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The Strongest Martial Spirit of Infinite Upgrade
Author: Hot Chili
Alternative names:无限升级之最强武魂

The Strongest Martial Spirit of Infinite Upgrade

Ordinary student Chu Yan, awakened against the heavenly Wuhun in another world, and watched how he attacked all the way, smashing the fairy beauty, crushing the genius of Nine Realms.

Genius masters, in front of me, are used to step on. Explode all dissatisfied! Mad masters!

Step on Jiuxiao, break the sky, and turn against the sky!

Sacrifice God Dingdanfang, take the peak of martial arts!

Take charge of all realms, create supreme magical power, create a generation of legends, and look forward to ancient and modern times.

In this life, I want to leave no regrets! Nine days and ten places! I am the only one! Do whatever you want!


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