Top Quality Beauty Cultivation System

Chapter 692 Forced finale

"what happened?"

Su Lin also looked at Qin’s father who fell to the ground with a look of shock, and then quickly lost a skill to see the life.

"80? I saw that Qin’s father is going to die today!"

Because Surin has not yet gained the ability to increase his life, he can't do anything about it. However, Su Lin suddenly had a chance to move, although he had no way to increase his life, but the time-lapse of the local objects that formed the system with the best beauty can help Qin’s physical state to go backwards for a few days, which can also delay the time of death.

Although it is not a cure for the symptoms, but there is nothing to win.

"Wait a minute, I can massage the old Chinese medicine for Qin!"

Su Lin thought of this point, rushed up, regardless of the opposition of the people, forcibly helped Qin Laozi massage a bit, while losing a local object time back, took a hundred points to develop a point, directly to the physical state of Qin Laozi It was restored more than a year ago, and as a result, Qin’s father woke up when he arrived.

"Hey? Surin, have you saved me?"

The first person that Qin’s father saw when he woke up was Su Lin, and he knew what was going on.

The people around who had just questioned Su Lin were also surprised to see that Su Lin’s massage would bring Qin’s father back to life, and he was also amazed.

"Grandpa Qin, you are fine."

Surin also breathed a sigh of relief, because he had not used it before. However, looking at this situation, it is indeed possible to increase the life span of people through this method.

In the 80th birthday of Qin’s father, Su Lin not only made a splash. It saved the life of Qin’s father. As a result, even the Qin brothers and brothers are very upset about Surin. There is no reason why Su Lin can not help.

At the same time, after coming out of the Qin family, Su Lin reported the incident of the abilities he encountered on the plane to the master, Yuan Mingliang. However, the result of Yuan Ming’s feedback was to make Su Lin’s heart chill.

Because according to Surin's description, the versatile person who acts on the mental power is likely to be the abilities who steal the memory and can invade the mind of the designated person. Stealing memories. What Yuan Mingliang knows, we seem to have one such abilities in the power group of China. Yuan Mingliang sent the information of the actor, and Su Lin immediately recognized it. At that time, this person was indeed on the plane.

“Does it mean that the country has to do it for me?”

Surin can be sure. Yuan Mingliang, his master, is absolutely not going to do it himself. Moreover, he also told himself this information, which further explained that it is the other head of the country and started to work for himself.

"This is not necessarily the case. Maybe it is the meaning of individual leaders. Right. Surin, there is another discovery. The case of our Ministry of Public Security investigating the corpse of the skin has progressed, and all the clues point to the Song family compound. Those The missing boys and girls were all abducted into the Song family compound. Then the body was also transported from the Song family compound. However, our people have no way to enter the Song family compound. Surin, you need to go out. ”

Yuan Mingliang said cautiously, "This time the opponent may be very unusual!"

"Good! Don't worry! Master, I will pass right away. I didn't expect to have Song family one last time. This time they dare to be so arrogant, even dare to start!"

Su Lin clenched his fist and said to Yuan Mingliang, "Master, you can help me check. Which head is going to do me, I haven't been afraid of Surin!"

Su Lin’s heart has already made plans, as long as he knows who is inserting a knife at the back, no discussion, an acceleration time will make the other party silently die. I am kind enough to work hard for the safety and interests of the country. If there are not many abilities of the best beauty system, I have already died many times. However, this is good. Even people in the country are secretly investigating and hands-on, and even want to steal their own memories. This is unacceptable. Surin must break these hidden dangers.

After Yuan Mingliang’s phone call, Su Lin quickly rushed to the Song family compound. This time it was the second time that he had already taken the road. Su Lin did not hide and lie to hide, directly suspended the time, and then went to the study room of Song Bo and Song Mingyi, and found that the father and son were together, suddenly showed their figure, and asked them: "Song Bo, Song Mingyi, You two old dogs! Say, what happened to these missing cases in Beijing recently?"

"Ha ha ha! Surin, I was still looking for you. However, I already knew that you would find it. So, deliberately left the Song family two dogs, let you vent. And myself, long ago I have already escaped. I really didn't guess wrong, you can suddenly appear, obviously it will be some kind of stealth... But you are more powerful, as long as my king worms rise to two levels, you can't fight!"

Surin did not think that his appearance seems to have been expected. Especially from Song Bo’s mouth, I would say such a thing. It is obvious that Su Lin’s eyes condensed: “You are not Song Bo? Say! Who are you?”

"Haha... I am not Song Bo. The Song family is controlled by my son. Unfortunately, the last two wastes have no way to plant seeds into your body. Otherwise, you will Be my strongest slave. Haha..."

The voice in Song Bokou was very arrogant, but Surin calmed down and said: "As for your two sons, your grandfather and grandfather will be KO. The original disgusting bugs are made out by you! Where are you? sacred?"

Su Lin’s words are actually to set the identity of the other party. As long as the identity information of the other party is determined, no matter where the person flees, Su Lin can accelerate the time and let him die in an instant.

"Who am I? Is this important? Now I have the king insect, who can be who I want to be. I use the child to control each other. Now the child has been level three, and can use the body of the slave to speak. Surin, you can't catch me. I hid it, I was afraid of being caught by you. Now I am hiding. Can you still find me? I am not afraid to tell you, I have a **** revenge with you. You killed. My father and the disciple of Yuanmen, I will definitely let you get through the heart..."

Yuan Kui’s voice cried and laughed. Obviously already mad, but he now has a powerful force, feeling that the world is under his control, so very arrogant, and expected that Su Lin could not find him, or that he could not catch him in a short time. As long as his king's worms have evolved to level 5 or above, no one can block him.

"Hey! I said who is it? It turned out to be Yumen of Yuanmen! Yuanxing is your father? When the old dog was killed by me. There is no resistance, it is useless, or the doorkeeper of Yuanmen. Su Lin snorted, but the heart was calm, but he was most afraid of not knowing the identity of the other party. Now that he knows the identity of the other is Yuan Xing’s son, Su Lin is not afraid of him.

"Su Lin! You don't want to be arrogant. I will return to the capital one day, and I will smash you the corpse. The taste of Wan Hao, do you want to taste it?"

Yuan Kui had just finished speaking through Song Bo’s mouth. Song Mingyi, next to him, burst into the whole body, and then countless small bugs squeezed out of his body, which was very disgusting. These bugs are not a child. It was just a common insect, but it entered the human body, but it was full of pain and pain. Su Lin saw Song Mingyi’s struggle. I couldn't help but close my eyes. It was too cruel.

"You are not really human!"

Su Lin said with a grin. "However, you are not in the future. You are such a person to live, it is the scourge of the Great, I will get rid of you now."

"Hey? You want to get rid of me? Come on! But you can only kill Song Bo, the old dog! My real body, can you find it?"

Yuan Kui’s current body is hidden in a small village, and he is not afraid of being discovered by Surin. However, Su Lin said to him at no point in anxiousness: "Then you feel it now, is your hair seem a little white? Is the skin seem to be loose?"

"My hair?"

Yuan Kui at the end of the real body suddenly yelled. "Su Lin, what have you done to me? Why am I so old? I am..."

"Dead! Exposed to the identity, you still want to glory in front of Grandpa Su? And what kind of king insects you have, die together..."

correct! Su Lin immediately launched the acceleration time, which accelerated the Yuankui for a hundred years, and the king insects, which accelerated for five hundred years, for fear that this anti-sky thing will not die.

"Ah! I..."

Yuan Kui's breath became weaker and weaker. Finally, the whole person glared at his face and became a dry corpse. He didn't know when he died, how did Surin do it, and after a thousand miles away, he let himself violently die.

"Hey! Just two of you, dare to swear in front of Grandpa Su? You will regret it after you die!"

Su Lin followed by kicking and smashing Song Bo’s head, and found that Song Bo’s body also ran out of many disgusting mites. Su Lin quickly tried to get a bucket of gasoline from the Song family, and then It ignited, and the entire Song family backyard ignited a raging fire.

"Master! Everything is done..."

After processing the biggest hidden danger, Su Lin called Yuan Mingliang to report it, and Yuan Mingliang also confessed to him the result of the investigation, and ordered the ambassador to be the master of the post of Su Lin. Su Lin was also embarrassed, but after thinking about it, he was relieved. As the head of a country, the ancient chairman certainly does not want to have unstable factors around him. He wants to steal his own memory and gain himself through this power. The secret is justifiable.

However, what Su Lin hates most is the threat and concealment of others, even if the other party is a head of state.

Therefore, after learning this information, Su Lin thought for a long time, and finally decided to go to a final negotiation with the ancient chairman, because he knew that if this matter was not handled well, it would directly detonate his confrontation with the whole country.

Hey! The power of the national machine is not blocked by personal strength! Especially the crab artifact, whoever wants to destroy it, has to avoid the limelight! In the end, I can only go against some of my plans and my heart and finish something ahead of time.

The timeout was suspended directly through the guards of the Central and South Seas. Su Lin smiled and appeared in front of the ancient chairman.

"Su Lin? You... how are you here?" The ancient chairman is also a glimpse.

"How am I here? Chairman Gu, when you sent the abilities to track or even count on me, why don't you think about it?" Surin just smiled. There are not too many expressions.

"You... know? Su Lin, I am not targeting you. Just. You must remove the uncertain factors," the ancient chairman explained.

"I know. So, let me make a deal."

Su Lin is not worried that the other party will not agree to his own conditions, because he has enough chips now, his super power, even if he wants to destroy the earth, it is not impossible to directly accelerate the progress of the earth, which will cause much vibration and reaction. Natural disasters are unknown.

"Good! You say it! I agree with your conditions." The ancient chairman also knows that there is still room for discussion in Surin. And according to his understanding of Surin, Surin is still an 18-year-old child, and his heart will not be cruel. He should not ask for excessive demands.

"Very good. Then I will make it clear. I need a place of my own. I can be the guardian of the Chinese nation. If you have any things and tasks that I need to help, I can come forward. But you must be sure that you can’t I and the people around me secretly shot, if I find out again, I am not sure what to do..."

After speaking his own conditions, the ancient chairman also breathed a sigh of relief and said: "Yes! I accept all your conditions, Surin. I am also very happy that you have not forgotten that you are a Chinese, able to use your power to protect. The whole of China is a blessing to the entire Chinese nation."

“Just just protection?”

Su Lin smiled. "I can also give you the latest technology and develop the latest weapons! These are easy for me."

Su Lin did not say anything big, because he immediately exchanged the "super scientist" ability. Then let the ancient chairman call the experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences to bring out the latest technology and weapons, drawings and data materials one by one. Let these scientists stunned. They studied the technology that could not have been made for decades. Su Lin made dozens of eyes in a blink of an eye.

Nuclear weapons, chemical and biological weapons, new energy, ecological products, anti-day drugs, genetic variation, extreme computers...

Waiting for the technology in these fields, in an instant, let Huaxia's technology lead the country for more than 100 years. Soon, these technologies were not even needed for trials, and they were immediately put into production. Huaxiaguo, rising overnight, has become the core of science and technology in the whole world. Huaxia's technology products directly crush all countries in the world.

What love crazy mobile phone, can compare with Huaxia's artificial smartphone?

What aircraft carrier can compare with Huaxia’s latest space super spacecraft?

What intercontinental missile can compare with Huaxia’s interplanetary laser?

A year later, the United Nations announced its dissolution. Two years later, more than 200 countries around the world announced their incorporation into the Greater China Federation. The dwarf country next to the Huaxia country was inexplicably in the midst of an earthquake and tsunami, and the entire island of the dwarf country sank into the earth. In the spirit of humanitarianism, Huaxia State sent the latest rescue boat to rescue, but it was strange that even a dwarf country pedigree was not rescued. All rescued were from overseas Chinese in other countries...

As the initiator of the change of the entire Huaxia country and even the entire process of the earth, at this time, Su Lin, in the first year of the establishment of the Greater China Federation, was elected as the first president of the Greater China Federation because of his progress for mankind. Contributing a large amount of the latest technology directly promotes human progress and unity.

At the same time, on the day of the oath of the presidency, Surin also conducted a grand wedding of the global live broadcast. Unlike ordinary weddings, this time the wedding of Surin has smashed nine girls at once, but there is only a large number of good voices around the world, and there is no voice against it because their big president Surin brings With so much technology, they can get enough food and clothing, just rely on robots to work.

"Hello friends, everyone, now I am broadcasting the swearing ceremony and wedding ceremony of our great Chinese President Su Lin, where is the applause? It sounds!"

The host on TV is obviously very excited, crying wildly at the microphone, and almost every audience around the world is waiting in front of the TV, shouting in various languages: "Long live President Su Lin! Long live President Su Lin!"

"Everyone is quiet! I am very happy to be the first president of the Greater China Federation. Now the earth has progressed for hundreds of years compared to a few years ago. No one needs work, everything is robot service, can Providing everyone with all the needs of life. Everyone can live a prosperous and happy life. At the same time, we don't need weapons, because there is no war, we have the best medical equipment, and all sick people can get free treatment... ... Now I am sworn to be the first president of the Greater China Federation. I will use all my abilities to make all the human beings on this planet live a happy life. Of course, this includes my nine beautiful wives... ..."

Su Lin said that she was dancing, and then the oath ceremony was completed. The host couldn’t wait to introduce the ten wife of Surin. “Everyone noticed! Attention! The attention of the great ten of our great President of the Soviet Union. The wife is going to debut!"


The wedding march began, and the beautiful girls who came out from the wedding flower stand in turn were simply smug and fascinating, and these were the upcoming wife of Surin.

Looking forward to the iceberg school flower Qin Longran.

Ye Meizhu, the neighbor of her childhood friend.

刁 刁 刁 刁 脾 的 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警 警

Wen Yu beautiful high school teacher Lin Qingxue.

Blonde giant. Milky mixed-race Sally sister.

Cute little Lolita cousin Han Lingling without blood relationship.

Agent Sun, a good-looking agent.

Abdominal black loli dwarf country Princess Ji Gong Qingzi.

Even Ping Yu, who is over forty years old, is shy and put on a white wedding dress, standing next to her daughter Qin Xiaoran.

"Reporting the president is not good. It seems that the big bed prepared for you this evening is not big enough, only five meters wide..." Li Hao, now the secretary of the President of the Soviet Union, moved the obese body and rushed to report.

"Haiko, do you deliberately? Hurry, go back and give me more, ten meters wide... no... twenty meters wide, then get a hot spring next to it."

Su Lin smiled, this is the life that she wants. The entire Greater China Federation is her own. She has obtained the best beauty system and made herself a self. Su Lin has created such a happy federation. But now it's not what he wants. He can't wait to take ten beautiful brides and return to Hawaii's holiday villas to sleep on a 20-meter-wide bed!

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