Transmigrating to the Ancient Times with Lu's Convenience

Chapter 175

Fleet dormitory.

The fleet dormitory has developed to five buildings, which are basically bought by fishermen.

The dried seafood in Yucang county is sold all over the world, and the fishermen have also made a fortune. Three Liang silver is nothing to the fishermen.

I bought a house in the fishermen's dormitory building and another one in the county.

The fishermen's dormitory is close to the beach. Although someone bought another house in the county, they still live in the fleet dormitory.

The fleet dormitory is busy, and fishermen often exchange feelings here.

When the fishermen in the fleet earn more, they also go to restaurants in the town to eat. The most popular one is the self-service fish shop.

"Zhou an, your family is helping in Linhai restaurant now!"

Zhou an nodded and said, "yes!"

It's said that Linhai restaurant is very expensive! A dish costs dozens of Wen, which is enough to eat several meals of self-help fish.

Zhou an nodded and said, "although it's expensive, there are still a lot of people."

It is said that there are a lot of Kyoto people.

Zhou an nodded and said, "yes!" Chen Er Shao said that people from Kyoto don't care about money, they care about the sentiment, but it's not known what the sentiment is.

These people like to eat in Linhai restaurant, eat rice, and then take a boat to play around. You know, in that boat, one or two silver at a time.

"It's such an expensive boat. How can someone take it?"

The boat by the sea is beautiful, though it can't catch fish.

Time is like water. Yucang county has become more and more famous for its dry seafood. The fleet under Lu Lin's command has also been expanding. Lu Lin has been in Yucang County for three years. At the end of three years, Lu Lin chose to stay in Yucang county.

People in Yucang county are very happy to know that Lu Lin will stay in Yucang county.

The people in the fleet knew that Lu would stay and held a celebration.

Lu Lin found that people seemed to approve of him, which made him feel complacent.

Yuanbao is already a teenager. In recent years, Yuanbao has been assisting Chen Xiaocai in his business. After several years of experience, he has become independent.

Chong Chong has been enlightened. Lu Lin has sent Chong Chong to school. Chong Chong's lessons are not bad. Everything is developing in a good direction.

Yuanbao stood in the bow of the boat, looking at the blue waves, a little high spirited.

In recent years, Yuanbao's business has become more and more big. His favorite business is shipping. Yuanbao has gone to sea several times with the ship.

Yuanbao inherited Chen Xiaomi's force value and was very tough. At the beginning, some of the people in the fleet looked down on Chen Xiaomi. After a long time, they only admired him.

Fishermen's dormitory

"Lao Li, you bought a house!" A fisherman asked a fisherman surnamed Li.

The fisherman surnamed Li nodded and said, "yes! I bought one in town. " In recent years, all kinds of seafood have been sold very well, and the living standards of fishermen have also risen. Many fishermen buy a house in the seaside dormitory near the sea, and then buy a house in the village or town.

"Lao Li, is your son getting married?"

Lao Li nodded and said, "that's not true."

A few years ago, the fishermen's life was difficult. It was hard to say whether they were married or not. The matchmaker hated it when she heard that she was a fisherman. But now it's different. The big and small men in the fleet are the most popular.

Sometimes, there are girls in the village who come to see the fishermen on the excuse of buying fish.

In recent years, Chen Xiaolai has organized a team of fishermen boat king to control the boat king. The fishermen in this fleet are all young men with good water quality and great fishing skills.

After joining the fishermen boat King team, there are monthly rules and some seasonal gifts to take every month.

Fishermen are proud to enter the boat King team. Among the boat King teams, the young men who are not married are all in hot demand. Lao Li's son just joined the boat King team, and several matchmakers came to the door at once.

Lao Li laughed and said, "isn't it all the light of the county magistrate? A few years ago, it was not so easy to marry a daughter-in-law! "

A few years ago, he was worried about whether his son would be a bachelor all his life. Lao Li never thought that his son would have a day when everyone would fight for him.

Several fishermen nodded their heads and said that the county magistrate had great ability and good leadership.

In recent years, the fishermen have made a small fortune by relying on dried seafood. Many of the villagers in the neighborhood have been fishing to sell their land.

"Lao Li, where are you going to put the banquet for your wedding?" Lao Li laughed and said, "put it in the fish buffet."

The fisherman laughed and said, "it's really there."

It's very troublesome to prepare tables, chairs and benches. Before, most fishermen didn't have this condition, so they could only handle it simply. Later, they didn't know who thought of the way to handle it. They put it in a fish buffet shop. Ten Wen is not very expensive for one person.Later, when Chen Xiaocai learned about it, he said that if the fishermen want to get married in the self-service fish shop, they can reserve the market in advance and give some preferential treatment, which makes all the fishermen happy. Later, more and more fishermen put their marriage in the self-service fish shop.

In the seaside restaurant of Yucang County, many people are drinking tea and chatting.

After the name of seafood in Yucang county was spread, many people came here.

Linhai restaurant can see the sea from the window. It's one of these people's favorite people.

Because when Linhai restaurant first opened, its reputation was not good, and not many people came.

However, with the hard publicity of Lord Cheng, Linhai restaurant has become a must for many students. After many students come here, they will recite poems on the beach. Linhai restaurant has prepared pen, ink, paper and inkstone for these people. Some good works will be hung on the walls of the restaurant.

Over the past few years, the scale of Linhai restaurant has been expanding.

Lu Lin is by the lake. He has prepared a large building boat. The cost of the building boat is several times higher than that of the king of boats. The boat is not used for fishing, but for carrying passengers.

Although fishermen feel that this ship is not affordable, it can bring huge profits to Lulin.

Chen wheat stands in the courtyard, looking around expectantly.

Ji yun'an looked at Chen Mai and said, "don't worry. I'll be here in a moment."

Chen wheat nodded and said, "I see."

After Ji yun'an won the Tanhua test, his official career was smooth. Chen wheat spent most of his time in Kyoto.

Chen Xiaocai and Yuanbao will come to Kyoto to play recently. Chen Mai has been waiting for a long time.

"What happened to your brother?"

Ji yun'an curled his lips and said, "who cares if he dies?"

Chen wheat nodded and said, "yes, I don't like him either. I don't care about him."

Ji yun'an has made great progress in recent years. His Lao Tzu Zhao Heng has not been so successful. Maybe it's because Ji yun'an was promoted too quickly, which makes Zhao Heng more and more strict with his half brother, Zhao Qinghe. He always scolds Zhao Qinghe for not being. The most annoying thing about Zhao Qinghe is that Lao Tzu compares him with Ji yun'an. As time goes on, the contradiction between father and son becomes more and more serious It's getting bigger.

Zhao Qinghe can't stay at home any longer, so he often goes out to play.

it may not be very good for Zhao Qinghe to study, but he inherits his parents' good looks and has a good appetite. However, Zhao Qinghe and the prince of the Minister of rites were fighting for a woman in a brothel a few days ago. The prince of the Minister of rites broke his leg by Zhao Qinghe.

This matter made a big noise, spread to the emperor's ears, Zhao Qinghe this meeting has been put in prison.

For the sake of his son, Zhao Heng recently begged for help from all over the world, and he also begged Ji yun'an for help. Ji yun'an ignored Zhao Heng.

As a matter of fact, this matter has something to do with Ji yun'an.

Zhao Heng scolds Zhao Qinghe every day at home. He doesn't know how to shine on his family and can't compare with Ji Yunan. Zhao Qinghe is very unconvinced. It's rumored that Chen Mai has an affair with Wang Ye. Therefore, Wang Ye always goes to Ji Yunan's house. Wang Ye promotes Ji Yunan because he puts a green hat on Ji Yunan.

When it comes to Ji yun'an's ears, Ji yun'an is naturally very angry. He deliberately designs Zhao Qinghe to make a big mistake.

The son of the Minister of rites is not a tool, but the only son of the Minister of rites. Zhao Heng's official position is not high enough. This time Zhao Qinghe is immortal, he should be able to shed his skin. This man is the lifeblood of Liu Qingmei. Zhao Qinghe is finished, and Liu Qingmei is probably finished.

Lu Lin sat in the courtyard, drinking wine with Chen Xiaomi.

Lu Lin man sighed: "in a twinkling of an eye, it's been so many years!"

Chen Xiaomi nodded and said, "yes! More than ten years. "

Lu Lin drank the wine and said, "it's a pity, the last bottle of Sprite."

Lu Lin's wine is not very good. He used to like to drink red wine mixed with Sprite. Lu Lin found a grape like fruit and made a wine similar to red wine. However, if sprite is used, one bottle is less than one.

Chen Xiaomi blinked and said, "such a magic drink, I can't drink it in the future."

Chen Xiaomi blinked. He didn't understand why this kind of drink felt numb in his mouth. Every time he drank it, Chen Xiaomi felt magical. "Do you know how to make this?"

Lu Lin He probably knew that the sprite would have bubbles because carbon dioxide was poured into the drink. However, how to do it was not known.

After more than ten years of consumption, there are less and less things belonging to his era in the canteen, and more and more of them are filled with things of this era. Lu Lin suddenly found that he had become more and more integrated into this era.

Chen Xiaomi looked at Lu Lin and said with a red face: "recently, I often think about the fact that we just got married."

Lu Lin tilts his head. What happened when he got married? Just married that meeting, he lay on the door lying corpse, think is really disgraceful!

Maybe after drinking, Chen Xiaomi felt a little trance, "it's so good! You were the one I married. "Every time he thinks that Lu Lin was the one he married, Chen Xiaomi feels that God really treated him well.

Lu Lin smiles, grabs Chen Xiaomi's hand, smiles and says, "maybe I came to this world because of you."


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