Transmigrated Into a Big Boss to Snatch Away the Cannon Fodder

~ Extra nineteen

"How long have you been here?"

As soon as he got into the car, Gongsun Zibai reached out and grabbed Mu Sheng's finger.

It's so cold.

He was startled by the temperature in his palm.

Mu Sheng quickly withdrew his finger and started the car.

"It's been a while, let's go."

Seeing that he drove the car, the grandson and grandson reached his mouth in vernacular, temporarily holding back again.

Back at home, he immediately took Mu Sheng's hand. Mu Sheng was pulled and scratched his hair a little annoyed.

"Go and take a hot bath, I'll cook some **** soup for you."

Grandson Baili fell to the ground and took out a set of clothes into Mu Sheng's arms, and pushed the man into the bathroom again.

"Eh eh, I ..."

Before Mu Sheng could speak, he was pushed in and the door closed.

He looked helplessly at the door panel for three seconds and could only take off his clothes (take xi) and take a shower.

With hot steam coming out of the bathroom, Mu Sheng opened the door, and a bowl of **** soup came on the face.

Mu Sheng wrinkled his nose and smirked.

"Don't you drink?"

Grandson Bai silently said nothing.

Mu Sheng then took the bowl, and as soon as he came over, he quickly put the bowl aside and then looked at Gongsun Zibai's hand.

"Eh, it's all red!"

He was a little anxious, "What did you bring me to the discount yesterday? Is our country going the same!"

Look, it's all hot!

Gongsun Zibai was a little embarrassed when he pinched his finger.

"You drink **** soup first, I always see you take soup bowl like this, I thought ..."

"Are you not hot? You can't compare with me! I'm a cook in the world, and my hands haven't been climbing sugar!"

Mu Sheng said, quickly entered the kitchen, took out a small bottle of ointment and wiped his fingers, and then he was relieved.

The grandson Bai Ren let him wipe it off and pushed the soup bowl again.

"Drink soup."

Mu Sheng pinched his nose, "Climbing you, well, I am."

He picked up the bowl and blew it. Without a few sips, he was so spicy that he desperately inhaled.

The grandson froze for a moment, and quickly looked at him.

"Is Ginger put too much?"

"It's not Kansai, but it's still one. It's no more spicy for my Taiwanese liquor."

Mu Sheng waved his hands and squeezed his nose to finish drinking. His tongue was numb.

But the results were obvious, and he immediately warmed up.

Gongsun Zibai was relieved. He turned to wash the bowl and drained it, then walked back to see Mu Sheng and began to ask questions.

"Aren't you busy at work lately?"

Mu Sheng: "Is it still possible? Normal."

Gongsun Zibai: "How do you make soup every day at home? Do you want to drink it?"

Mu Sheng: "..., yes."

Gongsun Zibai: "You were waiting for me just now. Are you worried about my safety? Are you afraid that I can't get a car?"

Mu Sheng: "Yes."

Gongsun Zibai: "So you are pursuing me recently, do you like me, right?"

Mu Sheng: "Yeah ......... ???"

Mu Sheng suddenly froze for a while before reacting, quickly making a big blush!

"You, you, why don't you talk?"

Gongsunzi looked at his always cheeky face, and even blush appeared, and a faint smile appeared in his eyebrows.

He reached out and squeezed Mu Sheng's fingers, lowering his head slightly, Mu Sheng leaned back subconsciously, a big hand clasped the back of his head, and his warm lips kissed him irresistibly.

Putting the person down softly in his arms, the grandson and grandson nodded in satisfaction.

That's right, he was right, he really didn't hate Mu Sheng at all, and he even liked this (kiss wen).

He thought about it and suddenly laughed.

"One thing, I have wanted to do it for a long time."

Mu Sheng gasped slightly, hearing his words, subconsciously nervous.

"Sen and Senmo love?"

Gongsun Zibai kissed him again, thinking about it, sticking out his tongue to push up the tip of his tongue, and then said calmly.

"I've been thinking, your Guangpu heard me a little headache, it is better to teach you how to speak fluent Mandarin in the future."

Mu Sheng froze for a moment and asked subconsciously.

"I fold it by nature, how can you not teach?"

Gongsun Zibai kissed him again, (gougou) curling his tongue, laughing.

"Teach it that way."

Hand-in-hand is impossible, tongue to tongue, should you be able to teach?

A week later.

Both Linna and Jenny noticed immediately that the prosecutor who came to class today had a shiny ring on her white finger.

They were all a little depressed, (chest xiong) a little blocked, and after the blockage was found, this kind of depression was dispersed when he saw another man coming to pick the grandson and grandson, and his fingers were wearing the same ring.

Linna was envious, "They are so brave."

Jenny also nodded, "Isn't it?"

The two looked at each other, and Linna smiled first.

"I recently planned to make up for the lesson. I invited a tutor. For the sake of a good friend, the tutor's salary is eight to two, will you come?"

Jenny flicked her hair, "Of course, I guessed you would have asked. I just went to find a part-time job, and the money won't drag you too long."

"Okay, then work hard together."

One year later, the Spring Festival.

Mu Sheng flew back to China quietly with his grandson Zibai. Few people in the Gongsun family knew this information, because Gongsunzi Bai did not intend to tell them.

"You really don't plan to tell them? Then you went to my house alone?"

Mu Sheng got off the plane and asked Gongsun Zibai again.

The grandson shook his head helplessly.

"How many times have I said it, I really don't have a relationship. And, I have always been the grandparent of the Gongsun family, don't be afraid."

(Touching Mo) (touching Mo) nose, Mu Sheng nodded.

"OK then."

The two held hands and got out of the plane together. Without a few steps, a huge crowd came head-on.

When the headed old lady saw Mu Sheng, he pointed at him and yelled at the person behind him in surprise.

"Tie them! Tie them! They are really dripping!"

The grandson froze for a moment, and Mu Sheng squeezed his fingers, grinning and greeted him.

"Mother and father, three uncles, four aunts, uncle, first aunt, second uncle, second aunt, aunt, uncle ... you all come to pick us up!

As soon as his voice fell, a group of people stopped like Ding Haishen.

Mu Sheng was also stunned. What happened?

Who is he called?

No! It's all called!

It was Gongsunzi's white face with a slight smile on his face, and he thought of something.

He also took a step forward and shouted again according to what Mu Sheng said, and then smiled and explained.

"When we were studying abroad, I taught Mu Sheng to speak Mandarin."

Upon hearing this, Mom Mu grabbed her husband's hand in tears.

"Did you stop seeing Mo? You stop seeing Mo! Our cubs will squirm ordinary hair! He squirts ordinary hair well!"

Dad Mu was also moved, "Yeah, yeah! It's so wordy! Wow, we're breathing!"

A large group of Mu family members looked at each other with tears in their eyes and were so moved that they could not speak at the airport.

Mu Sheng was so thick-skinned that he felt embarrassed for the first time, especially when he remembered how his own Mandarin was 'teached', he couldn't help but secretly glared at his grandson. .

Mu Sheng, who brought the grandson and grandson Bai, and the grandson and grandson Bai immediately became the most eye-catching figures in the Mu family's New Year's ceremony.

Almost all relatives of the Mu family came to visit the New Year, and then let Mu Sheng say a lot of things, all kinds of ordinary hair test.

After listening to Mu Sheng's fluent Mandarin, they all looked at Gongsun Zibai with a fairy-like look.

Mu Family's old Guang is a stubborn gene for many years!

Unexpectedly, unexpectedly!

Someone finally broke!

And Gongsun Zibai also relies on incomparable affinity, and inexplicable elder power, plus the pride of putting two hundred dollars in a red envelope!

In one fell swoop became the favorite of all juniors of the entire Mu family!

They even wish that New Year's Day can be celebrated every day, and every day can come to receive the red envelope!


Isn't such an elder with 200 yuan a bag the elder in his dream!

i got it! Thank you Brother Mu Sheng / Uncle for turning such a good person back to Mu's house!

Over the past year, almost the entire Mu family has seen Gongsun Zibai, and has admitted his identity as half of the Mu family.

The grandson and grandson Bai soon received the gift from Mu's father and mother, five pairs of dragon and dragon bracelets, and half a keychain.

When Gongsun Zibai received it, his expression was rare.

Mom Mu (touched Mo) (touched Mo) explained the pair of dragon bracelets.

"It was originally a pair of dragon and phoenix bracelets, but you are all men's sensation. I made silver into a discount. I don't want you to bring it, you just have to stay at home."

Mu's father handed him the keys and pulled out a dozen real estate certificates and contracts.

"It's all about his wife's drops. He likes to turn you over. The wine is for you. Get a discount!"

Mu Sheng also poked his waist with a grin, "Accept it, our tradition is like this."

Although the red envelope is a bit stingy, the others are definitely not stingy.

He thought about it, and suddenly couldn't help laughing.

"When you return to our country, how about we go to be the charterers together? Should they be regarded as the two most beautiful charterers in Guangdong?

Gongsunzi glanced at the amiable father and mother Mu, and then at Mu Sheng, slowly (exposing) a smile.


However, since he received such a large gift, he would arrange a Mandarin teacher for the children of the Mu family.

After all, after the Spring Festival, he felt that Mu Sheng ’s Mandarin was okay, but his Mandarin was already on the verge of popularization and was in danger.

Mu's mother Mu saw him promised to accept it and said quickly.

"Take us Marsang to call someone to carry the day! Would you like to put wine after Xi? I'm going to carry a new day, old beans, you can ask, everyone Senmo Xi is free to come and drink.

Dad Mu's face glowed red, "Monkeys, I'm going to go!"

The two stood up one after another to get busy, and Mu Sheng was dumbfounded.

"Ah? Would you like to have wine? Don't! Don't you?"

The grandson looked at him inexplicably.

"What's wrong with the wine? Is it parents' wish?"

Mu Sheng looked at him and suddenly rushed over to hug him.

"Woo, woo, you will know by then."

It ’s definitely not a wine show! His father and mother are in this position, and the minimum is three days of running mats!

Isn't he going to toast every day, even if it's soda, that's too tiring!

He needs a hundred kisses from Zibai to make it up!

Mu Sheng thought, looked up at Gongsunzi's soft white eyebrows, hummed, and kissed him directly.

do not care! First kiss yourself! Anyway, put wine on the wine, after the wine is put on, grandson and grandson want to run is impossible!

He has been Mu Sheng's person in his life!

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