Novel info
The Urban Leveling Life From Zero
Author: Tianyun old cat
Alternative names:从零开始的都市练级生活
Genre: Urban Life

The Urban Leveling Life From Zero

When the world’s technology is extremely advanced, artificial intelligence and life begin to blur, and the combination of virtual and reality has ushered in a new era. The world’s first ARMMO RPG came out, and the world has become different since then…

In a world full of hierarchies, people’s lives and work have formed hierarchies.

“It’s so cool! My level with President Lu has reached level 11. Now I can get a promotion and a raise!”

“Scumbag, don’t say level 11, as long as you give your loyalty and liver to President Lu, one day you can become a 20th-level boss, and you will be able to dominate the world from now on.”

Lu Jin, a top core internal beta player of the world OL, who is closest to the full level, suddenly came to this world 400 years later, and even inexplicably became the fiance of the beautiful president.

Lu Jin suddenly discovered that the world is so beautiful, except for some things he shouldn’t have seen, everything is fine…

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