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Chapter 16 Fortune Girlfriend (16)

Chapter 16 Rich and young ex-girlfriend (16)

"The day after tomorrow will be the final, Xiaoguo, are you ready?"

To be honest, Yu Yu was nervous.

There is a master of gold behind Tang Guo, but now I want to do this, and I want to make the journey smoother. Except for some special backgrounds with backgrounds, who has few people holding her?

No matter how good the talent is, if no one pulls it, it will eventually become a member of ordinary people, and there is no chance of making a comeback.

When she heard Tang Guo sing the first sentence, she was very optimistic.

As long as Tang Guo does not die, the future will definitely be red. It can be said that the day after tomorrow's total congestion, she is more nervous than Tang Guo.

On the contrary, Tang Guo was still concerned about my fart, and she didn't care about it, which made her feel very uncomfortable.

"Tang Guo!"

Seeing that Tang Guo was still drinking milk tea and eating dessert, You Yu couldn't sit still. "Ancestral, you are now a small and famous person, so you can't converge? What if you eat so much and get fat?"

"do not worry."

Tang Guo wiped the corners of his mouth and said confidently, "I must be first."

"Don't forget, there is another person who is very threatening to you." You Yu sneered. "Lu Qi's strength is more than that. If you lose to her then, don't cry in front of me."

Tang Guo narrowed his eyes, "I won't lose, especially not to her."

You Yu was not comforted by Tang Guo, but said cautiously, "I have inquired about it before, and the judges for the finals increased by two."

Seeing Tang Guo didn't care, Yu Yu decided to make Tang Guo pay attention to this matter.

"The other two are definitely supporting Lu Qi. Her strength is not bad. Even if the other three judges like you, they will eventually go to her for various reasons. It is not impossible."

Not to mention anything else, when a judge gave Tang Guo a score, slightly lower than Lu Qi, he could completely change the result.

"The person the Lu family helped her find?" Tang Guo finally stopped eating.

You Yu shook her head. "It's cold and young."

You Yu didn't know that the colder the adopted son was, the more people outside should hardly know that the two had a relationship.

"Lengzi Yue." Tang Guo laughed meaningfully, "Which two are you looking for?"

"Tong Can, Shen Yun."

You Yu was a little worried. "These two are well-known old singers. They not only sing well, but also have a lot of fans. In addition, I recently heard that these two want to enter the film industry. Lu Qi is good by herself, and pull her You can still sacrifice coldness, why not? "

"Leng Shao is in charge of the entire Nebula film and television. Do you say they are helping Lu Qi or helping you?"

You Yu thought that Tang Guo would panic.

Unfortunately, Tang Guo continued to devote himself to eating ice cream, and he ate it with great interest.

"Ancestral, I said so much, did you listen to it?"

Tang Guo raised his head. Whenever he wanted to say anything, his eyes flickered sharply, and a bright evil smile aroused in the corner of his mouth, which had to attract Yu Yu's attention.

The two people who stepped into the tea shop at the door also saw Tang Guo for the first time.

When you saw the two men, Yu Yu didn't feel well.

Leng Ziyue originally wanted to lead Lu Qi to leave, however, Lu Qi just pulled Leng Zi into it.

"Miss Tang, it's really coincidence."

Lu Qi really didn't expect that the previous incident did not hit Tang Guo and attracted popularity to the other party.

From Leng Ziyue's mouth, she did know that Tang Guobong was a gold master, and he was not a clean person at all.

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