeng frowned slightly, "I'm sorry Mrs. Song, I didn't understand what you meant."

   Wouldn't it be a good outcome if everything was OK?

  Why does she look disappointed with Mrs. Song?

Is    an illusion?

   Mrs. Song said angrily, "I mean, are you guys with Song Wei! If there is any problem with our family, but your hospital deliberately conceals it, I tell you, I'm not finished with you!"

  Li Qingfeng frowned tightly.

   At this moment, Song Shenxing immediately said: "Dr. Li, Dr. Li, my mother is old, don't worry about her, I will immediately handle the discharge operation and take my daughter out of the hospital."

   Mrs. Song grabbed Song Ruan's hand and continued, "Let's go! A Ruan, let's go to another hospital for examination!"

  Song 婳, after all, is a genius doctor who is admired by everyone. If she colluded with the hospital to do something, it would be too simple.

   In short, Mrs. Song couldn't believe that Song Ruan would recover so easily. What's more exaggerated is that this Li Qingfeng actually said that everything Song Ruan brought from her mother's womb was cured.

  Song Ruan looked at Mrs. Song, "Grandma, I'm really fine, you don't need to be so nervous."

   Mrs. Song took Song Ruan's hand, "I know the director of Huang Fei Hospital, let's go to Huang Fei Hospital!"

   Zhao Ruan frowned slightly, what the **** is this old woman trying to do!

   Does she just want to see something wrong with Song Ruan?

   Even Han Xiaoxiao and Zhang Xueyan thought Madam Song was outrageous.

  If you didn't see it with your own eyes, who would believe that there are still such mother-in-law and grandmother in the world?

  Song Shenxing was about to say something, but Song Ruan spoke one step ahead of him, "Mom and Dad, auntie and second aunt, you can pack up and go back first. I'll go to Huang Fei Hospital with my grandma."

   Zhao Ruan was a little worried, so Song Ruan went alone with Madam Song, and then said, "I'll go with you."

  Song Shenxing nodded immediately, "Yes, let your mother accompany you and grandma."

   A group of three came to Huang Fei Hospital.

   The director of Huang Fei Hospital, Zhou Zheng and Mrs. Song were old acquaintances. When they learned that Mrs. Song was going to bring Song Ruan to check her body, they received Mrs. Song in person.

   and other inspection results are still two hours.

  Two hours later, Zhou Zheng came over with Song Ruan's inspection report and said with a smile, "Old sister, don't worry, A Ruan is all right. There is no problem."

  Is everything okay?

   Mrs. Song frowned without a trace, "Old Zhou, you can't make fun of me about this kind of thing!"

  Zhou Zhengdao: "Old sister, look at what you said, we are doctors, and it is taboo to make jokes about the patient's body. Do you still hope that there is something wrong with A Ruan?"

   Mrs. Song was stunned.

   She doesn't have to believe what others say.

   But she couldn't help but believe Zhou Zheng's words.

  Because Zhou Zheng and her are people who have a lifelong friendship.

  Since Zhou Zheng said that Song Ruan was fine, then Song Ruan was really fine.

   But, Mrs. Song always felt like she was dreaming.

  What is Song Yu's intention?

   Zhao Ruan then asked: "Principal Zhou, is our Aruan's stubborn illness getting better?"

   "Well, yes," Zhou Zheng nodded and asked curiously, "Did A Ruan meet a famous person this time?"

   Zhao Ruan was very excited. Song Ruan's chronic illness was cured, which meant that she would not need to take medicine frequently in the future.

   This is her dream thing!

  Miss Song is indeed a genius doctor!

   Zhao Ruan continued: "Well, the person who performed the operation on A Ruan is a genius doctor Su Wen."

   Hearing this, Zhou Zheng widened his eyes, "Really?"

   Senior Su Wen is a role model for all people in the medical profession.

   After all, that's the real top guy.

   But recently, another person came out who stood shoulder to shoulder with the genius doctor Su Wen.

   That person is Song Yu who completed the plan of the restorer!

   At this time, Zhou Zheng was so excited when he heard that Su Wen was the one who performed the surgery on Song Ruan.

   Zhao Ruan nodded, "It's true, otherwise, A Ruan is still lying on the hospital bed. At that time, the doctor had already sentenced her to death."

   Zhao Ruan was frightened when he thought of what happened a few days ago.

   Zhou Zheng said with a smile: "A Ruan is a lucky one."

   In this world, there are not many people who can make the genius doctor Suwen take the initiative.

  The so-called "hardship" means that there will be future blessings.

   Zhao Ruan said: "Then it's your blessing."

   Until she came out of the hospital, Mrs. Song still felt unbelievable, she quietly pinched herself several times.

   It hurts.

   never woke up from sleep.

  Lady Song realized that she was not dreaming, all this happened in reality.

   But what is Song Yu for?

  Why did she save Song Ruan?

   Is her mind really not as good as a nineteen-year-old child?

Do not!

not like this.

  Song Po definitely has other purposes.

   Mrs. Song was confused and didn't even notice the car coming towards her, let alone that she was crossing the road.

   "Grandma, be careful!"

   At the most critical moment, Song Ruan grabbed Mrs. Song's arm in time.

   Mrs. Song also reacted at this time, looking at the car whizzing by, she was so frightened that she was covered in cold sweat.

   Zhao Ruan cursed inwardly.

   Why didn't the car just kill the old woman!

   Killing it once and for all.

   It is a scourge that has been left for thousands of years!

The top floor of   LY Hotel.

  Song Jing sat on the hanging chair on the balcony overlooking the scenery downstairs.

   At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

   Her red lips parted lightly, "Come in."

   Very light voice, especially pleasant.


   That Tuyuan walked in from the outside, holding a document in his hand, "J has also come to Continent E."

   Hearing this, Song Jing frowned slightly, "What does he want Blue Moon Grass for?"

   Anyone who robs her of blue moon grass is an enemy.

  Especially someone with bad intentions like J.

   Good morning, everyone~

   On the second day of August, ask for a ticket.

   What (づ ̄3 ̄)づ



   (end of this chapter)

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