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Chapter 36 Rich young ex-girlfriend (36)

Chapter 36: Rich Young Girlfriend (36)

Leng Rui pinched Tang Guo's chin, squinting dangerously, "Tang Guo is not a grass, a medicine, a poison."

"Then you won't be afraid of me poisoning you."

The woman's slender fingers were placed on the man's heart, and she pointed gently, with a smile in her eyes. "But I don't want to go back to the villa with you. Hey, your previous behavior made me very uncomfortable and angry. It ’s all what I throw away, not others. ”

"Want to be thrown into the sea to feed sharks?"

Men's voices are dangerous, women don't care.

Tang Guo stood up, holding his cold and sharp arms freely, "Master Jin, go, don't you want to hold me?"

"As for the mistake you made, I will return it to you when I have time, so that you can also feel the feeling of being thrown away."

Tang Guo narrowed his eyes, "Don't throw me next time, I'm very hostile."

"Did you try your best tonight? Isn't it just for this purpose?" Leng Rui said plainly, knowing that this was likely to be a woman's conspiracy, and he had to be fooled.

That's why he said that this woman was poison.

"Yeah, I did it on purpose, because I don't like to be thrown away, like trash, useless things."

"This feeling is really annoying."

"Master Gold, you have made an unforgivable mistake. In the next time, you should think about how to make up for this mistake."

System: [This woman is crazy, crazy. 】

"If you do to my satisfaction, I can consider revenge and start lighter."

Leng Rui just took Tang Guo's words as a joke.

Although, this woman is more incredible than expected.

"Leng Rui, why do you want to come back?" Tang Guo's voice suddenly became sweet, and when he walked out of the room, the charm of his body just disappeared suddenly.

"Leng Rui, do you have me in your heart?"

The woman's fingers clasped the cold sharp heart, and the itchiness seemed to scratch people's hearts.

Leng Rui glanced at the harmless human and animal-smiling woman with an angelic smile next to her opponent, and said, "Take care."


Inside the villa, the woman sat cross-legged on the sofa watching a variety show while eating dessert.

Rarely, Leng Rui also sat aside.

Back from that day, as soon as Leng Rui's gaze was free, she would fall on the woman Tang Guo.

He wanted to see through her, and even to break her head with a sharp knife to see what was inside.

It's just that he won't do it for the time being.

"Leng Rui, I want to participate in this show."

Tang Guo drummed his cheeks and stared at a figure on the TV screen, squinting, "I'm going to be an airborne guest."

"It's the kind of commenting and scoring."

Leng Rui's gaze shifted from Tang Guo's body to the TV display. Suddenly, Lu Qi fell into his eyes.

Who is Lu Qi?

Why is the woman next to her interested in Lu Qi?

Leng Ziyue (grief): Dad, you forgot again, Lu Qi is your son's girlfriend.

The system suddenly alarmed the masterpiece, [Host, say yes, you are not allowed to harm the hostess, calm down, calm down, you want to understand and do this again. 】

"Have I said to hurt the hostess?"

The system is weak and weak, [why do you want to participate in this show, if you do n’t go, Lu Qi will surely turn around and catch fire with this show. 】

"You mean, when I go, she won't get angry?"

The system didn't dare to answer, did it?

Lu Qi: My man is Leng Ziyue, a rich young master, and the boss behind Nebula Films.

Tang Guo: My man is your father-in-law.

Lu Qi: My man loves me very much and everything depends on me.

Tang Guo: I am your mother-in-law.

Lu Qi: ...

(End of this chapter)

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