The Whole World Knows I'm a Good Person [Quick Wear]

Chapter 177: Extra

The game of "Knights Down the Mountain" has always maintained a high popularity. Even if it is not as hot as that year, players still come and go, a steady stream. On this day, players suddenly discovered that they didn't know why suddenly all the nc missions in Wanhua Valley actually had mission options. They rushed in and found that this is no longer the nc release task with various wonderful settings like that year, but one by one.

Break through the game.

Go through one level, one level, and then one level, and then one level.

Just like Russian matryoshka.

After the news came out, it attracted a large number of curious players.

They all want to know what the mission reward will be if this mission is completed.

Everyone is brainstorming. Some players have posted high-rise live broadcasts in the forum. New problems will always be shared as soon as possible so that everyone can help answer them together.

Finally, when a meteor shower was officially announced tonight in the game, a player cleared the level.

Then he got a bunch of candied fruits.

It's just that it's hard to reach the final level of the player who is full of expectations.

Sooner or later you will end the garbage game.

The forum also exploded, but not many people condemned it, most of them only looked at hahahahaha.

None of them knew what this string of sugar gourds represented and what they witnessed.

That night, the sorrowful player who got the candied fruit went to Wanhua Valley again, trying to condemn the game planning.

As a result, it was found that the peak of the Wanhua Valley had already been climbed by people.

The men who are very good in shape are leaning against each other, watching the meteor shower passing by the sky. Holographic games can't be shemales or shemales. Obviously, these are the men who fight iron.

The straight male player who had just been tragically shaded by his candies covered his eyes and felt that his eyes were going to be blind.

Anyway, I ended up swearing and quitting the game

Naturally, he didn't know. When he scolded the first word, Gongyu, who was sitting quietly and obediently watching the meteor shower, was already tense, and looked at this side.

With one action, he can scold in reincarnation.

However, Gongyu hadn't done anything yet, and Shi Qing on the side had stretched out and held his hand.

Don't worry, look at the meteor shower.

Gongyu was soothed instantly, nodded obediently, hid all the sharpness on his body, and looked up at the meteor shower that passed in the game sky.

Looking at it, the sight turned to Shi Qing next to him.

Shi Qing was born to look good. At this moment, his face was raised slightly towards the sky, and a pair of eyes were printed with meteors in the sky, which fell into the eyes of Gongyu.

Meteors crossed, from here to there. Shiqing watched the meteor shower, and attacked jade to watch Shiqing. There was another reassurance in the silence.

After the meteor shower passed, the sky calmed down again

Shi Qing tilted her head toward Gongyu with her mouth raised, and asked knowingly; "You don't watch meteor showers, what do I do?

Gongyu's ears were red and red, but instead of looking away as before, he said seriously, "You like meteor showers. I can break into the system and send meteor showers to you every day in the game.

I don't like meteor showers.

Inch Qing was accustomed to his attitude that he could not wait to stick all his favorite things to his eyes.

He leaned over with a smile, and stunned slightly on the opponent's shoulder.

Sighed "I like to be with you

As long as I am with you, no matter what I do, I like it.

Gongyu blushed again with his approach.

After hearing what Shi Qing said, the redness became even more.

me too

He finished his speech, struggling to sit in Shiqing's side. The two were sitting next to each other like two little animals.

At night, everything looked wonderful.

Shi Qing said, "When I have dealt with things in reality, let's go to the small world together.

In order to save him, Gongyu chose to use himself as a carrier and used his own strength and memory to create small worlds.

This is a process in itself.

The main system he caught is also publishing tasks, but the tasks that the main system releases to the hosts are completed in the real small world. After completing the tasks, the hosts patch the small world vulnerabilities because they are tasks received from the main system. The merit gained by the world will fall into the hands of the main system.

After that, the main system will reward the hosts according to the points system.

At first, there were three ways to choose jade.

Send him to the real small world and wait until he completes the task.

This one was rejected. The real small world is not the world of fiction, but the real world without scripts.

The hosts are likely to encounter dangerous deaths in such a small world, and as the task issuer, according to the will of the world, jade attack cannot follow the past.

Second, send the other missionaries to the small world, the merit obtained is used to save Shiqing.

This one doesn't work, too. Qingqing is in danger. If you have to wait for the mission person to complete the mission in the real world before returning to save people, I don't know what year it is.

Divide yourself into small fragments, use the fragments as a carrier, and absorb the novelists from major websites to form a small world with your own memories.

The last one seemed perfect in tapping jade.

Shi Qing will not be in any danger, he will be protected in his own memory world, and because this is not a real small world, he can also fight for real time

As long as Shi Qing promises to do the task, even if every small world fails, as the task publisher, when the last small world is finished, Gongyu will force him to mark that it has been successfully repaired.

After deceiving the world consciousness, he took merit to rescue people.

The only drawback may be that once he fails, he can't lie to himself even if he cheats the world consciousness.

As a, the memory bank and database are his all. Once there is a little omission, the small world is gone, and Gongyu will face a complete collapse. The end of the crash may be gone.

But it was nothing compared to being able to save Shi Qing.

When Shi Qing knew this, she didn't know what it was like.

Under the moonlight, he sat obediently and sat down, even if he leaned on his shoulder, he would not dare to use too much strength, because he was afraid to press his own jade.

When he knew the details, Shi Qing once asked Gongyu why he didn't directly ask the system to tell him everything.

By that time, he knew that someone was using his life to support him in the back, and he would go all out without any mentality to play. Gongyu said that he had no complete memory at that time.

He must really treat himself as a task in a virtual small world before he can deceive the whole world.

But his world is too small.

His memory, his data, and even his body, are all related to Shi Qing br

And the content of the game they played together was always against each other, each being an enemy.

Gongyu cannot change his memory.

After dividing himself into memory fragments, he could not even control whether his fragments would hurt Shi Qing. He can only try to set Shi Qing's identity as a high-identity person, and let him have a natural suppression of himself. But he still wasn't sure if that self without memory would be attracted by Shi Qing and eliminate the degree of exclusion. If he told Shi Qing everything, Shi Qing did not complete the task.

He will be sad when he wakes up.

Knowing that the person who is most important to him can no longer appear, and this taste has been tasted.

He didn't want Shi Qing to try it again

So it might as well be like this.

If you don't tell anything, let Shi Qing'an feel at ease, forgetting oneself, and do the task without worries.

If the task is over and Gongyu is alive, of course, he will do everything possible to find him.

If the task ends and Gongyu is dead, Shi Qing, who doesn't know all of this, will be concealed forever.

Shiqing heart soreness.

He just gave Gongyu a bunch of sugar gourds.

Gongyu gave him almost everything, protecting him with his own life. Gongyu knew that it was betting.

I also know that the first two options are clearly more secure.

But he couldn't afford to gamble with Shi Qing.

He would rather have it at the cost of his complete disappearance, but also to ensure that Shi Qing could be rescued without fail. When Shi Qing knew all this, he soon decided to accompany Gongyu to the real small world.

Let's find a human body together for you

He couldn't watch Gongyu just be stuck in the game like this, he had to bring him out.

And going to the small world to do the task is the best choice.

Now that there is no need for a carrier, and there is a system in place, the two of them can completely enter the small world. Gongyu hesitated, "But it will be a real small world. I can't be sure it will be 100% dangerous. Shi Qing smiled and raised her eyes, and her eyebrows resumed his familiarity;

"I have never been afraid of danger.

Even if it ’s really dangerous, I ’ll have a lot of things, you can access any data, and the system plug-in will give up the task and run

Gongyu heart moved.

But he didn't dare.

Shi Qing is so good, but he has to leave his native world for all kinds of strange little worlds for him.

"I have no relatives anymore. You are the only one of me. Being together with us is good for me everywhere. Shi Qing has always been a strong temper, but when it comes to attacking jade, it is very sweet. Smooth sentences appeared.

He leaned on the other's shoulder and looked at the stars.

"I have forgotten you and I will pay you my whole life.

After thinking about it, the task person is almost equivalent to eternal life.

Not right, maybe for life

Gongyu's expression gradually relaxed, his eyes were bright, full of trust and joy, and he looked at his lover, focusing on the focus.

Let's prepare, you can bring things according to the rules.

In his heart, Shi Qing quickly crossed various weapons in the real world, including the kind of tank car.

But when the sight touched Gongyu's bright eyes full of pure joy. My heart started to move again.

The corners of his lips twitched slightly, with a smirk. "One more thing.

Gongyu dazed "What

Shi Qing already slammed the undefended him to the ground, propped up above the opponent, and looked down at his soft look at himself.

One thing I'm particularly curious about is that since players can get married in the game, isn't a better than the players? For example, the cave house or something. Gongyu's face turned red.

But still in Shiqing's smirk expression, blushing and stuttering, "I am OK and OK.

He has the memories of all the small worlds, and naturally knows what Shi Qing thinks about them in these small worlds.

Although still embarrassed, Gongyu still tried hard to say, "I am strong, not worse than in a small world.

Shi Qing smiled and lowered his head, facing his eyes.

Then try it.

Outside the Wanhua Valley, a player comes here

As a result, it was ejected by the protective cover before approaching.

Strange and buggy? Is this Wanhua Valley toxic?

He walked away.

Waiting two days later, the Wanhuagu protective cover disappeared.

When the players went in again, they found that this time it was nc and the mission was gone. It was empty and there was only a dragon chair left.

In the real world, people also find it strange that the chairman of the Shijia family disappeared inexplicably after healed somehow.

Almost never appeared again.

It is almost because occasionally someone will say that he has seen the chairman.

But everyone thinks it may just be similar.

Who in Bi Jing has looked the same for the past ten, twenty or thirty years.

But those who have seen it say the same thing.

Shi Qing is still as young as he was then. He is surrounded by a tall, handsome young man. The two are very close; they seem to be partners.

According to the young man who was as hairless as Shi Qing, they came back for vacation.

It is not clear whether these people are chairman of the family when vacationing or not.

They could see that the two were very loving, and the eye contact was sweet.


The sour smell of love.

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