The Suffering Soldier King

Chapter 500

At this time, the fat man escorts Shen Qingyun and the president of the welfare home upstairs.

When he saw that his two right-hand assistants were also prisoners, he felt deep despair.

"Didn't you expect that? I've already found out that Shen Qingyun is an undercover agent, including the hotel where your subordinates gathered. We have also made a clear investigation. Now all your subordinates have been subdued, and you can't escape."

Gao Yuan said faintly, and these voices were like death in sentencing, which made him desperate.

"It's impossible. There is no failure in my life. Blame you for your cunning! It's all your fault

He was very excited. Suddenly, he broke free from the shackles of the high and then jumped out of the window.

Gao Yuan was shocked when he saw this scene.

In a second, it fell to the bloody ground.

Seeing this scene, all the brothers felt miserable and couldn't help closing their eyes.

Gao Yuan sighed. He didn't expect that the scythe of Satan, who had been the enemy of himself for so long, would choose to end his life in such an extreme way.

"Fat man, you should arrange for your brother to dispose of his body. After all, this is the village where the villagers live. If the crew goes out, it may cause public unrest, so we must evacuate here as soon as possible this evening! Secondly, there are a lot of guns and ammunition downstairs. It is illegal for these guns and ammunition to flow away in China, so I need you to dispose of these things. " Gaoyuan gives orders to the fat man.

"OK, boss, I'll do it now." The fat man nodded and walked out the door neatly.

Shen Qingyun is bound all over. She lowers her head and looks a little embarrassed. The director of the welfare home standing next to her finds that something is wrong. He immediately falls to his knees with a plop.

"Mr. Gao, I know I have done a lot of unreasonable things before, but please give me a chance! I swear that I will turn my back and be a good man. " The head of the welfare home has a runny nose and tears, and he flatters Gao Yuan.

"Heaven's evils can be forgiven, but you can't live by yourself. When you did those bad things before, why didn't you expect to be punished one day?" Gao Yuan's cold questioning.

When Gao Yuan said this, the head of the welfare home was so scared that his legs and feet were shaking. At this moment, he was very scared.

"Do you know how much harm you bring to those children who are in kindergartens? I will let you get the punishment you deserve Gao Yuan finished and winked at one of his men.

His subordinates immediately understood and directly dragged away the president of the welfare home.

There are fewer and fewer people in the room.

Shen Qingyun still lowered his head and refused to look up at Gao Yuan.

"Shen Qingyun, do you have anything else to say to me?" Gao Yuan was very unhappy.

After all, during this period of time, he did treat Shen Qingyun as his sister, but he never thought that the person who had been stabbing himself in the back was the woman who was regarded as his sister.

"The winner is the king, and the loser is the enemy. We really lost, so I'm convinced that you can kill or cut as you like." Shen Qingyun lowered his head and said coldly.

"I didn't expect that you, a weak woman, have such a strong side. I'm really wrong." Gao Yuan sighs for a long time.

"I Can I ask you one last thing? " Shen Qingyun hesitated for a moment, then suddenly hesitated.

"What's the matter? You say it directly Gao Yuan is straightforward and neat.

"I want to see my father one last time! When you first saved me, I was not dragged into the water by the scythe of Satan. The reason why I betrayed you was because I had to. But now I don't want to explain too much. It's just that after a long time, I suddenly miss my father. After all, he is my only relative in the world. " Shen Qingyun looked at Gao Yuan sincerely.

Gaoyuan can also hear that this should be her last wish. In the past, Gaoyuan agrees to her without thinking.

The next day, Shen Qingyun met her father under the custody of Zhugan and chubby. Then she was sent to prison by Gaoyuan.

The director of the welfare home was also sent to prison and got his due punishment. Those children who had received special training before were also sent to different welfare homes for normal education.

With all the dust settled and the sickle of Satan solved, the supremacy of the Yanluo gang in southern Beijing was completely determined. With the continuous expansion of the Yanluo Gang's power, in less than half a year, the Yanluo Gang became the largest gang in China, and its power even spread abroad.

Gaoyuan has finally fulfilled its original commitment to Tiannan.

Half a year later, white wolf finally recovered and remembered all the missing memories.

Get the good news, Gao Yuan and Hua Xiaoruo and others to the airport to meet white wolf.In the past six months, Bai Linglong has been abroad with Bai Lang, and their relationship has made great progress. Gao Yuan also feels that after so much experience, it's time for him to give Hua Xiaoruo a stable home.

If they are all well prepared to propose in the airport, they will find a place for him to propose in advance.

Hua Xiaoruo doesn't realize that Gao Yuan is going to propose to her. It's just that when they are waiting for the white wolf at the exit, every passer-by will give Hua Xiaoruo a rose. When Hua Xiaoruo feels the 99th rose, other people at the exit hold up a sign.

"Hua Xiaoruo, let me guard you for the rest of your life!" was written on the sign

Hua Xiaoruo is surprised to see all the romance around her. She looks at Gao Yuan inconceivably. Just as she wants to ask about it, she sees Gao Yuan kneeling on one knee and taking out a dazzling ring from her pocket.

"Daughter in law, we have been together for so long. It's time for me to give you a place! Before, I never dare to ask you to get married because I don't think I'm worthy of you, but now I've finished the agreement with your father, and I have enough ability to protect you, so please marry me and let me protect you for the rest of my life! " Gao Yuan kneels on one knee and speaks affectionately.

Hua Xiaoruo can't help reddening her eyes. These seemingly ordinary words have become the most beautiful love words. She has been with Gao Yuan for so long, and Gao Yuan has been working hard. She sees them in her eyes and keeps them in mind.

"I will!" Hua Xiaoruo said these three words without hesitation, because he believed that Gaoyuan was a man worthy of his life.

One month later, Ruo and lingbai propose to each other.

Everyone finally found their own happiness

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