Transmigrated Into a Smashing Asura Girl

Chapter 120 Final

The scene glimpsed by Yu Guang was reflected in Yue Ge's eyes, and she didn't think in a trance until the whole person fell into Zhu Yu's arms:

For a residual thought ... what does it mean for the body to become transparent?

At the next moment, Yue Ge looked up incredulously and looked at Wu Yue Xianzun straight.

"Oh, you found it." Wu Yuexian Zun scratched his side with his left hand. It seemed embarrassed, but his tone was very relaxed.

Yue Ge didn't know what to say for a while.

She straightened up slowly, pursed her lips, and her voice was dry: "Are you going?"

Wu Yuexian Zun laughed: "It's time to go."

Remnant thoughts are not spirits and spirits, they are just ideas that imitate and act in the mind of a lifetime, and are born on the basis of obsession.

He can survive for ten thousand years, and he still does not disperse after completing the wishes of his predecessor.

This is about to dissipate, and it is not without warning.

Zhu Yu clasped Yue Ge's hand and said nothing.

She remembered the scene she saw a few days ago—when leaving Tianpu Mountain, Wu Yuexianzun's phantom figure and the movement representing mute.

Perhaps since then, his ideas have gradually weakened?

The irreversible and irreversible process of demise has already begun, and they can only watch silently ... No, not right.

There should be other ways!

Yue Ge almost instantly thought of Heaven's reward.

As long as you call that name, you can get resources-this huge continent, there will certainly be heaven and earth treasures for the preservation of ideas.

"No need." Wu Yuexian Zun lived as a personal essence early and knew at a glance what the girl was thinking. He raised his left arm with a slight pain in his head, and repeated it with emphasis: "I really don't need it, I don't need it."

Yue Ge still thought he was brave and said perfunctoryly: "Good, no need."

With that, she gave Azhu a wink, held up the five-element jade piece in her hands, and planned to leave here first.

All of them are big brothers of immortal ancestry. They can't let them see their communication with Heavenly Dao-they need to stay away.

Wu Yuexian Zun felt his head hurt even more: "..."

At this time, his long hair also slowly disappeared from the end of the hair, and the fine light and dust was scattered, and the robe that was also transformed by the idea was not half.

"If I don't want to disappear, I will have a way." He pondered for a moment and considered: "It's just that I don't want to continue to exist like this."

Yue Ge suddenly stopped.

They are all clear. Wuyue Xianzun is a residual thought. He acted with Wuyue Xianzun's thinking and was born only to complete his mission.

Without spiritual consciousness, it is not soul, food and drink, and touch.

His time was fixed at the moment when Wuyong Xianzun fell, Wuyue himself was still moving forward, reincarnated, and left him here to wait for Lingyuan's first chance.

Now that the mission has been achieved, what is the point of being like this?

"Please let me disappear." He rarely said softly, half of his face had gradually faded into a transparent shape, and his smile was free and easy.

Yue Ge stopped at the same place, and then heard his voice say: "Okay."


In the end, the five-element jade pieces were left in the center of the seal formation, and they lay so quietly.

Eight Immortal Venerables united and bounded under the Hengtianjian cloth. No one can approach this place unless permission is granted by a fairy.

The Celestial Immortal Yu Cheng didn't wake up long before, and was enchanted by holding Shao's good body.

In fact, he didn't think he could open his eyes again ... after all, although the other eight-clan Xianzun can't be called cruel, they are not soft-hearted people, and there is no reason to let go of a hidden danger.

"It's also considered his luck." The devil sneered. "As long as Shura started with a little more weight, he could go to see his little wife- ah, sorry, I forgot that the demon had no soul." Yu Cheng couldn't even gather his anger at him. .

But this guy also did a good deed.

Yu Cheng called Yu Xunxin to come to him, and officially entrusted her to the clan.

"I killed Shaohao." Yu Xunxin said indifferently.

Yu Cheng looked extremely tired. He shook his head and said, "It doesn't matter how good it is."

Yu Xun was originally a four-winged Celestial Clan, and his deterrent is not enough. Yu Cheng took his cultivation as a ferry, let her have a pair of wings, and became the six wings that could control the heavenly clan.

He himself took the gold crown off his head and set it aside, then bowed his head and kissed Shao well-intentioned through the wound.

... and then use the halberd to string yourself together with Shaohao, destroying the heart.

This suicide was done very thoroughly, and everyone at the scene didn't know what to say. He could only agree that he was crazy because of his love.

Yu Xunxin did not hesitate for too long, so he took over the Tianzu.

Today, the Tian clan has experienced thousands of years in the hands of Shaohao. There is not much left for luck, and the clan is not qualified enough.

——But it will always get better.

The crowd who came to reinforce the seal did not stay much, and they dispersed themselves that day.

Among them was Qian Chengwu and Yin Fei who responded very quickly. They had run away from home and left the kingdom of the cloud before the devil turned his attention.

Their secret work is still outstanding, so angry that the Devil gritted his teeth, and even forgot to laugh at Yu Cheng.

The remaining Xianzun led their juniors to the family, and Lingtao was reluctant to leave, saying that he would try the skill of Yuege again.

"I just want to get a crispy pheasant-" Ling Sheng saints spoiled her brother.

Xiaobi also said solemnly: "I like the mole rat."

Faced with two guys who only had food in their hearts, Linghuai's forehead burst into blue: "Go back to practice!"

Look at other people, the fairyland in their twenties, and then look at your sister, who is still hovering in Dengyun Realm for hundreds of years, don't you feel ashamed?

Yue Ge and Zhu Yu followed Ashura Xianzun back, completely unaware that they became children of others in the mouth of the Spirit Clan Zunzun ...

Along the way, this seemingly majestic grandfather quietly observed the granddaughter and granddaughter several times with spiritual knowledge, and always felt that the granddaughter was a little downcast.

So he crossed his legs and talked to his granddaughter about Shu Luosheng—

"You are still young." His fierce green face was still serious, but Tong Ling's big eyes revealed a little tangle, obviously he was not used to enlighten people. "When you practice for a few more days ... hundreds of years, thousands of years, you will understand."

"Others will always leave, leave or die, and only a handful of people will be able to accompany them to the end, leaving them in memory is enough."

Yue Ge, Zhu Yu: "..."


The scepter elder paused, seeing that the two girls had no alienation, and they secretly wondered: could it be that A Yue's low mood was not because of Wu Wuxianzun?

So he racked his brains and changed the entry point: "Today is indeed difficult, but there is no need to think about it. In the future, you may encounter more unusual things, as dangerous and dangerous as today ... To be experienced If you hone everything, you will feel calm and stay calm. "

Yue Ge and Zhu Yu glanced at each other: "..."

Obviously, this entry point is not quite right.

In spite of this, Yue Ge couldn't help smiling, and his heart was slightly warm.

After that, they went straight back to Dongming College.

Yuewu heard that Wu Yuexianzun's disillusionment dissipated, but only a little stunned.

In the face of Yue Ge and Zhu Yu, he was still an outstanding young man who was a little ridiculous, only a little sighing.

But when sitting alone in the small courtyard at night, Yuewu had a long spirit, before he picked up a bowl of tea and spilled it under a tree.

"I don't know what will happen when the disillusionment dissipates ..." He muttered to himself, "I will give you a ride with tea instead of wine and go."

Suddenly felt that the body was poured with Jinqing tea: "..."

At first glance, the probe is uncle.

I don't know if the uncle of this human race is doing very much, and Jinqing tea doesn't care too much. The left and right tea is harmless to Jianmu.

Yue Ge looked at Yue Wu's move by the window and couldn't help laughing: "Replace tea with tea? Brother is really honest, he doesn't send a cup of good wine."

I wish Yu Yu a sharp point: "He is not good at drinking?"

Yue Ge shrugged: "He can get down with just a few sips."

She suddenly remembered something and paused: "Compared to this ... I also want to drink some wine, Azhu."

They drank wine and chatted like this. It is worth mentioning that the volume of Yuege was not very good.

At last.

I don't know whose hand first took the opponent's waist, who kissed his lips first, and who brought another person to the bed.

In the gap between emotions, Yue Ge kissed Azhu's eyes for a moment, and suddenly thought deeply: "Do you remember what I said before?"

Zhu Yu closes his eyes and ponders for a moment before saying: "What's the matter."

Yue Ge suddenly came up: "Successful successor to the Asura throne, because it was delayed because of the rush to ascend to the fairy land, it is now appropriate."

The elder patriarch wanted to leave Xihai. If he told him that Azhu was going to succeed, he would be able to hold a ceremony the next day.

Zhu Yu suddenly thought, and then pondered: "I still need to make some preparations, but the ceremony is in the near future?"

Yue Ge was curious: "Well ... what preparation?"

"No harm, it's not such a big deal." Zhu Yu said, lowering her head slightly to exchange kisses with her partner, turning gently.


According to the rules, the succession ceremony should be held in the Temple of the Sea.

However, the Asuras objected-

It should be in the gluttonous city!

What's so great about the Poseidon Temple ceremony? After the ceremony, the asuras can only go fishing together and swallow.

But if it is different in the gluttonous city ... the Shura can nibble on the seeds and watch the ceremony together. After the ceremony, they scatter for food.

After discussion, the Shura happily decided to add another Poseidon in the food city for the ceremony!

It's really extravagant to eat.

On the day of the ceremony, the food city still lingered with the fresh fragrance of the persistent food, impacting every asura participating in the ceremony.

——Why did you choose to hold the ceremony here?

-This is simply a test of great willpower.

——Why do n’t you go out and eat in the middle of the ceremony!

However, the participants quickly dispelled their doubts, because Yue Ge used the spiritual power to hold up the special snacks and sent them to each desk to appease the restless Asuras.

Don't sneak away, eat snacks!

Asura immediately retreated, never thinking about running again.

At this time, I wish Yu Zhengduan to sit in the hall.

In addition to the crown of Shura that has been passed down from generation to generation, the clothes and accessories of her body are all made by Yue Ge, and even the frost color of the eyebrows is also decorated by Yue Ge for her.

Both sides of the hall were filled with Elder Shura. They looked at Zhu Yu's eyes more complicated than one, and one more than one.

This is Zhu Yu's "preparation".

A large part of the affairs of the clan to be handled by the patriarch was assigned to a number of elders.

The elders who enjoyed their leisure during the succession of the patriarch were so sad that they tried to protest but failed under the threat of Zhu Yu—

If there is any objection, the food is banned and the daily life of raw fish kelp is returned.

This terrified the elders, patting their chests to ensure that the affairs of the clan must be organized.

The spectators who came to the ceremony and their friends, except those who could not actually practice it, had already sat in the hall.

Especially the water blue carp, when she came, she blinked at Yue Yue first before handing over a narrow jade box.

"Congratulations," she said, showing an unclear smile.

Yue Ge opened inexplicably and then froze in place.

… It's a sapling.

She raised her head subconsciously, glanced at Zhu Yu, and then admitted it into the storage space with some guilty conscience.

Didn't you see it?

As the hour approaches, the old patriarch rises from the highest position.

Yue Ge watched as her Azhu stepped forward and took the crown of power from her father.

Also watched her march towards the sea god, and gently worshipped.

Finally, she watched her ascend to a high position and looked down at everyone below. Those silver eyes were cold and frost-snowy, but they showed softness that could not be ignored when they looked at her.

Yue Ge's heart beat like drums.

In a trance, she recalled the scene twenty-three years ago.

Standing on a high platform at that time, he obviously returned to his hometown, but thought it was her first visit to occupy her body.

Among the many Shura under the stage, she first noticed Zhu Yu's indifferent look, and she couldn't help raising her hands to the touching silver eyes:

"I choose her."

So they entered into a marriage contract, so they walked together and fell in love with each other.

I chose you, you also chose me.

The ceremony was completed, and I wish Yu could fall to the platform lightly.

She lowered her eyes slightly and opened her arms.

Yue Ge came forward without hesitation.

She thought that this was probably the luckiest thing.

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