The Rise of Otaku

Chapter 600 The Last Supper

Xiaomi and Xiaolu, for the first time saw the world of two dimensions, and then scared the glasses out like the Zhou Yu at that time. When you don't wear glasses, the world you see is normal, and this is the same as Zhou Yu. It seems that if you don't have pure blood, you need to use glasses as a medium, not as small as Xiaoyun Xiaoxia.

"Don't be afraid, bring it, that's what I said, the world of 2 dimensions. I will take you there to see the people who live in this amusement park, the people of Luhua City."

Zhou Yu’s comfort had a certain effect. The two men put on their glasses again and then looked at each other’s horror.

This is the world of 2 dimensions, then Zhou Yu’s words are true? The two of them, followed Zhou Yu out of the door, watching this bizarre world is so novel. Not long after they left the house, they saw a strange creature standing in front of them, and then there was an option for ‘whether fighting’.

This is a demon, Zhou Yu has been used to it, but the two are the first to see. The hand-small millet actually took the battle and then screamed and was screamed by the monkey monkey who was screaming at the monkey box. He couldn’t get up on the ground for a long time.

Well, the bitterness of eating that year, even being treated as a neuropathy, can finally let others taste it. From the perspective of the 3 dimensional view, Xiaomi is like a neuropathy, and is swayed by the air.

After being wiped out by the little demon, I went to see the fishing. The fans who couldn’t catch a fish in Zhou Yu’s year have finally been solved. It turns out that as long as there is water, there are 2 times of fish. With 2 yuan fish, the two also tried it, very interesting.

After the riding of the beast, the small country and the life of various 2nd worlds, Zhou Yu took a chance to experience it with two people. The eccentric little people and the magical architecture made the two stunned and couldn't speak for a long time.

"Now, you know that what I said is true. But regret is too late, and the ability of free people has already awakened in you. No matter whether you follow me or not, you will be on your 48th birthday. That day, enter the free world."

When Zhou Yu’s words were finished, he saw that there was no fear of death in Xiaomi and Xiaolu’s eyes, but a flash of excitement.

“Great, this is the world you want!”

“Can I also learn those strange abilities? For example, what about Xianjian?”

I don't know if it was the housewife that Zhou Yu cultivated, or they were originally like this. In the face of death, they could not block their love for the 2nd dimension. It seems that the previous fears were all in vain.

With two people, sitting in the amusement park with some daily tasks, by the way, go to the 2nd yuan of various competitions, let them feel the life of 2 yuan in advance. It was originally Zhou Yu’s birthday, but now it’s like a ‘birthday’ when two people get reborn.

In any case, I finally broke everything before I left, even if I walked away, there was nothing to worry about. As for how the amusement park will be, I will see Xiaoyun Xiaoxia and Uncle Shu. In the free world, there is still a planet waiting for inheritance, and the story there will not be less.

Of course, the victory and defeat of the starlight has not yet been separated, and that is one thing to be taken seriously afterwards. In the end, the game idol, the game slate that was taken from the game, was completely ruined and did not figure out what the principle was. It seems that Xiaoyun Xiaoxia was going to solve the puzzle.


Xiaomi and Xiaolu are still enjoying a new life of 2 yuan, and Zhou Yu is also wandering around to see if anything has been missed. When I entered the holographic theater, when I saw the 'nightmare' projector, I finally remembered the little man who lived in the projector. He has worked tirelessly for more than 20 years, almost all of it. The curse of the forgot has forgotten the light.

Coincidentally, the last movie was played today, and the curse on the nightmare was lifted. With a bit of echoing thoughts, Zhou Yu sat alone in the cinema, watching the last movie of the nightmare with thousands of thoughts.

"Master, thank you, I finally got free."

After the movie ended, the nightmare came out of the projector. It didn't change at all, unlike Zhou Yu, who already had white hair. However, after returning to the free world, the age can be adjusted. If you want to be young, you can be old and you can buy old and sell old. This is more free than the 3rd dimension.

Release the nightmare and take him to the evening dinner.

On the holographic stage tonight, the idols of Luhua City staged one by one, that is, celebrating Zhou Yu’s birthday, and also welcoming him to truly enter the world of two dimensions.

Xiaomi and Xiaolu saw so many little people for the first time. They watched them crawling like three invisible people like an invisible person. They almost couldn’t hold back their laughs and made the Zhou around them strange. . What happened to the two girls, this day in the amusement park, all kinds of nerves, and become a bit like the fisherman.

The final dinner started.

Uncle Shu has been waiting, waiting for the people behind Zhou Yu to appear, he is ready for various rhetoric, and also found some relatively hard relationship to pull over to make a backing, even if the final break must also leave the fisherman. However, waiting for the left and right, but no outsiders appeared, the fisherman did not have any signs to go, and stayed on the stage with the holographic idols to perform the show, playing very enjoyable.

Looking at Xiaobao, he also shook his head. Everyone on the scene knew each other. All the entrances and exits also arranged guards. It was impossible for someone to sneak in. They have all decided to leave people with strong ones.

In this case, Zhou Yu wants to go unless it is a god.

However, a strange scene appeared. When Zhou Yu performed a show with Xiaomi and Xiaolu, the bell at 12 o'clock midnight sounded. On the stage, there was a flash of golden light, and the people below it couldn't open their eyes. In this golden light, Zhou Yu's body gradually turned into pieces.

Looking at the changes in the body, Zhou Yu said to Xiaomi Xiaolu, who was nearby: "The last chance, maybe you can take Xiaoyun Xiaoxia here. When you are 48 years old, I will come back with you."

The two shook their heads, but decided to leave together, Zhou Yu helpless, one hand to hold one, and then Xiaomi and the path of the body also showed his same changes.

The three people turned into a little bit of debris and disappeared on the stage.

The people under the stage thought that this was the stage effect, and they applauded. However, Xiaoyun Xiaoxia knew that they had left.

After that, the party was in chaos. Uncle Shu and Xiaobao used all the manpower, and did not find a man's hair. They disappeared under the eyes of everyone.

A generation of mysterious characters, leaving a mystery.

The book is over.

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