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Chapter 39 Rich young ex-girlfriend (39)

Chapter 39: Rich Young Girlfriend (39)

Chen Yuesheng thinks that Tang Guo's songs are very special and very artistic. He has been making music for so many years and has never seen a person who can instantly enter the music world.

If the guest can sing in the middle of the show, this episode is definitely very interesting.

"Since coming to this show, everything will be arranged by Chen Dao. Regarding the singing session, Chen Dao can arrange it. I have no opinion."

As soon as this word came out, Chen Yuesheng immediately frowned and looked, this is the real musician.

Inside and outside the words, they are thinking about music, not just sitting on the side and making comments.

"Okay, since Xiao Tang said this, I'm not polite." Chen Yuesheng smiled. "Before, I wondered if I could invite Xiao Tang to come to this show. Later I thought, this is a little wronged by Xiao Tang. . "

Yeah, she has become so popular with the songs that everyone knows about Tang Guo. The reason why she is not more popular is because she does not participate in any shows and does not endorse any brand. Inadvertently, many people have been offended.

If this person is not Tang Guo, I am afraid it would have disappeared long ago.

Chen Yuesheng then asked, "Xiao Tang doesn't seem to like participating in some shows?"

"I don't want to participate in shows about music," Tang Guo said with a smile on his mouth. "No interest, it's too wasteful of time."

Chen Yuesheng did not find this sentence unpleasant, although full of arrogance and disdain.

On the contrary, he thought it was very pleasing. Isn't this indirect acknowledgment, come to participate in the "son of music", is this because it is a music show?

"Now there aren't many people who focus on music like Xiao Tang." Chen Yuesheng lamented, "Unfortunately, there aren't many real music programs."

Rejoicing and rejoicing, Chen Yuesheng didn't want to make such a promising junior become a crowd, "If you have any difficulties in the future, you can come to me."

"If it's a musical thing, I can still say a few words."

Tang Guo's mouth was crooked. "Okay, thank you, Chen."

"Seriously, I still have something to do. Some time ago I wrote a lot of songs and was preparing to release records, but I didn't have a professional person around me." Tang Guo was a bit rude, but instead stepped on his nose and the system secretly I despised it and did not dare to squeak, "Chen Dao specializes in music, so I would like to ask Dao Chen to help."

When Chen Yuesheng heard this, his first reaction was that he wrote a song again. What kind of song is this time?

With his eyes shining, Tang Guo almost sang to him.

"When I came today, I also brought these songs." Tang Guo apparently came out and took out a music player from his bag and handed it to Chen Yuesheng.

It means that you are a senior. Listen and see if there are any shortcomings.

Chen Yuesheng took the player and couldn't wait to hear it, which was right in his arms.

If Tang Guo is not signed by Nebula Music, he intends to sign, and can't help but accept it as a student.

However, when he listened to the song in the player, he thought his idea was ridiculous.

Tang Guo is totally a genius. With the ten songs in it, he is not qualified to accept her as a student.

"Xiao Tang, I'm going to work with you on the record release." Chen Yuesheng had almost no consideration, and this decision was made. "You can think about it first. If there is no problem, I will let people prepare the contract."

(End of this chapter)

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