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The Villain Will Become Stupid If He Doesn’t Pamper Me
Author: weddingcandy123
Alternative names:反派不宠我就得傻[穿书]

The Villain Will Become Stupid If He Doesn’t Pamper Me

Pei Xian, who looks like the green tea and white moonlight of Big Boss in the book, was forced by Zhou the First Gongzi to kill his child and send to the villain Big Boss as a substitute lover. Pei Xian would rather die than submit that he jumped from the building to his death.

When Shanghai’s Great White Shark Si Yang was only 28 years old, he died of illness and transmigrated as the cowardly and timid cannon fodder Pei Xian, airboned in confusion on the scene of the jump off.

Big Boss Gu Han: Come down, I want you and your baby.

Pei Xian▼_▼: 30 million free shipping, no check.

Zhou Kai:

In Gu Han’s book, the villain Big Boss was beaten by half of the book by the male protagonist’s “wisdom reduction aura” and eventually the Big Boss’s company went bankrupt and he became depressed. Now he is reborn with a system called “concern and care for villain’s IQ”, and Pei Xian is the system’s battery. Gu Han needs him to be around all the time to charge before using the system.

System task: Hold Xianxian’s little hand. System energy + 1

System task: Praise Xianxian, praise Xianxian beautiful. System energy + 1

System task: Please Xianxian and spend money on Xianxian. System energy + 2

System task: Make Xianxian bashful and coquettishly says hate. System energy + 2

System task: Make Xianxian satisfied!!! System energy + 10

Gu Han: Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?

Green tea/white moonlight comes to the door: scram off substitute, this Immortal man has thought through to come back!

Pei Xian takes out a calculator▼_▼: Hello, please wait a moment. There are nine supercars, two listed companies and three mansions worth million all of which have been transferred to my name. Only the bankrupt goods belongs to you.

Gu Han picks up the scheming boy, turns around mercilessly and goes upstairs….

The sound of the bed collapsing came from upstairs.

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