Tyrant Pampering Wife Diary

Chapter 79

Song Ge subconsciously hugged his head, but gradually calmed down: "that is to say, in another place, my feet are still good?"

But song song song did not answer him: "what makes you live with my face on?"

Song Ge subconsciously looks at his delicate face. How humble it used to be, how noble it is now.

Every day he looks at this face that doesn't belong to him. Chen you said that one day he will be asked to take off the mask and send the world to him. He said that he saw the Dragon Qi in Li Xiao and the purple cloud covered the top in song song song. He deduced that Li Xiao and song song song had a predestined oath. He would fall in love with song song song, and his love was very crazy, so he was ready to replace him when he began to develop the holy medicine.

Although he didn't believe what Chen you said at the beginning, it was worth trying to get to that position. So no matter whether it was true or not, he dragged song song song out of the water. Later, all of them proved that Chen you's foresight was true.

But he never said that he would go through this.

Instead of saying this, he laughed and said, "there are so many wonderful things in the world."

He asked: "song song song, even if you kill me now, you can't kill another me. In another place, I'm still you."

His tone was provocative. Song song song looked at him for a long time. He suddenly stood up and said, "it's OK. Anyway, I just want to avenge myself."

A hand pinches his hand. Song GE has understood his situation in a few short conversations. He looks at Li Xiao's calm expression. In his impression, his expression is very rare, because he is crazy or about to be crazy.

Song Ge challenged again: "it's your majesty. It seems that you are the same. Your consciousness has been transferred here. Do you think it's ridiculous? I killed your favorite person by myself, and then I became your favorite person."

He was deliberately provoking Li Xiao, but he looked very calm. He lowered his eyes, took song song song's hand and said, "don't dirty your hand. I have a good executioner. I have 3000 knives on it, and I can let him breathe."

Song Ge knows how Li Xiao killed Qin Ning and his son in his previous life. His expression suddenly changes. He suddenly pleads: "before I die, let me see someone, let me see Chen you, let me see him! Song, song, for the sake of helping you, too... "

"He's dead." Li Xiao's words interrupted his thought: "he has so many faces, all of which are stolen. There are more than one soul around him."

Song Ge was stunned. Li Xiao led song Songli away, but Ling Yunzi came in and said, "Mr. Song may not know that the reason why his technique of changing face can not be seen is that he has imprisoned the soul of the changed face, just like the queen has been following you."

He said frankly: "there are more things around him than you, and it's normal to be backfired."

Song GE's expression twisted a few times, and the whole person was dragged out by a strong man. After realizing what he was facing, he suddenly cried: "song! I was wrong!! Song

But song song song couldn't hear anything. He was led out by Li Xiao and looked at the stars in the sky. After a while in a trance, he said, "it's really nice to watch the stars here."

"If song'er likes it, I'll drive out the national teacher and let's move in."

Song song laughed, "what do you think is a set."

Li Xiao looked at him and said, "does song'er want to ask if he will go back after his consciousness is dead?"

"You know that again?"

"I'll go back." Song song looked at him, Li Xiao said: "what he experienced here is just a blink of an eye for him there."

Song song lowered his eyelashes. Thinking that Li Xiao in another place still didn't see song song song clearly, he felt a little uncomfortable. He forced a smile and said: "Your Majesty didn't need to do anything more..."

"But I will kill him." Li Xiao said gently: "I lost the little prince, will be crazy, will kill people, kill a lot of people."

Another world, song song song screamed, opened his eyes, palace people rushed over: "Queen!"

Song Ge gasps with surprise. He dreams that his consciousness has been transferred to another place. He meets song song song, who is said to be reborn. Song song song brings him Cut. The pain made him still sweat. He closed his eyes and said in pain: "it's too painful, it's too painful..."

The palace people don't know, so song Ge suddenly gets up. He has to go to find Chen you. This dream is not good. He has an ominous premonition.

At this time, suddenly someone rushed over: "no, the little prince's palace is on fire!"

Song Ge stopped, subconsciously sat still.

In the fire, the child's crying, a transparent figure is constantly trying to pick him up, but he quickly cried helplessly: "Xin'er, Xin'er! Who will save him, who will save him

That's the soul of song song song.

The burning of the little prince's Palace also stimulated Li Xiao. Crazy Li Xiao washed the whole palace with blood. Song Ge came late and called his name as usual. But this time, he didn't get the same feedback. Li Xiao's sword pierced his chest and song GE's mouth gushed blood. He looked at Li Xiao's crazy look and heard him murmur: "Song Er is gone He's gone. "He looked at song song song and said in a vicious voice: "where's song er? Where did you get songer? Where is my son? "

The sword pierced his body, and Li Xiao pushed him all the way until he was tired. He pulled out the sword, swept his dark eyes around, and gently called out: "song'er? Xiner? Are you there? Don't be afraid. I've come to you... "

Song song doesn't know what happened after his soul broke in his previous life. He also doesn't know that song song song, who lost his soul, can't control Li Xiao.

But Li Xiao faintly remembers the bright red in front of him.

He finally saw a touch of white.

It was Ling Yunzi's white hair. He held a brocade bag in his hand and said softly, "here he is, your majesty The fate of this life has been tampered with by magic, and it can't be saved. I have a plan to bring things out of order. Please cooperate with me. "

"But all this, all people will not remember, even to another life, that I will not remember."

"Your Majesty..." He looked at the crazy emperor in front of him, handed him the brocade bag in his hand, and said: "please hold on to the queen and be careful."

Song song suddenly opened his eyes, subconsciously turned to see Li Xiao beside him, and moved his fingers. Even when he was asleep, Li Xiao would hold his hand tightly, or hold him tightly. This man seemed to have some kind of obsession with him.

He reached out and touched Li Xiao's lips. Yesterday's event was still like a dream for him. He saw song song song who killed him and talked to him. How did he think it was not true.

But when I think about my life, it seems that it is not true.

He couldn't help but smile and slowly came over and kissed Li Xiao's lips.

His lips are a little thin. When he purses them, they will form a thin line. He looks cold and thin. But song song song knows that this man has given himself all his enthusiasm and tenderness. In front of him, he has never said anything serious. Song song song believes that even ten or twenty years, Li Xiao will still be like this.

Labial petal is bitten suddenly, song song song leaves in a hurry, but Li Xiao embraces him in the past, "study bad, unexpectedly still can secretly kiss mutually public."

"Why didn't you sleep?"

"Sleep, and you wake up."


"Thank you very much? Still very touched? "

“……” Song song pushed him, blushed and said, "who wants to thank you and avenge Xin'er and me, that's what you should do!"

Although song song song did not deal with song song, he always had a thorn in his heart. Although the song songs of this life had done nothing, the song songs of the last life had done him a lot of harm. He wanted to punish him, but he couldn't do it.

But Li Xiao takes everything into consideration. Song song song never thought that his grudge with song Ge would end like this. He only knows that Li Xiao will never let him down.

This man is smart, gentle and affectionate He's only focused on himself.

He nestled in Li Xiao's neck, and was laughed at twice by the man. He pursed his mouth and said: "I think I must have been a savior in my last life, so that I can have virtue and ability It's in your Majesty's eyes. "

"Who said, last life is a little poor."

"You are..."

"I am very poor." Li Xiao gave him a kiss and said, "isn't song'er the Savior of this life?"

"What about your Majesty in this life?"

"I'm a lucky man. I've been rescued by song'er to avoid madness for the rest of my life."

As he spoke, his lips came up again.

Song song couldn't escape, so he had to follow.

In order to appreciate Li Xiao's solution of his heart knot, song song song thinks about how to repay him for a long time. After thinking about it, he decides to repay him with Li Xiao's method.

Now it's hot time. Song song song listens to Ji Ying's idea and orders someone to catch the firefly and put it in the house. He plans to give Li Xiao a little surprise. In particular, he orders someone to turn off the light.

When Li Xiao came back, the whole Yangxin hall changed its old days, and there was no light at all. Suddenly, he picked his eyebrows.

Song song would light a lamp for him all the year round, but today it's a bit abnormal. He was thinking about it, when suddenly a footstep came out. The little prince came over with a short leg and hugged his leg

Such a small thing, it's really strange to see for a long time. Li Xiao said, "where's dad?"

The little prince raised his little face, soft and white face full of panic: "Su Bu Su, I've been caught by ghosts."

Li Xiao steps up, and the little prince directly twines his feet together. He sits on one of his feet and looks at him eagerly. The palace people around him dare not come forward. The little guy is afraid of the dark and must light the light to sleep at night. Today, song song song originally supported him, but the child suddenly has to find his father, so he has no choice but to let him come back.

Li Xiao looked down at him. After matching his eyes which were too similar to song song song's, he had to bend down and pick him up, saying: "father Huang takes Xin'er to save his father, eh?"

"Roar!" The little guy hugged him around the neck.

Li Xiao holds the child and pushes the door open. When he enters the inner room, he is suddenly stunned by the green things in the room. Song song song stands by and looks at him. When he sees the little prince, he is also stunned: "how did he bring Xin'er?""On the way." Li Xiao handed the child to him and said, "what is this for?"

"Originally I want to count fireflies with your majesty. "

Li Xiao

He did not speak, but the little prince was happy: "I, I come!"

Song song had no choice but to hold him and watch him stretch out his little fingers and count them one by one. He subconsciously turned to see Li Xiao, who was sitting in front of him. The room was too dark for him to see clearly. He said softly, "it's a bit silly."

Li Xiao laughed for a while, way: "which gives you this kind of idea?"

"Ji Ying..."

"I don't like goose paper!"

Song song's words were interrupted by him. He rubbed his little head and said, "how many did you count?"

"Well Mountain, mountain ten. "

He only knows how to count. Song song song laughs and says, "no, keep counting."

The little prince had to extend his little finger again, "one, hungry, mountain, try, five, and seven, lie down..."

Song song listened to the baby's soft milk voice and said, "I won't do it any more."

Li Xiao suddenly passes the little prince sitting between them and kisses him on the cheek. Song song song covers his face in a hurry, but the little prince looks up and looks at him suspiciously. His dark eyes are shining in the dark, and song song song's face turns red.

How can Li Xiao be like this in front of the little prince It's very wild.

He looked for the topic again and asked, "how many have you counted?"

The little prince looked at him for a while and said, "I'm hungry for ten tries."

"No, no, No." Song song song said, "keep counting."

I don't know if it's his illusion. Li Xiao seems to be playing with his mouth, but the little prince doesn't eat his trick: "no, no, there are countless sauces!"

"How do you want to count?"

"Just pick them up and count them."

"They can fly. How can they catch them?"

The little prince looked at the little green dots swaying around in the house, thought for a while seriously, and said, "it's good to count them."

Li Xiao said, "I agree."

It's rare to get praise from his father. The little prince's eyes brightened a little. Song song couldn't feel it because of the little prince's short legs. He kicked Li Xiao below and said, "don't hurt little life."

The little prince did not dare to speak. Song song song got up and went out. He stretched out his hand to open the window. The green dots turned into a river of stars and flew out. The little prince looked at it in amazement and ran to open his claws to hug: "Kangkang!"

Song song bent down to pick him up, the little prince has been staring at the Flying Star River disappeared, still holding his neck, turned back: "fly elbow."

"Originally, I watched it with your father. Who asked you to come here?" Song song angrily pointed his little nose, but heard Li Xiao smile again: "do you want to count fireflies with me?"

"Not now." When he heard Ji Ying's words, he still had some longing. Now the atmosphere is gone. He thinks he is stupid to do so. He asks people to light the light again. He puts the little prince at the table and says, "give me an endorsement."


"What are you? You can sleep after reciting this poem."

The little prince immediately bitterly went to see his father. The latter looked thoughtful and said, "the emperor doesn't want to endorse it. Don't you want to accompany him to learn martial arts tomorrow?"

The little prince immediately raised his hands and replied excitedly, "yes, yes!"

My father taught him martial arts in person. I'm crazy to think about it!

What else did song song song want to say? He closed his mouth again.

The next day, while he was still in a dream, he was suddenly woken up by someone. He was sleeping between his two fathers. He stirred up his long eyelashes and went to see them blankly. He listened to his father's words: "it's time to get up."

The little prince closed his eyes again. He didn't even have the spirit to speak. Song song song said, "look, I know he can't get up. He's too young. Two years later."

"He said yes." Li Xiao said, "you are not joking."

"But he is not a king yet..."

Li Xiao looked at him, "my mother is a loser."

“……” Song song didn't dare to talk again.

At dawn, Li Xiao got up and tidied up. Then he took the little guy in his single clothes out to the backyard and went out. Facing the fresh air, he made the little prince shiver: "Huhuang..."

"Stand up." Li Xiao put him on the ground, light way: "yesterday promised today's martial arts, good stand."

Before the little prince could wash, he stood in the yard, sleepy and dozing. Song song song took a look at the door and felt a little cruel.

Li Xiao moved a stool to stare at him in his spare time. After a while, song song song packed up and came out, saying: "I'll stare. It's time for you to go to the morning court."

Li Xiao looked at him and said, "stand for half an hour. If you let him go back in advance, I'll know. I'll add another half an hour tomorrow."

After all, Li Xiao is still the master of the family. Song song song nods his head and takes over Li Xiao's place. The little prince is so sleepy that he cries: "sleepy, sleepy.""Don't you want to practice martial arts yourself?" Song song said: "you have no joke. If you say something, you will bear the consequences."

The little prince looked at him pitifully and said, "can Xin'er Su baby."

"You are the future prince. From now on, you should learn to be responsible for what you have said." Song song endured his heartache and carried out Li Xiao's words to the end. After that, he said with a soft heart: "if you promise to study hard in the future, I can help you ask your father to study martial arts two years later."

The little prince nodded his head and wiped his tears. He opened his feet and wanted to come over. He was stopped by song song song: "finish today's stand first, otherwise it's not good to explain to your father."

The little prince's feet drew back and continued to stand while he was crying. Soon he began to stagger. His hands and feet seemed to ache. Finally, when it was time, song song song immediately picked him up and rubbed him gently, saying, "will you be good in the future?"

The little prince choked and said, "good."

"Do you want to read?"


"Then you will show your father tonight and tell him your determination, OK?"

The little prince nodded. His wet face was gradually wiped clean by his father. Suddenly, he said timidly, "I, don't I learn martial arts?"

Song song smiles gently and gently -

"of course not."

The little prince's expression was wronged again, his mouth flattened into a curve, worried about his future for a while, then fell asleep.

Song song put him on the bed, pulled the quilt to cover his bulging stomach, looked at it, and couldn't help smiling: "little fool."

"Big fool calls little fool."

Song song looked back and saw Li Xiao. He said unexpectedly, "why did you come back so early?"

"I'm afraid you are soft hearted. "Li Xiao opened his arms and said," and they don't dare to talk when you're not here today. "

Song song chuckled, took off his robe and crown, and said, "don't tell them I'm not here."

Now, with the little prince, he doesn't go every time. Anyway, he always goes behind the curtain. Sometimes when he's not there, there won't be any problem.

Li Xiao said solemnly, "I can't go to court without songer."

"After that, if you don't have me, you won't go to court?"

He said casually, but Li Xiao suddenly grabbed his hand and fixed his eyes on him. Song song song was stunned, took a puff, but didn't take it out, and said: "how..."

"Where do you want to go?"

"I'm just kidding." Song song looked at his expression and explained, "I will not go anywhere except for your majesty."

The black in Li Xiao's eyes gradually faded away, and he said in a soft voice: "songer is my life."

Song song was used to his emotions. But every time he saw this, he felt nervous. He said, "when the little guy grows up, you can teach him to practice martial arts."


Song song kisses his lips and hugs him for a while. He can feel the strength of his embrace for Li Xiao. Li Xiao reaches out his hand to touch his long hair and says, "when he gets bigger and takes over the throne, I'll take song'er to the mountains and rivers."

Song song a smile, way: "think all feel very tired."

"Do you feel tired, or do you want to leave him?"

"Why are you jealous with him?" Song song held his face, pointed his nose at him, and said, "it's just that it's a bit of trouble to go out. But if your majesty likes it, I will always accompany you."



"Can you accompany me on huangquan road?"

Song song said with a smile, "I'll be with you wherever you are."

Li Xiao bent his lips, took the tip of his nose to him, pecked his lips and said, "don't be a Xin'er?"

Here we go again.

Song song said: "compared with him, of course, his majesty is more important."

Li Xiao kisses him again, but suddenly a movement comes from the bed. A small head comes out from the inside. Song song song pushes Li Xiao away and wipes his mouth: "how, how did you wake up?"

Little prince a face of despair: "the original dull, only like to turn the door emperor."

Song song song said, "since you wake up, recite the poem."

"You have to be dumb to kiss."

Li Xiao glanced at him and said, "I think Xin'er is a good age to learn martial arts."

The little prince's paw trembled for a while, then he drew back and closed his eyes.

Outside the curtain of the bed, there was a conversation between two people.

"You scared him?"

"That's what I think."

The little prince raised his hands and pounded his ears hard. He couldn't hear.

"If Wen doesn't become Wu, can he do it in the future?"

"Then..." Song song also felt ashamed, and once again worried about the Royal reproduction: "is it too late to have another one?"“……” Li Xiao said, "well, try it?"


After running for many years on the way to try, song song song finally realized that this try was really just a try.

Li Xiao never really wanted to have another one.

It's just taking the responsibility of reproduction to make the day go faster.

It's just day after day, there's no end.

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