Novel info
Transmigration & Reverse Transmigration
Author: Yao Zhou
Alternative names:《穿越与反穿越》

Transmigration & Reverse Transmigration

Transmigration is good, you can pick up girls and admire handsome men while grabbing for riches.

Transmigration is good, you can leave an immortal’s mountain to enter a dragon’s lake, learning a whole body’s worth of martial arts skills.

Transmigration is good, you can wander the jianghu or the imperial harem and speak of history as you please.

Transmigration is good, your supporting cast is attractive and proficient in 18 kinds of weapons, but is still blind enough to get intimate with the main character.

Others transmigrate by accident, but I, Zhao Minmin, purposely planned to transmigrate!

How do I do it? Make preparations ahead of time while doing all the work beforehand. I just won’t believe that I can’t transmigrate!  Zhao Minmin isn’t going to just lie down and fantasize. I’m going to carry out my dream! I’m a proactive girl in this new age!


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