Traveling the Villain's Sister

Chapter 116: Extra seven

As soon as Shen Yu walked out of the gym, he heard Uncle Li speak loudly to people in the yard. Uncle Li, who is 77 years old this year, has a regular work schedule and a healthy diet. He is thinner than he was in his 60s. He is still healthy and tough. He can still toss his vegetables in the yard every day.

The Shen family has also lived in this villa community for decades. There are a lot of neighbors in the left and right. Uncle Li is also popular, so if an acquaintance passes by, he will chat with him.

Shen Yu wiped her sweat and wanted to see who was talking to Uncle Li, but when she walked to the door, she couldn't help but bemused, "Xiao Rong, why are you so early?"

In the courtyard, the tall Situ Rong waved at Shen Yu with a smile and said, "Good morning, Aunt Shen."

"Good morning, why are you standing in the yard? Come in and sit down, Xiaofang hasn't come down yet." Shen Yu greeted him enthusiastically.

Situ Rong nodded and helped Uncle Li into the hall together.

Shen Yu asked him: "How about your sister?"

"When I went out, she hadn't finished breakfast yet, and she should be coming soon." Situ Rong said.

Shen Yu looked at him closely and found that she had to raise her head to look up at him, and she couldn't help feeling. "Xiaorong is a little over a mile away, as tall as your father."

Situ Rong scratched his head in embarrassment and said, "I am two centimeters taller than my dad."

Shen Yu smiled and said, "That's as tall as your uncle Shen."

The children are really terrible now. The third year of high school has grown to 188. When I go to the university, I must be nine and a half meters!

A few years ago, they had a villa about the same size as the Shen ’s house in the villa community. Shen Yu asked Yuan Yue if he wanted to be a neighbor. As a result, Yuan Yue agreed, saying that Situ Yi would not like it. , She also has money to buy.

The two children of Situ's family heard that they could be Shen Fang's neighbors, but they were not happy. They asked him when they would move all day. Situ Yi had a headache because of his wife and children. They bought the villa and renovated it.

Although the two are not next to each other, but in the same community, they can arrive quickly with their feet, and it is very convenient to travel.

Today is Shen Fang's first day of high school. He and Situ Zheng are the same school, so Situ Rong will come to Shen's family early in the morning. It is estimated that he is also excited.

It is a pity that the three people can only be in the same school for one year at most. Next year, the two children of the Situ family will go to university.

Shen Yu heard Shen Fang said that when he graduated from high school, he also had to take the exam to go to the same school with them.

The children's feelings are so good, and the two adults are also very pleased. After all, Shen Yu and Yuan Yue are like sisters. Such feelings can be extended to the next generation, which is really rare.

While chatting, Shen Fang wore a blue-and-white school uniform, carrying a schoolbag, and went down the stairs in three and two steps. Uncle Li shook his head.

"Grandpa, Mom, Brother, good morning!" Shen Fang smiled and said hello to everyone.

"Take the stairs and walk away. Stepping on the air and rolling down." Uncle Li couldn't help nagging him.

Shen Fang nodded perfunctoryly, "Okay, I will change it next time, Grandpa."

Uncle Li shook his head and turned into the kitchen. Although he was old, he still liked to cook for the family. Shen Yu was afraid that he would be tired, so he asked multiple nanny to be his assistant.

Situ Rong stepped forward, put his arms around the shoulders, and said with a smile: "Yesterday I see you are not this hair style, went to care last night? Also short, like a prisoner of labor reform!" To touch, he was a head taller than Shen Fang, and he fluffed his hair while hooking his neck, very smoothly.

Shen Fang lifted his hand angrily and opened his hand, and said, "This is my mother shaving me, do you dislike my mother's skills?"

Situ Rong froze for a moment, and quickly laughed with her: "It turned out to be shaved by my aunt. Don't say, if you look closely, it's really pretty! It's self-willed to have a face. Any hairstyle is suitable."

Shen Fang touched his head, black eyes flashed through the cunning light, and then smiled at Situ Rong with bright sunshine, "Yeah, do you think it looks good?"

Situ Rong held the venue and said: "Good looking!"

"After school that afternoon, you can ask my mother to shave you this hairstyle!" Shen Fang raised his chin and looked at Situ Rong expectantly.

Situ Rong: ...

"Why? Are you reluctant?" Shen opened his eyes and asked a little sadly.

Situ Rong didn't see him like this, he quickly said, "Well, I'll shave!"

"Yeah, then we have the same hairstyle, awesome!"

Situ Rong: ...

He always feels that he has been pitted again, but looking like Shen Fang is as happy as a child, he also feels that he will be pitted. Anyway, after so many years, he has been used to pitting.

After Shen Yu sweated out, she urged Shen Fang to go to breakfast quickly, and she went upstairs to take a bath. Pushed the door open and found that Shen Xiao was still asleep, so she eased the movement.

Shen Xiao went on a business trip abroad a week ago, and returned home at more than ten o'clock last night. After taking a bath and pulling her for two hours, she finally became exhausted and paralyzed, and fell asleep unconsciously.

Shen Yu came out after taking a bath, wrapped in a bath towel ready to get dressed, and heard the man on the bed lazily yelling: "Wife."

"Huh? Are you awake?" Shen Yu turned around and walked to the bed, and found the man's eyes narrowed into a slit, looking at her. "If I don't get enough sleep, I will continue to sleep, and I will go downstairs after changing clothes." . "

"You sleep with me." After sleeping for one night, Shen Xiao's voice seemed to have a rough edge, low and hoarse, making people feel soft and soft.

The two have been married for 16 years, but Shen Xiao ’s feelings for Shen Yu not only did not fade, but became stronger and stronger, sticking to her for more than ten years.

Shen Yu sometimes feels that it is much easier to take a son than a husband!

"I don't sleep anymore. Xiaofang went to high school on the first day today. I have to send it off." Shen Yu kissed his forehead and turned into the cloakroom.

Shen Xiao frowned displeasurely, turned over and continued to sleep. He was not interested in sending his son to school. This stupid boy was competing with him for more than ten years. He should not have been born!

Shen Yu got dressed and saw him continue to sleep without disturbing him. He walked out of the room lightly, closed the door, and walked up to the stairs to hear the laughter of the young man downstairs. It sounded full of energy.

Shen Yu went downstairs to the restaurant and found that Situ Zheng also came. Three young people gathered around the dining table and chatted while waiting for Shen to eat breakfast.

Seeing Shen Yu, Situ Zheng stood up and shouted, "Aunt Shen, well."

Although the two of them are dragons and phoenixes, the bigger the two children are, the less similar they are. Situ Zheng was very lively and active when he was a child, but since entering junior high school, her personality and temperament have changed a lot after entering puberty. , Looks quieter.

Shen Fang has liked them both since she was a child, and she had to find them to play during the holidays. The feelings of the three are similar to those of others.

However, Shen Yu seems to have accidentally discovered Situ Zheng's careful thought recently. Her feelings for Shen Fang seem to be more than just those of her sister and brother.

But looking at Shen Fang's careless appearance, it should be unexplored. All day long, he only knew that they should take him to play.

At this meeting, the three people were talking about going to the movies before, and they listened to Situ Rong laughed: "Obviously they were terrified of death, and they insisted on going to the horror movie, not asking for what they suffered? I did n’t look at the screen! "

Shen Fang ate a small dumpling and protested unhappyly: "Where did I not see it, I did."

Situ Rong said: "Then what do you talk about?"

Shen Fang hummed and said: "If you let me say I will say, isn't that very shameless ?!"

Shen Fang looks so handsome to be pretty, his skin is white and pure, his eyebrows, mouth and nose seem to be carved out of a mold with Shen Xiao, and the more he grows, the more he looks like, but there is no more coldness in his eyebrows, and people love to laugh , Is a full sun boy.

In his own words, everyone sees love, flowers bloom, and car tires puncture.

This cheeky virtue is exactly the same as his dad.

For his words, the two children of Situ's family also take it for granted. In their eyes, Shen Fang is definitely the cutest person.

Situ Zheng interjected at this moment: "Xiao Fang, next time I go to watch with my sister alone, my sister takes you to watch 3D cartoons, and I guarantee that it is not scary at all."

Shen Fang was not angry by her, but just said arrogantly, "I don't want it."

Situ Rong said again: "I have a friend, and his family escaped in a secret room. One day he takes you to play."

Shen Fang's eyes lit up, "Scene escape?" He sat up excitedly, but soon changed his counsel, whispered, "Is it terrifying?"

Situ Rong said: "There are many themes, not all are terrifying."

Shen Fang then said: "Then let's go play this weekend!"

Shen Yu listened for a long time and couldn't help but intervene: "You really say that the wind is the rain. Your brother and sister are already in their third year of high school. They are very academically heavy.

Situ Rong said: "Aunt Shen, it's okay, we have good grades, and we're not afraid of being small."

Sinking next to him, squeezing his eyebrows, the triumphant little looks are spoiled by everyone.

After he had breakfast, Situ ’s nanny car arrived, and the three children walked out with their schoolbags behind them. Shen Yu followed them all the way to the courtyard door before stopping.

Shen put on the car, lying on the window and waving at Shen Yu. Shen Yu could n’t help but tell him, “Become a new place, do n’t be fooled by your new classmates, you know? If you have any questions, just go to your brother Your sister. "

Shen Fang nodded cleverly, "I know."

Situ Zheng said aside: "Aunt Shen, don't worry, we will look at him."

Shen Yu laughed: "Trouble you."

The car started quickly, and Shen Yu kept watching the car away, before preparing to turn into the house. As a result, she turned around and found that Shen Xiao didn't know when to stand behind her.

"When did you come down?"

Shen Xiao's hair is a little messy, and his home clothes are casual, but he has a good figure and looks good no matter what he wears.

He is forty-five years old this year, but with the exception of two more eye lines, his temperament has become more calm, and the rest has not changed much. It looks like she was the first time she saw him, very handsome.

Shen Xiao stepped forward to hug her, "The car is gone, haven't you seen enough?"

Shen Yu said with a smile: "I just feel a little emotional. It seems that in the blink of an eye, the children are all in high school."

Shen Xiao kissed the corner of her mouth and said: "No, he is already 16 years old, you can put less energy on him in the future and think about how to love your husband."

Shen Yu leaned back in his arms and said, "I'm so old, what else do you say love or not, are you ashamed?"

Shen Xiao said unpleasantly: "Where is old? Our great years have only begun! I have thought about everything. Recently, we have nothing to do. Let's go on a holiday and follow the route of the honeymoon that year. a feeling of."

Shen Yu said with amusement: "What are you thinking about all day in your head?"

Shen Xiao has no face and no skin to say: "I'm thinking about how to fall in love with you. I want to talk to you for a lifetime."

After so many years, she has not listened to Shen Xiao's love, but she still likes it very much.

A man, even if he has lived together for more than ten years, still has an endless love affair with her. How many people can't find such a feeling, how lucky is she to meet such a person.

"Okay, then you arrange, we will go to honeymoon someday."

Seeing her agreement, Shen Xiao said, "What else do you need to arrange? Pack your things and leave tomorrow."

Shen Yu: ...

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