Transmigrated into a Parvenu's Ex-wife in the ‘90s

Chapter 148: Extra (three)

Either Shu Yan or Fang Zeyu, that is, they usually did not ask Tianbao's strictest Jingjing what happened to Tianbao, just when he really went abroad to play.

Of course, as parents, you ca n’t really care nothing and ask Tianbao directly, but they can know what happened to him from other ways.

When Tianbao went to country C, Fang Zeyu asked the people over to take care of Tianbao, so they had a general understanding of what happened to him.

"I just called and asked. Tianbao arrived in country c and opened with Liu Sicheng. He went directly to school to find his girlfriend. His girlfriend didn't come out to meet him. Tianbao waited for two days before willing to come out and meet him. He also saw her new boyfriend, who was engaged at the end of the year and married when they graduated. "

In other words, Tianbao is out of love. Shu Yan shook her head unfortunately. It was almost 5 years from the second year to the third year of high school. I thought they could achieve positive results. I did not expect to escape the spell of breaking up after graduation.

"It doesn't matter, this boy is only a few years old, and just a few days will be fine."

Tian Bao, who had thought that he was so careless, would soon come out, but was kept at home all day, becoming more and more silent, depressed, depressed, and Fang Zeyu couldn't stand it anymore. He found the old leader and threw him directly.

"It was because I couldn't think of breaking up and throw him in the army again. Wouldn't it?" Shu Yan was a little worried.

"I look at it because I haven't had any hardships. Don't worry, when he arrives in the army, he won't have the imagination of messy things. Boys should go in and exercise for a few years, then they will know what to do." Fang Zeyu swept a little Xiao Bao eating with his head down, "So do you, and you will go to exercise for two years after you go to college."

Xiaobao just wanted to oppose it. When she saw her mother's wink, she stopped talking. Dad would be in a bad mood. It is better not to touch the mold.

Tianbao was out of school and went to the army. Jingjing was too busy to see people all day. Even Xiaobao also went to school every day to practice singing and dancing. The most leisure in the family seemed to be Shu Yan and Fang Zeyu.

No, the busiest is Shu Yan. Fang Zeyu is going to the company. Shu Yan has hired a professional manager for the mobile phone company. Yan Xue has Hu Ruixue and Jing Jing here. He only goes to these two companies to have meetings occasionally. Already.

She now understands why parents love to urge their children to marry and it is boring not to play with grandchildren.

He turned his eyes to Jing Jing, and Jing Jing was raising her hair while she was eating.

"Mom, I'm full. I have an important meeting in the afternoon. I'll go first."

When she ran out, Jing Jing wiped a sweat, her mother's eyes were so scary, she had to find something for her mother to do.

Then Jing Jing opened a health club for Shu Yan. On the outskirts of Nancheng, it was similar to a holiday villa. The manor was planted with various flowers. The nearby land was also covered, and various fruits and vegetables were planted. You can pick and cook for yourself. There are hot springs in Houshan, anyway, there are leisure and recreational holidays.

Over the years, Shu Yan also knows the teenage strongman and Mrs. Rich. The information has been sent in bulk, and all of them came to hold a card contest. When they came, they found that the place was really good. Clubhouse, drink tea here, chat, take a bath, make a beauty, you can go to the picking garden to pick some pure natural fruits and vegetables and take them home. The family still boasted.

Time passed quickly when there was something to do, and I didn't have time to think all day, Jing Jing was relieved.

Shu Yan couldn't help but laughed with Fang Zeyu: "I'm just kidding, look at scaring her?"

"You know how scared the children are, and don't make such jokes next time." Fang Zeyu shook his head. "Jing Jing is big and knows what she wants. Let's be a reference for parents, don't get too involved in their lives. "

"Do I still know this, but sometimes I can't help worrying about how old Jingjing is, and haven't been in love yet, I'm afraid she was afraid of marriage because of my divorce."

At that time, Tianbao was still young and didn't understand anything. But Jing Jing has already remembered. She actually knows everything. Coupled with the failure of many people around her, Shu Yan is afraid she will be affected.

"Relax, Jing Jing is much stronger and braver than you think." Fang Zeyu felt that Shu Yan was still in Jing Jing's childhood, in fact, the timid little girl had grown up inadvertently.

Tianbao has been away for two years, and has not even returned for the Chinese New Year. If there were occasional phone calls, Shu Yan would worry about losing contact.

Tianbao was going to return, Shu Yan turned over and over all night without sleeping, and Fang Zeyu, who had been upset early in the morning, got up to pick up Tianbao.

"It's only 5 o'clock, Tianbao will arrive at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, will it be too early?" Fang Zeyu said helplessly.

It seemed a bit early. Shu Yan glanced at the time, but she couldn't sleep when she was lying down. She simply cleaned up Tianbao's room again, and went to the kitchen to see the prepared dishes, all of which were treasured by Tianbao.

Just after lunch, Shu Yan pulled Fang Zeyu and Jingjing Xiaobao to pick up Tianbao from the train station.

Ban inch head, dark skin, a simple black t-shirt, jeans, black sneakers, the masculine Tianbao stood in front of Shu Yan, red eyes, revealing a bright smile.

"Mom, I'm back."

"Do you still know to come back? It's been two years since I left, and I don't know if I can take a vacation and come back for a while." Seeing his son, Shu Yan burst into tears. After arriving in this world, they have never separated for so long , "When you grow taller, you are more energetic."

"Well, yes." Jing Jing, who was getting colder and colder, nodded surely.

"Sister." Tianbao saw Jingjing with tears in her smile, turned to Xiaobao, raised her hand and rubbed his hair. "Your boy is growing too fast, almost higher than me."

"Hair style, hair style is gone." Xiaobao avoided Tianbao's hand and sorted her hair. He heard Tianbao said that he was tall and proudly raised his head, "I will be taller than you next year."

Shu Yan raised his hand and patted him, "Do n’t have to go, this time the results have fallen back a lot. If you pass the exam again, you will not be allowed to dance."

Xiaobao rubbed her head and muttered, mumbling about her mother's eccentricity.

The elder sister and the second brother can do whatever they want, but they can't do it anymore.

Back home, Shu Yan called Tianmou a kind mother, and helped him to get slippers, and took him to the room to wash, so he had to go to the bathroom to help him take a bath, seeing Xiaobao sour.

"Dad, look at mom, is she biased? It's not fair at all."

Fang Zeyu gave him a sideways glance, "I think it's too good for you, and now dare to say bad things about mother behind her back."

Xiaobao lay on the sofa and completely rested. How could he talk to his wife about his wife? Ask for it.

After two years of training, Tianbao has obviously matured a lot, and the whole person is full of vitality.

"Will you go back to school right away or play for a while?" Tianbao is 20 years old and is an adult. Some decisions should be made by him.

"I plan to go back to school directly." Tianbao was silent for a moment. "Dad, Mom, I'm sorry! I worry you."

"Boy, what apologize to your parents?" Shu Yan looked at him with wet eyes.

"I worried you." Tianbao smiled. He now felt that he was quite naive before.

"Everyone needs to grow up, but you experienced it earlier than others." Shu Yan comforted him.

"You really know." Tianbao thought he was hiding well at first. After he went to the army, he slowly figured out how he could hide his parents from his parents. Even his mother couldn't hide his father.

"Okay, things are over and it's over. Don't rush to school immediately after you return, play for a few days." Fang Zeyu clipped Tianbao with chopsticks.

Said to be resting at home, Tianbao could not rest at all, and got up early in the morning to run, not the ordinary one, at least 10 kilometers. After returning, he went to the gym to exercise, and Shu Yan also saw him punching, a kind of prestige.

Shu Yan also didn't know which army Fang Zeyu sent Tianbao to. He always felt that it was not an ordinary army. He asked Fang Zeyu several times and he didn't say it. He felt very powerful.

After a week's rest at home, Tianbao went to school and went to the company to study after school.

The mobile phone company is getting bigger and bigger. Shu Yan only grasps the general direction. The other partner is engaged in technology. He manages the technical department, so it is mainly handed over to professional managers. However, the company is ultimately Shu Yan. 57% of the shares are deservedly the major shareholders and big bosses. In the future, these shares will be transferred to Tianbao. He is the big shareholder and big boss.

As the boss, he can't understand anything, so like Jing Jing at the beginning, he started at the grassroots level and learned a little bit.

Tianbao is back, Shu Yan puts down a lot of thoughts, and now it is the younger son to worry about. Recently, I was thinking about going to country h as a trainee, and almost didn't suffocate Shu Yan.

"We are as big as China, can't teach you anymore? What other songs and dances do we have to travel to other countries ..."

"That's different. Both of my friends who learned to dance with me have gone. They told me that the training they received was more systematic and they could learn more." Xiaobao Zhenzhen has a word.

"You go to school, get into the Beicheng Film Academy, or the Conservatory of Music. When it comes out, Mom will invest you in a movie and make an album. Is n’t it better than going to country h?" There are shortcuts to going out on your own.

"But I like singing and jumping now."

"I think you have nothing to do. When you are admitted to college and graduated to become a star, you can also sing and dance. Why do you choose such a hard road for trainees? It's been a great time now. ? "Shu Yan thought he had a pit in his head.

Tianbao's grades are very good, and Beicheng University is not a problem. In this case, why do we have to choose a trainee this way?

Even in the entertainment industry, if you get a graduation certificate from Beicheng University, it will be seen highly.

Shu Yan has always been more open-minded, and advocates letting the child choose the way he likes, but he should not be allowed to walk in a random way. He broke up and shattered and told him some things outside the star halo, but such a big child is the rebellious period You don't let him do it, he wants to do it. Not letting him do it is blocking his dream.

Fang Zeyu didn't have the patience of Shu Yan, and he was not a daughter. His son should be beaten up. He didn't want to be a trainee. He would work in the country first. If he couldn't persist in China, what would he talk about going abroad?

There just happened to be an entertainment company that had been working together. They were also recruiting the trainee. Fang Zeyu threw Xiaobao directly without revealing his identity. He was not allowed to say his identity and let what he did over there.

In just one week, Shu Yan privately went to see Xiaobao and lost weight.

"It's too bitter, should I take him back?" Shu Yan was distressed.

"The kid is so embarrassed that you ca n’t bring it back when you go. Besides, what ’s the point of suffering? Tianbao is even harder in the army." If it was not too young, Fang Zeyu would throw it directly into the army.

Tianbao ’s army is his old army. He knows the training intensity the most. He has never called back over the past two years and screamed hard. What ’s wrong with Xiaobao?

Xiaobao was also angry, never yelled at Shu Yan, only said okay, but he would regret it at night and rub his eyes.

In the third year of Tianbao, Jingjing suddenly brought a man back. How to say, long and clean, the book is full of anger, but at first glance it looks like a very milky boy. Such a person and the powerful Jingjing stand together really Not at all.

"Are you serious?" Shu Yan always thought that Jingjing would find a boss, but did not expect to find a small milk dog.

"Mom, you also know my character. I don't like to be subordinate to others. Men with good abilities don't like women being too strong. Lin Xu's personality is just complementary to me. I also like the appearance, so I think it's quite OK. "Jingjing knew exactly what she wanted.

Lin Xu is really good. Shu Yan initially thought he was a college student. He did not expect that he has graduated from graduate school for several years. Now he is a teacher of Nancheng University. His parents are also teachers of Nancheng University. .

Through understanding, I found that he is not as immature as he looks, but is a very warm and emotional man. She will urge Jingjing to go to bed early, pull her to exercise together, cook for Jingjing, and when Jingjing is under pressure, she will pull her out to relax and prepare her surprise. Anyway, the mother-in-law looks at her son-in-law, the more she sees it, the more she likes it.

"When are you engaged?" Shu Yan urged.

"Wait a second, are you afraid that I'll give up on Lin Xu?" Jingjing joked, holding an apple.

"I was afraid of being so good, the man was snatched by others." Shu Yan gave her a white look. "It's not easy to meet someone who likes you and treats you quickly."

"Mom ... you have time to worry about me, you might as well worry about Tianbao."

"What happened to Tianbao?"

In recent years, it can be said that Tianbao is the one that does not worry her the most. What has happened?

"Wu Rui is back. She came back alone. I heard that she broke up with her fiance before graduation. She is still single." Wu Rui is Tianbao's young girlfriend.

If she had been engaged, of course Tianbao would have no thoughts, but now that she is single, will Tianbao return to his old love?

"Your brother, don't you know? You won't eat it."

Immediately, Shu Yan was beaten.

"Mom, isn't that Tianbao?" Jingjing held Shu Yan's hand and raised her chin to signal Shu Yan to look over. "The one opposite him is Wu Rui. Don't you say Tianbao won't eat the grass? ? "

Shu Yan frowned. "Let's change to a restaurant, let's leave it alone."

Tianbao has 23 this year, and it's no small. He didn't ask them for help, and Shu Yan let him handle it.

After several years of recovery, Tianbao's skin turned back to white, and his appearance resembled that of Shuyan, showing partiality, but a pair of sword eyebrows kept him from being feminine, but rather tough.

"I didn't expect that the things that affected you so much would make you take two years off school, sorry." Wu Rui said first.

A person who hadn't seen him for a few years suddenly appeared before him. Tianbao originally thought he would be angry and questioning. He sat face to face. He suddenly felt relieved and didn't want to ask anything because he didn't love.

"It was a little affected at the time. My dad couldn't see it and threw me into the army." Tianbao said calmly.

Wu Rui raised her eyebrows, and the more calm she was, the more Tianbao didn't care about the past.

"I'm still sorry, but ... I don't regret it." Wu Rui stirred the coffee. "At that time, there was a problem with my family's business and a lot of money was needed. Players were willing to help, provided that I got engaged with their younger son. I agreed."

It is said that the girls mature earlier than the boys. This is true. Wu Rui always knew that the family is good and she can be good, so when the family needs her help, he will look back.

"Why don't you tell me." Although his mother did not transfer the shares to him, he has a lot of real estate and cash in his name, which may not be enough, but as long as he speaks, I believe my parents will help.

Wu Rui shook his head. "That word count is too big. Besides, your family is relying on the Hu family, not your own family. You just bought some shares with Hu Ruixue. What can you help me with?"

"Who told you?" Tianbao frowned. "My mom and Aunt Hu started the company in partnership, half of them."

Wu Rui smiled bitterly. "They all said that at the time, and I knew it later."

So something happened at home. She never thought about asking Tianbao for help. When she knew, she was already engaged to the Wang family.

Tianbao frowned, "Now it's useless to say that, are you going out this time?"

"I won't go out." Wu Rui frowned, "I'm going to work in the company at home, how about you?"

"I'm not interested in the clothing industry, and now I work for a mobile phone company."

Wu Rui frowned. "I heard that your sister is in charge. You ... I think it's better to enter Yanxue."

The implication is that he is afraid that the company will be taken away by his sister, so that Tianbao should not care.

"We're in a relationship now, aren't they good to say?"

Wu Rui's face was not very good-looking, and he felt that he was really treated as a donkey.

When I got home at night, Tianbao saw my mother and sister were there, and laughed, "You saw me at the restaurant today, why didn't you say hello and leave."

"Did you see it?" Shu Yan carefully observed Tianbao's look. "That ... that girl is ..."

"It's my old girlfriend." Tianbao was funny. "How many years have passed, I want to start."

It didn't take long for Tianbao to make a new girlfriend. He was a young schoolboy and a refreshing northern girl. This was different from Shu Yan. Shu Yan thought that Tianbao liked to be weak or cute. girl.

"So what we think is different from what the children think. We don't care about their best." Fang Zeyu said humorously when he saw Shu Yan being discouraged.

"I didn't think about it, it was that the choices of the two children were too different from my imagination."

"Don't think about it, think about where we are going to travel this year?"

The whole of China was almost run by them, and some well-known places abroad were also played by them, so now either go to some niche places or go to some places to brush.

The last two went to the villa by the sea again, this place is quiet, free and romantic.

After graduating from Tianbao University one year, his girlfriend graduated. On this day, he formally proposed to his girlfriend, and the proposal was successful.

"I haven't told my parents yet, you are too sudden." Liu Yun held Tianbao's arm and looked up at the ring with a happy smile. "But my parents are very open-minded, as long as I am They will agree if they like it, not to mention you are so good. "

"That's why you think I'm excellent." Tianbao never told Liu Yun about his family affairs. He didn't conceal it deliberately. He just didn't feel the need to deliberately say that it was the two of them in love, not their family history.

They have proposed each other. They must meet the parents of both parties. Tianbao took Liu Yun home. Liu Yun was shocked to see the name of the community, "Do you live here?"

"Yes, what's wrong?"

"This neighborhood is very expensive. Is your family rich?" Liu Yun is a very cheerful person who asks whatever he wants.

"It's okay." Tianbao thought about it, their family should be considered rich.

"My parents are very ordinary working class, your family is so good, will your mother look down on me?" Liu Yun suddenly worried.

"Are you worried about being late?" Tianbao asked with amusement.

"It's not too late. If your parents look down on me, then we will move out. I would rather rent a house. If your parents are good to me, then we live together. I will honor your parents with you."

Tianbao pinched her nose. "Rest assured, I can't call you snail house."

Knowing that Tianbao was going to bring his future daughter-in-law back, Shu Yan began to prepare early in the morning. The boy had been brought back, and he had been dragging his eyes off. As a result, he brought it back when the marriage proposal was successful. Whose child did this.

Liu Yundi followed Tianbao into the house and looked carefully. I did not expect that it was a duplex. I have not heard of a duplex building in this community. It is estimated that I bought two floors to get through. The first floor has at least 180 square meters. The two floors are more than 300 square meters. Such a large house is still this community. The Tianbao family is much richer, I am afraid it is not a billionaire?

"You're Xiaoyun, right? Come in and sit down." Shu Yan gave Tianbao a glance. "What are you doing here? Hurry and get Xiaoyun slippers."

"Thank you Auntie, I'll just take it myself." Liu Yun carefully looked at Shu Yan, too young, looking at her 30-year-old appearance, how could it be like a mother with such an old child.

"It's my home here, don't be polite." Shu Yan took Liu Yun to sit down in the living room, and the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. Custody, as usual, I will certainly not misunderstand. "

"Auntie is from Xicheng?" Listening to Shu Yan said that she was from Xicheng, Liu Yun's eyes lit up. "My mother is also from Xicheng."

"Look, isn't it true that the family doesn't enter the house, we are so destined, we are destined to be a family." Shu Yan pulled Liu Yun to talk, and the more she talked about, the more she liked the girl. She likes refreshing little girls, otherwise there is something in her heart that makes her guess and guess, and she is also tired and panicked.

At noon, other members of the family came back one after another. Liu Yun met Tianbao's sister and dad. He heard that his brother was a trainee at the Canadian entertainment company and had little time to return.

"Eat more, don't hesitate." Shu Yan helped with a bowl of soup. "Tell Aunt Lan what you want, and let her make it for you."

"I like it all here, thank you Auntie." When she saw a table full of her favorite dishes, she knew that Auntie had definitely asked Tianbao, and she would ask for such a preparation, indicating that she really welcomed her .

"Then eat more."

After eating, Shu Yan worried that they would be uncomfortable in Liu Yun and asked Tianbao to take her to her house to play.

After Tianbao went out into the elevator, Liu Yun was still a little strange.

"Your mother didn't let me go to your room. Why did you come out?"

"It's our wedding room. I'll take you up to take a look." Tianbao took her to the sixth floor. "There are two here. The one on the left is ours. The one on the right is my brother's. The whole floor upstairs is My sister's, there is no way, my parents are partial to my sister. "Even so, Tianbao didn't feel that their partiality was wrong.

Of course, Liu Yun saw that her future husband was not really complaining. She was shocked that the sixth and seventh floors were also at Tianbao's house.

Tianbao's wedding room is just a simple dress, saying that it is waiting for the future bride to decide the decoration style.

When I met the man's parents, of course I had to see the woman's parents. In order to show sincerity, Shu Yan and Fang Zeyu passed by together.

The woman's parents were as enlightened as she said. Seeing Liu Yun really liked it and Tianbao was not bad, they agreed halfway. When they saw Shu Yan and Fang Zeyu, they didn't worry about anything.

"My daughter speaks too straight, and I want to take care of my mother in the future."

"I like talking straight and refreshing." Shu Yan said sincerely: "We and the young couple lived separately. I managed him for so many years, but I don't want to control it anymore." This is to tell the woman's mother, She won't get involved in the young couple in the future.

In this way, Liu Yun's mother was more at ease.

In the evening, the mother and daughter slept together, and Liu Yun's mother hugged Liu Yun. "Your in-law looks good and Tianbao is also good, but when there are always stumblings in life, although your mother-in-law does not mind you talking straight, but You ca n’t really talk without your mind. Some things should be said. Do n’t say it. Do n’t say it. Mother-in-law and mother are different. "

"Mom ..." Liu Yun hugged her mother and suddenly wanted to cry.

After Liu Yun married Tianbao, she found that Shu Yan was the best mother-in-law in the world. She really hurt her as a daughter, but she did n’t talk much, but she was good to her. Tianbao was tender and gentle, and her aunt took her as her sister. The uncle took her as her sister, and there was no more favorable mother-in-law.

The only thing that bothered her was that there seemed to be too much money at home.

For example, now she is shocked to find that her aunt is actually the general manager of Yan Xue, only to know that Yan Xue was co-founded by her mother-in-law and Aunt Hu.

Then she found out that the company where her husband was also turned into her mother-in-law.

"Long Teng was founded by her mother-in-law?" She still couldn't believe it. Long Teng, the pride of Chinese private enterprises.

"Yes, it's for me now."

"His!" Tianbao took a breath, "You murder your husband!" He rubbed his waist and must have been twisted.

"Why didn't you tell me these before? Are you afraid that I will covet your money?" Liu Yun stared at Tianbao, and he dare to say yes, she screwed him.

"Of course not, I just don't think it's necessary to say it deliberately." Tianbao hugged his wife and smiled.

"Sister and you both have a company, what about Xiaobao?" I can't be robbed of my company by my sister and brother, so I want to be a star?

"No, my dad still has a company, that's for Xiaobao, but Xiaobao doesn't like to do business. He just wants to be a star and annoy my dad. He almost killed him.

"You bullshit, I see Dad is very reasonable." Liu Yun did not believe it.

"That's because my mother stopped, or it really hit." Tianbao rolled his eyes, and the reasoning was reasonable, but when it didn't make sense, he wouldn't reason with you.

One year after they were married, they gave birth to a little princess, which made Shu Yan and Fang Zeyu happy.

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