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To Raise a Soul
Alternative names:以身养魂

To Raise a Soul

Grandpa Yu often repeated beside the ear of Yu Zhen, saying that he(YZ) has a soul in his body. If he doesn’t properly train in asceticism, and raise then send away the powerful soul, in this lifetime he would have to live as a bachelor. In his next lifetime he would be reborn as a lifestock animal.

Yu Zhen played on his mobile and nodded. On the surface he replied, “Uh-huh”. In his heart he laughed, “hahaha”. Keeping his grandfather in the dark was amusing so the lie was repeated for over ten years without Yu Zhen getting tired of it.

After some years, Grandpa Yu passed away and a cold-faced handsome guy came to his door in a luxury car – with a household register in his hands.


Yu Zhen: The soul in my body reincarnated into someone else’s body to demand repayment, what should I do!


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