Transmigrating Into The Heartthrob's Cannon Fodder Childhood Friend

Chapter 106: Extra

In September, a school opens.

Song Wanying sat in the driver's seat and glanced out the window. The roads are crowded, and cars and cars lined up in a row and you can't see it. You have to wait at least half an hour to see the formation.

She frowned: "Is it agreed that the universities in the university town will report on the same day? Why are there so many people today?"

"Wait." Song Yu's tone was indifferent, leaning on the co-pilot to play games.

Three years ago, "Xiantu", which was so hot, finally released a mobile game.

Song Yu manipulated the little doctor in green clothes and played the nurse as an assassin. After removing the last drop of blood from the boss, the word clearing appeared on the screen.

The team channel is the "666" and "Fucking Niubi" of Ma Xiaoding's group.

Song Yu has been playing with them for so long, and he has nothing to expect from the group of rookie chickens that he can only bring blood to play with his nanny.

Song Wanying tilted her head and cursed the darkly: "What you said is relaxed, and not everyone is as free as you. I still have a date when I was a child. Your brother-in-law is waiting for me to eat at the shore of the star. If I am late, he I'm getting angry again, it's hard for a Virgo boy to get angry."

Song Yu: "......" He said as if you had a boyfriend.

After Song Wanying fell in love, she couldn't mention any word about her boyfriend in the same space with her. As long as she found a chance, she would endure the sweet show of affection for an hour.

For example, Song Wanying smiled brightly with one hand on her chin, "Although I said that, I haven't coaxed him much. It was him who coaxed me, even if I did it wrong first. Just like I was so busy last time. Forget the anniversary, but-hello, what are you doing?"

Song Yu didn't want to listen to these tired old things, so he couldn't bear to get out of the car: "Xie Sui urged me. I think it might be faster to go to a."

Song Wanying was stunned and gritted her teeth: "It's the kid surnamed Xie again."

Song Yu lied to her. Xie Sui didn't urge him, and even Xie Sui is currently abroad, and it may take a week for him to report back.

Song Yu didn't know how many times he had been to A, so he was familiar with the road.

As soon as you enter, there are various red awnings. The seniors and seniors of each college are enthusiastically helping the freshmen with their luggage and patiently answering students' questions. When Song Yu walked over carrying the suitcase, there was a momentary whisper in the whole welcome scene. As a century-old school, the opening of a school is something worthy of media coverage. There are many reporters here, Song The appearance of Yu is undoubtedly another shocking gimmick for them.

Similar to #a大震现最帅校园#, post two photos of Song Yu, and they will be searched soon.

However, based on his sister's precedent, it is estimated that Song Dong will soon be removed.

After graduating from university, Song Wanying successfully blended into the Song Family Entertainment Enterprise and became the vice president. She hadn't got much real power yet, but the suitors had gained a bunch of stars, many of them. She didn't have a high profile, but her face and identity were there, and a few pictures gave her a lot of fans in an instant. Now there are already a lot of fans on Weibo, who are called "Miss" online. Of course, this is not important. What is important is that Song Wanying's Weibo has no distinction between large and small accounts, and she does not need to maintain any personal settings. In Weibo, Song Dong accounts for almost a quarter.

So Song Dong, who is well-known on the rich list and everyone admired and admired, became a rich old man who "sang out of tune without knowing it, a song of sunset broke his heart", "WeChat poison chicken soup every day, young people, don't panic".

Miss Song's previous Weibo also uploaded the songs sung by Song Dong. Weibo commented on a group of licking dogs-"Dad, I am for you, don't forget these ears", "I was Song Dong's fan during his lifetime", "Listen to Song Dong’s song, I understand Song Dong’s circle of friends [狗头]"

His dad was calm and unhurried when he was outside. The reporter talked about the "Internet economy and traffic age" during the interview;

At home, he was completely exposed and thunderous. After eating, it was his personal speech time, and the audience was only blue hair.

Song Yu's first day of reporting really caused a sensation. After falling in love, the temperament of the person will still change a little. Compared with the indifferent and perverse boy who started at Jingcheng No.1 Middle School, he is not so inaccessible at first glance. When the figure is tall, the delicate feeling disappears and becomes a bright and striking handsome. The four people in the dormitory came from the north and the south, and they were a little restrained on the first day, and they chatted later. After knowing that Song Yu had a boyfriend, the other three people were stunned. On the one hand, they were surprised at Song Yu's sexual orientation, and on the other hand, they were surprised at what the person looked like.

Song Yu was too lazy to sell Guanzi, and laughed: "He is also a big, and I will see him later."

Song Yu didn't sleep after going to bed. Compared with other roommates who were unaccustomed to staying away from home the first night, he was very calm and was chatting with Xie Sui.

[Xie Sui: Have you decided to live on campus? 】

[Song Yu: Yes, I have already met my roommate]

[Xie Sui: Good]

[Song Yu: Do you have time now, hurry, accompany me on a number]

It's not unreasonable that Song Yu indulged in playing "Xiantu" during the summer vacation. This game was originally developed by the Song Group. The gap between mobile games and mobile games is still very large, and there are many areas for improvement.

The grown-up gift his brother gave him was the shares of the "Jiying" game company, and the mobile game "Xiantu" was the first project he handled.

However, the game operation and development planning already has a complete team. It is not so much Song Yu's task, as it is his brother who gave him a gift and let him do it in the game. The first change he made was some of the attributes of the profession, which made the gameplay diversified and could be attacked or supplemented. Otherwise, how would he play assassin and nurse?

Xie Sui endured his sleepiness to accompany him to log in, and walked a few places without interest. The picture quality of the game in Xiantu is lifelike, and the contours of the leaves are vivid in the golden sunlight. The copy of the red lotus **** has always been there, and there are red flowers on the side of Sanshengtu. Out of selfishness, Song Yu designed this place as a place where couples can increase intimacy-his first kiss was sent here. Isn't it reasonable to commemorate it? !

Xie Sui laughed and laughed when he first knew it, and watched him for a long time.

Song Yu was embarrassed by what he saw and pretended to complain: "Who would choose such a ghostly place for a date? It's really no brainer to plan."

After playing the game, he was urged to go to sleep by Xie Sui.

The second day is the last day of registration, and then military training.

Song Yu and Song Wanying called.

Song Yu said: "I think "Xiantu" needs a spokesperson for the game's image. Is there anything your company can recommend, the one that does not require money, as it is to support your brother's cause for free. Let us achieve a win-win situation."

Song Wanying smiled, and said slowly: "Whoever asks in advance whether she is worthy or not."

Song Yu raised his eyebrows: "Didn't Lan Mao tell you not to bully the young man?"

Song Wanying: "Heh. Tell me this now? I had only one suite for my coming-of-age gift, but your coming-of-age gift was a share of the company. Remember what you said when I protested?"

Song Yu: "...Sisters and brothers are not counted overnight. Trust me, you pay a penny today and you can choose the villa next year."

"Believe you a ghost, let your boyfriend invest in you, can't afford the money?!"

Song Wanying sneered and hung up the phone, not wanting to talk to the white-eyed wolf brother, and even wanted to put him on Weibo.

During the military training, Song Yu's charm was fully manifested. Every day, the elder sister shyly answered to bring water, and a bunch of people came to chat up in the cafeteria. Bold, even asked him to confess to the corner of the playground.

Song Yu was chatting with Xie Sui at that time. The girl who drew him was a petite and cute girl with short hair, less than one meter six meters tall, and she stumbled for a long time to say she liked it. Song Yu walked slowly after seeing her inviting herself in public, and not agreeing that she would be too embarrassed, but now she feels that she is a good way to let the peach blossoms scattered around her.

So when the girl was too embarrassed to say something, Song Yu was calm: "Sorry, my boyfriend told me not to accept it."

Girl: "???!!!"

In high school, he would say "Although I can't meet someone better than me, but I will be able to live soon", but seeing the tears in the eyes of the little girl, he smiled and nodded politely and left.

The news from Xiesui on the phone came back.

[Song Yu: Wait a minute, a girl pulled me to the corner of the playground to confess, I think about how I would refuse,]

[Xie Sui: So why were you dragged to the corner of the playground? 】

[Song Yu:...]

A certain prince of the Xie family closed his cell phone and booked a ticket to return to China.

"My boyfriend told me not to accept it"——A big once again became lively for a while because of this new school grass.

Song Yu thought very well, however, some troubles could not be avoided. Knowing that he has a boyfriend, some people's first reaction is not that he already has a lover, but that he likes men. For example, a junior in the same major immediately started a crazy pursuit plan. His roommates were filled with righteous indignation and even frightened, thinking that the person's performance was a bit crazy.

But Song Yu didn't worry about him at all.

Once on the way back to bed, he called Song Dong at any time, and he pressed the man against the wall.

On the other side of the phone is Song Dong’s doubts: "Why are you crying, you are not in the dormitory? What are you doing."

Song Yu carried the trembling senior with a bruised nose and swollen face, and said lightly: "Punish evil and promote good, but this is not a matter. The business between us is how much money we will give."

Song Dong: "..." Nizi was so angry that he was so angry that he was so angry that he was so angry that he was so angry.

Song Yu told the counselor about the matter that night, fearing that this idiot would do the same to others.

After receiving a lot of education, this man became even more crazy and began to spread rumors about him like his boyfriend was fake, and he was taken up by an old and ugly old man.

Song Yu: "..." You don't want to fight this kind of stupid face, you just want him to stay away.

Xie Sui came back just in time for the last day of the military training for the freshmen, which was the opening ceremony.

He had been absent for so many geniuses to come, but he was the representative of the new student.

Saying that there are no unspoken rules, Song Yu doesn't believe it.

But Xie Sui is indeed excellent.

Just like when high school started, when he came on stage, he was silent and attracted everyone's attention.

Also sitting in the last row, the men on the stage behaved elegantly and in straight suits.

Across the lights and years, it was like Jingcheng Auditorium, he told himself.

The future is like the sea, but the future is long.

Song Yu turned his head away and laughed.

The years are long, but the stars are shining, and everything has hope.

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