The World Civilization Million Lords

Chapter 4695 , go back

Miyamoto Shingen didn't think much about Ye Feixing's proposal, and nodded in agreement.

In fact, he himself meant it.

Now that he has just woken up from his big dream, he doesn't know how many years have passed, and at the same time, he doesn't know where he is now. If there is someone who can help him integrate into this era faster, it would be better.

"Boy, you rest here first, and you can go back when the old man goes."

After all, without waiting for Ye Feixing to say more, Miyamoto Shinxuan showed his body and left the asteroid where they were at an amazing speed.

During this period, the cover that Miyamoto Shinxuan opened was maintained and did not dissipate, which greatly relieved Ye Feixing.

He wanted to talk about this.

After all, his current state is extremely weak, and the cosmic environment is a bit harsh for him now.

Now it seems that he is overthinking it...

And the reason why this hood can be maintained even after Miyamoto Shingen left is probably because of Miyamoto Shingen's saber...

With the flash of thoughts, Ye Feixing's eyes subconsciously fell on the blade that was attached to the scabbard and submerged directly into the asteroid.

Although he didn't pull it out of the scabbard, if his judgment is correct, this is a cold weapon unique to the Fuso tribe, called the 'Tachi'.

In the Far Eastern Federal State he knew, this kind of 'Tachi' was no longer used as a weapon.

After all, the Far Eastern Federal State has always existed as a cosmic country with technological development.

Therefore, it was the first time Ye Feixing had encountered a powerhouse using this kind of weapon.

For a while, the eyes that looked at his weapon really brought a lot of interest.

Of course, he didn't touch it, just made a simple observation.

From the hilt to the scabbard, the entire shape of that tachi can only be said to be extremely simple, without any pattern decoration, and overall it presents a pure black color.

It was such a seemingly ordinary knife, but Ye Feixing felt an inexplicable palpitation in his heart during the brief period of staring at it.

With the surge of this feeling, Ye Feixing quickly looked away, and at the same time put away his curiosity, in a short time, he did not dare to look at the sword again.

Ye Feixing, who adjusted his breathing and put away his curiosity, of course, was not idle, he maintained his posture of sitting cross-legged, and continued to adjust his breath and heal his wounds.

When taking a break, Ye Feixing naturally thought about the position he was in.

After leaving the battlefield at that time, under the guidance of the secretary, he completely moved towards the position of the planet behind the Holy See Kingdom of Holy Light.

After that, he was attacked by the Zerg troops, and because he had no time to distinguish the direction, he gradually lost his way in the universe.

Under this premise, Ye Feixing still knows a lot about his speed.

In theory, even if the position is shifted, it will not be shifted too far.

The trouble is how far the senior has moved with him after he lost consciousness.

Assuming that they are still near the Holy See Nation of Holy Light, then in the case of finding the right direction, according to the strength of the predecessor, it should not be difficult to lock the border planet.

But if you look in the wrong direction...

That would undoubtedly be troublesome.

Gu Tang

Now Ye Feixing can only hope that Miyamoto Shingen and himself don't have such bad luck.

Ye Feixing thought so, while he pulled out a compressed food from his tattered backpack, tore the package, and stuffed it into his mouth.

These compressed foods are not compressed breads, but 'nutrition nuggets'.

On their spaceships, there is equipment that can extract the nutrients in the food, and then make simple compressed food, which is convenient for them to eat in extraordinary times.

In the case that they are not short of food, it is still very easy for Xu Ji and Cerilia to get some nutrition blocks for them.

Of course, compared with those nutrient solutions and medical-grade nutrient solutions for dormant bins, the nutritional value of this type of simply made nutrient block is greatly reduced. After all, their conditions are still limited.

But for today's Ye Feixing, these nutritional blocks are undoubtedly extremely important. They can add a lot of nutrients to his current body. Fortunately, they are not lost.

After a period of time, Ye Feixing's injury has basically been completely controlled and has begun to gradually recover.

But there is undoubtedly a long way to go before recovery.

Not much time passed after that, Miyamoto Shingen returned safely.

Of course, Ye Feixing didn't think anything could happen to Miyamoto Xinxuan. After all, he had seen Miyamoto Xinxuan's strength before he fell into a coma.

For now, according to Ye Feixing's guess, Miyamoto Shinxuan is at least a peerless powerhouse.

As for going up...

Ye Feixing did not dare to make judgments easily.

All in all, this level of powerhouse, no matter where it is, is not so prone to accidents.

"Senior, have you found anything?"

In this regard, Miyamoto Shingen nodded.

"I found it, how are you now?"

"Please rest assured, senior, the injury has stabilized."

Ye Feixing is now intent on reuniting with Li Ke as soon as possible, and does not want to delay here for too long.

Because according to Li Ke's current state, it is unlikely that he will wait for him all the time, and if he is not careful, it will attract the suspicion of Yiren.

Under this premise, if Li Ke's fleet leaves, then Ye Feixing, who remains on the front line, may not be so easy to go back, so he must go back as soon as possible.

The next move, UU reading actually does not need Ye Feixing to put any effort.

As long as his injury can be stabilized, Miyamoto Shingen can move him with him, which is generally very easy.

In the process of moving, Miyamoto Shinxuan also used his own strength to form a shield to protect himself and Ye Feixing inside. Otherwise, the speed of his movement alone could tear Ye Feixing into pieces.

Under the circumstance that the orientation has been clarified, Miyamoto Shingen is taking them with them, and their moving efficiency is very amazing. The outline of the distant planet soon caught Ye Feixing's eyes.

After getting closer to a certain point, Ye Feixing, who completely saw the whole picture of the planet, was still a little unsure, but he felt that this should be the planet they were on before.

After all, before he left, he hadn't confirmed the whole picture of the planet, but just looked at it roughly. In addition to the planet itself, there was nothing special about it, so it was difficult to leave any clear memory points.

But after entering the interior of the planet, following the winged warship that traveled to and from the planet, and arriving at the winged warship base inside the planet, Ye Feixing was completely confirmed that he really came back smoothly!

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