The Strongest Takeout System


One month after the end of the war, Wang Yu has brought his family to the world and bought a manor. Here, Wang Yu keeps everyone in the state of ordinary people, and can't show any strength.

"Wang Yu, you're really capable of flirting. When I didn't know, you found so many female partners!"

Cloud thousand some delicious looking at those looks not lose to their own woman, Wang Yu directly cloud thousand embrace, in her forehead gently kiss.

"Are you jealous? In terms of time, many of them are ahead of you. Don't you know that? "

"What about her?"

Cloud thousand discontented pout small mouth, stretched out a finger to a very beautiful woman, this woman is the woman who brought back from the outside world.

She was originally a member of the demon clan, because only half of her body became human when she was transformed by accident. Later, with the help of Wang Yu, the other half of her body also became human, and her name was Ruobing.

"Well This... "

Wang Yu really didn't know how to explain it. He began to sweat on his forehead. Yunqian looked at Wang Yu's hesitation, and immediately burst out laughing.

"You're nervous. I'm not angry. I'm just teasing you. I know that a man like you won't be monopolized by any woman. I've thought about that for a long time."

"Well, you tease me deliberately. I'm in a cold sweat!"

Wang Yu laughs and pours at Yun Qian directly. Yun Qian chuckles and sends out a silver bell like laugh. He runs away and runs to a crowd of women.

In the yard, xuanmingjun and others are having a barbecue. Since they came to the human world for the first time, they have to have a meal almost every day for a month, and other people have no aversion.

The God of fate, the God of destruction and the grandfather of Manniu sat together drinking tea and chatting. What made Wang Yu most happy was his own child.

Although it is less than three months since birth, it can talk and play. It is no different from ordinary children who are six or seven years old. The only difference is that their strength has reached the level of Xiaoshen, and it is still rising every day.

Because he was too young to control his power, Wang Yu had to seal his power.

"Haoyu, play for a while and have a rest."

"I see!"

Wang Yu looks at Wang Haoyu, who plays with Mo Qilin. That is, his son dotes on his face. Wang Yu also gives him his name. He hopes that he will be open-minded and generous.

Half an hour later, xuanmingjun and others began to call for people to eat. A large group of people went to the dining table. Fortunately, the dining table Wang Yu bought was more than 20 meters long, otherwise he couldn't sit down.

"Come on, everyone, let's toast to Wang Yu and thank Wang Yu for letting us live such a wonderful life. Let me make a sample first."

Xuanmingjun stood up with his wine cup, yelled at the crowd, and drank it. Before they could get up, Wang Yu stood up and waved to the crowd, indicating that they would not get up.

"Mr. xuanming, do you have any new ideas? It's been a month. I'm tired of hearing that every time. "

"I can't make do with it. My cultural level is limited. I can't think of anything more straightforward."

Xuanmingjun's Rogue expression made everyone laugh. Wang Yu also punched him in the chest with a smile.

"In fact, I want to thank you all. It's because of you that I'm motivated. Thank you!"

Wang Yu said that he also drank the wine with his glass. There was a thunderous applause around him, and the eyes of all his female companions were moist.

Everyone present was very clear about how Wang Yu came up step by step. At the beginning, Wang Yu was very weak and suffered countless injuries.

A group of people began to drink noisily. From noon until 10 p.m., they got very drunk and began to sleep on the table.

Wang Yu watched them light a cigarette. He felt that everything was like a dream now. He really defeated the way of heaven.

After smoking, Wang Yu confirmed that everyone had fallen asleep, and the whole person directly disappeared in the same place. The next second he appeared in the demon world.

The ancestor of the evil way felt Wang Yu's breath and immediately flew out of the castle, followed by two evil emperors. When they saw Wang Yu, they would bow.

"No, don't make such a mess between us. I'm here to solve the problem of heaven thoroughly."

"Well, I'll take you there."

Wang Yu followed the ancestor of the evil way to a grove. Outside the grove was a strong border. Deep inside was a small cave where the spirits of heaven were held.

At this moment, the spirit of Wang Xiangyu and the ordinary spirit of Wang Xiangyu had not appeared in front of him.

"Wang Yu, you are more cruel than me.""I'm not as good as you. Today I'll send you to a good place where you can repent."

Wang Yu said that there was a void space on the ground, and he stretched out a pale hand directly. Wang Yu looked at the pale hand and showed a trace of evil smile.

"Your neighbors can't wait."

As soon as Wang Yu let go, he directly threw him down. His pale hand directly grasped the spirit of heaven, and then there was a howl of heaven.

After chatting with the devil, he came to the top of the void and looked down at the void.

"Are you really ready?"

"Well, I can't help you to find the next one."

Wang Yu sighed heavily in his heart. Three days ago, the system had already informed Wang Yu to leave. Naturally, Wang Yu was extremely reluctant to leave.

"Wang Yu, you are one of my most powerful masters. Thank you for your cooperation over the years. Goodbye."

Wang Yu heard the sound of the system in his mind, and immediately felt that something in his body had been taken away, which made Wang Yu feel a burst of heartache and reluctant.

A cloud of golden light flew away from Wang Yu's body. After two circles around Wang Yu, it disappeared through the void, and Wang Yu's tears could not stop flowing out.

Golden light has now come to the world. After a turn, he finally goes straight to a direction and stops over a manor.

Whew, the golden light flew directly into Wang Haoyu's body, who was lying on Mo Qilin's body. Wang Haoyu's body trembled and opened his eyes with a meaningful smile.

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