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Those Days of Saving The School Heartthrob
Alternative names:拯救校草的那些日子
Genre: Romance, Yaoi

Those Days of Saving The School Heartthrob

Ji Mingyue thinks that his life is decent, and there is no reason to be reborn. Then God asked him to come again from high school, it must be to rewrite the tragic fate of Lieutenant Colonel Cao and his crush Lin Lin!

In order to save the male god, Ji Mingyue flexed his muscles.

The first step is to volunteer to do the same at the same table to monitor him in order to prevent the decline in the school grades;

In the second step, in order to prevent the school grass from being lonely, try to be friends;

The third step, in order to prevent the school grass’s best relatives from being demon monsters, and caring for the sick and weak mothers of the school grass, invite the school grass to come home for vacation!

Step by step jio print, very nice!

Save, save, suddenly one day …
Lin Feng looked down at him with clear eyes: “Do you like me?”
Ji Mingyue: “No no no no no …”
Lin Feng: “I like you too.”
“…” Ji Mingyue said decisively, “No, no, no, it’s impossible to dislike you!”

*Small cookies, Xueba Qing cold attack x rich second generation vigor.
In my last life, I was ignorant and stumbling. This is the story of returning from the best time in my life, trying to grow up while falling in love, and becoming better people together.
The bright moon is like frost, the good wind is like water, and the scenery is infinite.
Fall in love, 1v1, HE.

A brief review of the work.

The plane crashed, and the second-generation comic artist Ji Mingyue returned to the high school age. He didn’t want to fight against his face and reach the peak of his life. Instead, he hoped to save the school grass and forest wind that he had crushed on in high school. At this time, the accident in Lin Feng’s house just happened, and everything was too late.

As if the soft tentacles were detected, Ji Mingyue tried to get closer to Lin Feng, doing the same table, inviting home, and living with him. While striving to improve, he suppressed his feelings.

From the beginning, the attitude of Xiao Cao has gradually turned into acceptance, acquiescence, and even pampering … This article is against the traditional rebirth routine. The protagonist of the rebirth is not committed to revenge and counterattack, but is focused Rescuing someone who has a crush on one’s previous life is curious to follow up.

This article has a delicate narrative, emotional portrayal of implicit romance, relaxed language and humorous language, and depicts the ordinary high school campus life.

The characters in the text are also full of personality charm. Ji Mingyue, who is purely enthusiastic like Little Sun, seems to be indifferent but bears the forest wind which is affectionate and gentle.

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