Novel info
Transmigrated as the Lord’s Darling Pet
Author: Xiao Pixiu
Alternative names:穿成男主他哥的心尖宠[穿书]
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Yaoi

Transmigrated as the Lord’s Darling Pet

Yuan Xi died after falling to the water. He then wakes up as a different person with the same name. From the eighteenth liner artist he became a transparent cannon fodder who was blinded in the end.

In order to change his miserable end, Yuan Xi decided to get some spiritual compensation first and then plans to run away.

However …
Yuanxi looked at the man standing in front of him and pulled the small bag around him.

“Brother, just let me go.”

Someone looked down at the ready to escape little guy: “No.”

Male Protagonist who just got home: “Brother, this person is cunning, devious and ruthless, you do not believe anything he says! ”

The male protag’s brother smiled and glanced at his brother:” Be nice, call him sister-in-law. ”


– Yuan Xi transmigrated inside a book where he was a cannon fodder. The original Yuan Xi was in love with the male protagonist because of some misunderstanding. But the male protagonist was disgusted with him mainly because of the female protag’s comments about Yuan Xi.

– Yuan Xi lives in seme’s house, YunZhou, the male protagonist’s older brother. There was a reason for this, he lived there because of YunZhou and his parents. The original Yuan Xi did not know this and it caused a misunderstanding on his part. He also did not meet YunZhou while living there and thought he was there because of male protag and making him think he was male protag’s pet.

– When the new Yuan Xi transmigrated, he immediately decided to find a job and leave the house not knowing the surprise waiting for him.


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