The Supreme Empress of the Doomsday

v3 Chapter 99 ,season finale

    Listening to Qiyue's caring words, Chu Qing's mouth had a happy smile, and suddenly Chu Qing felt that coming to this world was not so bad, at least it seemed that there were more people who really cared about him People, at least not as lonely as they used to be.

    At this moment, Chu Qing's hatred for the so-called Heavenly Dao has been reduced a lot. If the other party does not come to trouble her, she is also happy to pretend not to know, and then stay in this world , to be Chu Qing for a lifetime, as for Chu Qingyi, just treat it as a dream that never existed.

    Chu Qing has never had a sense of belonging to the so-called world, and now there are some people in this world who really care about her, but do not covet her physique, Chu Qing naturally This world is more favorable and more willing to stay in this world.

    【Master, are you happy? 】Because of the soul contract, Qiyue can vaguely feel Chu Qing's feelings many times, just like now, although Chu Qing didn't say anything, Qiyue still felt a very happy emotion, This made him a little confused. What was the master happy about?

    "Well, I'm very happy. I finally figured out what I haven't figured out for a long time. How can I be unhappy?" Here, but did not give up to go back.

    No, maybe it’s not accurate to say that, it’s not that I didn’t give up and go back, but I don’t have any nostalgia for this place, not only for this place, but also for the original world.

    If you are greedy for power, you may be interested in the position of Demon Venerable, but for Chu Qing, the so-called Demon Venerable is just a nice title, without any meaning

    [Well, the owner is happy! 】Qiyue has always been able to feel Chu Qing's emotions, but in his perception, Chu Qing is always neither happy nor sad, as if there are no emotional fluctuations. Although such a person is strong and has no weaknesses, But very sad.

    But now it is completely different, at least when facing Chu Qing, he feels Chu Qing's mood swings.

    "Well, let's go." Chu Qing raised her eyebrows slightly, with a smile in her eyes, obviously she was in a very good mood now, but she didn't know if the next thing would go smoothly .

    Chu Qing walked forward slowly. According to her feeling, although it may not be accurate, the current temperature should be tens of degrees below zero, not to mention bacteria, it is estimated that it is abnormal Power users are a little bit unbearable, even ice-type power users will be unknowingly restricted here.

    [Master, it's so cold here...] Although Qiyue is a plant, it can still feel the changes in the outside world because of the variation, especially the temperature that has the most serious impact on plants, if not Because there is a soul contract with Chu Qing, it is estimated that Qiyue will be able to freeze to death here, after all, he is a mutant plant of the illusion type, not the ice type.

    "Well, I know, I am also where the problem is." Chu Qing narrowed her eyes slightly, now she doesn't know where the problem is, so she can only take a step. one step away.

    Just as Chu Qing was about to move on, an ice sculpture blocked her pace. Looking at what was in front of her, a dangerous look appeared in Chu Qing's eyes for the first time.

    I don't know what this thing is, but she can feel that the fluctuations in this thing are exactly the same as Sang!

    So, even if this thing is not a zombie, it is inseparably related to loss, this kind of cognition makes Chu Qing frown fiercely, although he knows this so-called Guanghui Pharmaceutical The factory has been researching zombie viruses, but looking at these zombie-related things, Chu Qing still feels a little uncomfortable.

    So, here she is ruined!

    He stretched out his hand, and his fingertips were burning with white flames. Although Chu Qing was not a fire-type power user, for a monk in the tribulation period, making a little flame was nothing at all. The problem was that he wanted to dissolve these ice sculptures. For Chu Qing, it was like playing.

    Sure enough, as soon as the flames came out, the ice sculpture showed signs of melting. The thing seemed to have wisdom. The moment it felt that it began to melt, it fled from Chu Qing's side.

    Seeing this scene, Chu Qing raised her eyebrows slightly, and there was a color called solemnity in her eyes.

    I originally thought this was just a kind of ability manipulated by the zombies here, but now it seems that things are a little different from what I believe, this ice sculpture is not a puppet manipulated by zombies, but has Your own wisdom!

    Chu Qing clearly understands that such a thing is even more dangerous to level 3 and level 4 zombies, because even if it reaches level 4, the loss is only a little more. Just felt a little bit and wanted to escape.

    [] Just when Chu Qing was about to make the next move, a voice suddenly appeared in her mind, and the sudden distress signal appeared in her head. Chu Qing was stunned. , and then looked around, trying to find out what was calling her for help.

    [Yes...I...] When the voice came, Chu Qing seemed to feel something approaching her, and she was really shocked when she lowered her head.

      Means, but has insisted on staying by Chu Qing's side.

    "You were asking for help just now?" Chu Qing had a strange feeling, obviously this thing should be his enemy, why would he ask her for help now?

    [Save...I...kill...I...] Obviously, this ice sculpture has not completely lost his mind. Although it has become an ice sculpture, it seems to still retain some human feelings. It made Chu Qing wonder if what looked like an ice sculpture was actually a human being?

    "Who are you?" Chu Qing is very curious about the identity of this person, and it is definitely not a simple person who can still maintain consciousness.

    [I me...] Although the other party is not completely irrational now, but they can't understand human words, but clearly understand, what is it? What does it mean, this ice sculpture turned out to be a real researcher.

    "Since you are a researcher, then you should know where the information is. As long as you take me to find the information, I will free you." Chu Qing raised his eyebrows slightly, and he didn't need it now. After searching for those things by himself, Chu Qing naturally won't waste any more time.

    The ice sculpture seemed to understand what Chu Qing meant, nodded towards Chu Qing, and then walked forward.

      The Chu Qing is not sure at this time, she really did not expect this to be so complicated.

    "Is it here?" Looking at the things around, Chu Qing already believed it seven or eight points.

    [Master, that thing is below this, the organ should be there. 】Qiyue didn't expect things to be below this!

    [] ​​Now there is a tyranny in the consciousness of the ice sculpture beast, Chu Qing understands a little, it is estimated that this is unable to restrain his instinct, and the white flame reappears , the ice sculptured beast dissolved quickly, and at the moment of disappearance, Chu Qing felt a thought, [Thank you, finally... freed. 】

    After feeling that consciousness for a few hours, Chu Qing looked at the table not far away, and sure enough, she saw a stack of documents on it.

    "'We created... the devil, so God punished us and made us sinners.' What is this?" Chu Qing looked at the things on the table, and his face took a moment of surprise.

    Is this a confession?

    But no matter how clear it is, I cut it off.

    "We created demons, so God punished us and made us sinners. In this life, we can only carry Wuji's sins, give up the human body, and wander forever between life and death time, because we have sinned against God.”

      Abandoning the shackles of morality, I longed for success and the recognition of the world, but in the end, I became a sinner, a sinner who destroyed the world.”

    Seeing this, Chu Qing raised his eyebrows, and he had some calculations in his heart. It is estimated that everything here is the same as he imagined. This is the birthplace of the zombie virus.

    "At the beginning of 2017, a person found me and said that he had found a very strange virus, because he didn't know what effect it had, but he knew it was very dangerous, so he contacted me, hoping that I could be together Research, at that time I found out that something might be wrong, but because it was a new type of virus, I moved my mind.”

      For our glorious future, I believe, and bring that day to come."

    "We used the life form experiment that I am, so that others other than us discovered the function of that virus - to promote genetic evolution! At that time, all of us were ecstatic, because we felt Humanity may become stronger!"

    Seeing this, the corners of Chu Qing's mouth evoked a contemptuous arc, these people are really naive, do they really think that human evolution is such a simple thing?

    "Finally, we made up our minds to conduct the first human experiment. The experiment was very successful. The test subjects had no problems except for being a little tired. We all know that it is a side effect of genetic evolution, and there is nothing wrong with it. thing."

    "Next we did many experiments. As the number of experimental subjects gradually increased, we are all full of hope for this new virus, and mankind will once again become brilliant!"

    "Only this time I think we were wrong. Half a month after the experiment, the original subjects began to die one by one, and our experiment failed!"

    "My God, those who were dead have woken up again, has our experiment been successful?"

    Seeing here, there is still something I don’t understand. It seems that these people are using zombie viruses to do experiments, and the result is zombies. Now Chu Qing doesn’t know what to say, it’s sympathy , or angry?

    Of course, this is not the end, she still has a thick stack of things in her hand, and now Chu Qing will of course read all these things.

    "The experiment still failed. Although the experimental subjects woke up, they began to rot slowly, but the rotting corpses did not lose their movement, just like zombies in a movie."

    "We sinned! We created demons! This is not how humans evolved. We wanted to touch the realm of God, so we were punished!"

    Chu Qing frowned slightly when she saw these words. Can she now think that the zombies were actually created by these people?

    “People are falling down in the laboratory every day, everyone is afraid, but the team leader of the laboratory did not give up the experiment, even, he started to use those fallen experimenters to experiment, he Is this crazy?"

    "Today is one and a half months after the experiment started, and finally the team leader did not escape his fate. He fell down during today's experiment. I know that it will not take long before the team leader will become Like those carrion monsters, our destiny is already written."

    "A lot of people left the lab today, and they all want to find the vaccine, hehe, but no one knows where the vaccine is except me, I know who didn't give up , I want to use the remaining virus to do experiments again, I will not let anyone succeed!"

    "My condition started to go wrong a few days ago, and it became more and more difficult to breathe. It is estimated that the person who fell down would be me. At this time, I really want to use the vaccine, so that I can I survived, but I knew I couldn’t, because once I had a vaccine, I would want to continue research.”

    "Today is the seventy-third day after the experiment began, and I am still conscious, which is very rare. The first experimental subject has changed, and half of her body is no longer rotting, It even began to return to human form, while on the other hand it rotted more seriously, I am very afraid that this person will evolve as a "human"."

    "The "person" in that song is about to wake up, and my consciousness becomes more and more chaotic, the only thing I can do at this time is to keep that "person" underground forever, forever of…"

    All the information here ends here. Although I don’t know where the vaccine is, Chu Qing knows that there is a very dangerous thing here.

    Xue Lu said that zombies are a very strict level. Once a zombie emperor appears, other zombies cannot naturally evolve into zombie emperors.


    [Master, that thing seems to be awake, be careful! 】 Qiyue felt that the energy below was more obvious, and kept reminding her in Chu Qing's heart.

    Qiyue didn't find anything wrong, but Chu Qing did, because the thing he woke up was the zombie emperor Qiyue said, but there was something missing, that's it Something made Chu Qing feel a little doubt in his heart.


      , made Chu Qing think of those casual bastards.

    "Qiyue, things may be more serious than I thought, so if something goes wrong in a while, you should leave as soon as possible. You can't help here, but it will put you in danger. Among them." If she really guessed correctly, Qiyue would not only be of no help, but might be purified.

     Qiyue has not yet come to refute, the ground has cracked a big gap, and a girl with black hair and red eyes appears in front of Chu Qing.

    "Hmm... the way of heaven?" This plausible familiarity made Chu Qing smile, "Have you fallen into this state, it's really useless!"

    The way of heaven?

    Haha, is there anyone who knows better than her what the Tao of Heaven is?

    The so-called Heavenly Dao is nothing but a world defined by the immortals according to their own rules, so the so-called Heavenly Dao is nothing but an immortal, and if you want to control this world without spiritual energy, any immortal can , So, this so-called Heavenly Dao is not that powerful.

    "Chu! Tsing! Clothes!" The girl looked at Chu Qing with incomparable hatred in her eyes, all her plans were destroyed by this, damn, damn, damn!

    The immortals make rules for the world, let the world run according to their own rules, shelter the creatures in this world, and the creatures use their own strength to feed back to the heaven, which is mutually beneficial.

    Obviously, this girl was not willing to gain power so slowly, so she used some small means to promote the evolution of human beings, as long as human beings evolve, then she will have more powerful power, then In order to avoid any accident, she caught a strong man from another world by sneak attack, and controlled the progress of the world through this strong man.

    "Oh, what, are you angry? I'm not angry when you do something like that. What's the point of you being angry." Chu Qing smiled, looking at the other party's indifferent tone, not angry at all .


    "Do you know what you did, you ruined my plan!" This person not only ruined her plan, but also devoured her power, really greedy!

    "Oh? You ruined your plan, what is your plan? Did you use me to help human evolution, and then let me die with Xuelu in the end, and then devoured our power?" Chu Qing was too lazy to say it originally, but it didn't mean she didn't know anything.

    "You!" Tiandao never thought that Chu Qing would know so much, "You know it all, have you recovered?"

    "Heh, he's just a low-level immortal, he dares to plot against me, he's brave, but..." Chu Qing looked at the person in front of him, tsk tsk, "You shouldn't be right If you are so confident in yourself, it’s okay for the seed of heaven to control others, but for me, it’s just a means for me to deal with you.”

    He watched as Chu Qing poked his finger into his heart, and the next moment, a spot of light appeared in the eyes of the two.


    In the girl's fearful eyes, Chu Qing crushed the light spot.

    "The way of heaven is destroyed, you say...will this world collapse?" Chu Qing smiled, she knew that although there was no way to kill this woman, it would hurt her vitality. .

      With endless pleasure, "You were brought into this world by me. Now that I'm going to disappear, you also want to disappear with me..."

    After saying this, the girl disappeared, but Chu Qing found that her body gradually became transparent.

    I'm going back...

    Sure enough...I still feel a little regretful, is she starting to miss this world?

    "Ah... Qing?" Just as Chu Qing was waiting for her to disappear, a voice sounded from behind her, with a bit of panic and confusion.

     Looking back, Chu Qing saw the people behind her, each of them looking at her with astonished eyes.

    "You are all here, I seem to be leaving," Chu Qing looked at everyone present with a gentle smile in his eyes, "Thank you for your care during this time. Well, um... It is estimated that we will not have the opportunity to meet again in the future, so I will not say goodbye such sad words. "

    Chu Qing had a smile on his face, but everyone who saw it felt sour.

    "Also, Mr. Lei Chuan, I may not be able to do it when I promised you, but can you please do me a favor after I leave," Chu looked at the people with sad expressions around him. Qing's tone was more relaxed, "Please take my team members to build a base, we have all the resources ready, don't worry."

    After saying this, Chu Qing took a ring out of his hand and threw it to Xuelu along with another thing, "Help me take care of them, and forget me..."

    Now, how could Chu Qing not know Xue Lu's feelings, but now she has no way to respond.

    "I will wait for you to come back, until you die, or I die." Xue Lu didn't say much, just took the things in Chu Qing's hand, and looked at her with serious eyes.

    "Oh, so stupid..." After saying this, Chu Qing has completely disappeared, it seems that it has never existed...

    Ten years later, Long County

    A lot of things can be changed in ten years, whether it is people or the world, the world that was on the verge of collapse back then has a new order, and no one dares to act recklessly.

    Zombies have become very rare now, and they are not even allowed to easily hunt and kill human beings. High-level zombies and humans have achieved true peaceful coexistence.

    "It's been ten years, Ah Qing, everyone has been waiting for you for ten years. You are really cruel, and you still have no news."


    "Everyone worked hard after you left. Now Longxian has become the largest survivor base and the holy place that all survivors yearn for. Humans and zombies have been able to coexist peacefully, and we have done it. So, why haven't you come back?"

    "Ordinary plants can already grow on the land of the last days. Now Huang Yali is always going out to find the seeds of plants. In fact, how can we not understand that she just wants to find you."



    "Aqing, we have worked so hard, why haven't you come back?"

    "Yeah, you all worked so hard, how could I have the heart to not come back..."

    Finally, the ten-year-long nagging finally got a response today. With a genuine smile on the corner of Xue Lu's mouth, he slowly turned around and looked at the familiar and unfamiliar face.

    "Aqing, it's been ten years, should you make up for what you owe me?"

    "Oh? What do I owe you?" Looking at the man in front of him who hugged him like a big dog and kept rubbing his neck like a big dog, there was a smile in his eyes.

    "You still owe me a wedding," Xue Lu raised her head and looked at Chu Qing seriously, "Aqing, let's get married."

    Chu Qing didn't answer, just looked at him and smiled.

    A gust of breeze blew, with the laughter of men, and a kind of happiness that makes people blush and heartbeat.

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