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Today I Will Also Be the Male Protagonist’s Rival
Author: iron loli
Alternative names:今天也要做男主情敌(快穿)
Genre: Yuri

Today I Will Also Be the Male Protagonist’s Rival

Su Yu died of alcohol poisoning on the day she received the actress trophy she was thinking of.
Then she was found by a stupid system.
System: Join the Women’s Match League! Enter all the worlds to complete tasks, and I can make you reach the pinnacle of your life!
Su Yu: But I was already at the peak of my life, so I quit!
Even if she was reluctant, Su Yu entered the world in order to survive.
first world
The task assigned to her by the system: take everything from the male protagonist!
Su Yu robbed his fans and his money, and finally looked at the fair girl and fell silent.
Su Yu asked in embarrassment: Do you want to grab this too?
System: Grab!
second world
Looking at the familiar girl, Su Yu rubbed her brows, “Are you still robbing?”
System: Grab!
Su Yu: Would you say anything else?
System: Go!
Nth world
Su Yu habitually wanted to continue grabbing, but suddenly found that this time the girl had a memory.
System: Grab! Go!
Su Yu shrugged: Run!

The first world: the entertainment industry
Flirting without knowing it
The second world: giants
White Lotus scheming fake princess X arrogant and domineering eldest
The Third World: Campus
Vocational high school brawler X key high school three good students / first grade
The Fourth World: The Republic of China
A Song of Allure Peerless Famous Actor X Jingui Self-Professional Rich Miss
The Fifth World: The West
Paranoid Vampire Duke x White and Soft Human Girl
The Sixth World: Antiquity
Bai Yueguang soft bag queen x evil concubine
The seventh world: Immortal king with few desires x apprentice who wants to climb the bed

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