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The Spoilt Wife’s Happy Life with the Commander
Alternative names:军长先生我爱你
Genre: Romance

The Spoilt Wife’s Happy Life with the Commander

Lin Qing, an ordinary girl, had never imagined that her life would be thrown upside down after attending a wedding. She gains the attention of Mu Li, a young and powerful Commander as well as the perfect Mr. McDreamy of every woman in the city.

By chance, they sleep in the same bed the first night they meet… On the next day he asks her to marry him! What happened? Probably every graceful and kind girl will finally meet her Alpha male, and the shy girl is willing to have a try.

After they get married, everyone in the city knows that proud and patronizing Commander Mu spoils his little wife so much. But nobody can imagine, in the end, such an affectionate man will treat her in that way…


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