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Transmigration:Beautiful Proud Princess
Author: Lv Yan
Genre: Romance

Transmigration:Beautiful Proud Princess

"Does it hurt?" "He let out a low laugh and increased his strength." "It hurts …" "Just endure the pain …" There's more pain! " On their wedding night, he cut her finger and put on a red handkerchief. The next day, she casually threw out a sentence, "Prince, you couldn't do it last night." She waved the wound on her hand, ruining his image with ease. She was the top hypnotist of the 21st century, transmigrated to marry the princess, and was assigned to the sickly King. A plot by the royal family had bound them tightly, from disliking them to slowly falling into ruin … "Prince, aren't you sick?" She smiled sweetly and invited him out of the room time and time again after their marriage. He was finally angered: "Su Yun, I'll prove it to you tonight. Actually, this king is very healthy!"


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