Novel info
Traveling the Villain's Sister
Author: Xue Mo
Genre: Comedy

Traveling the Villain's Sister

Shen Yu accidentally traveled into a dog-blood romance novel, traveled as a sorrowful supporting actress with her same name. The girl’s nominal brother is the biggest villain BOSS in the book. He fights secretly with the actor, and eventually loses ground. It is another white lotus female partner in the play that makes the villain worse step by step.
Shen Yu wiped her cold sweat. Fortunately, she was transmigrated in a timely manner. The villain hadn’t entangled with White Lotus too much, nor was it completely blackened. She could still rescue him.
So, she began to work diligently to destroy the feelings of the villain and White Lotus.
Unexpectedly, this cheaper brother is so perverted, just feed strawberries and smash the house, even without a blink of an eye to his arm! ! !
Oh, she was so scared!
The villain: “Baby, you tell me, are you in love with me?”
Little White Rabbit: “I am not, I do not, we are brothers and sisters!”
The villain: “Don’t make trouble, you are just someone our mother picked up from the trash. ”
Little White Rabbit: … In a word: I treat you like an elder brother, desperately trying to save you, but you just want to X me? ? ?


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