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Using a Wok to Reorganize Life and Fly to Immortality
Author: Salted Lobster
Alternative names:我用大锅整活
Genre: Fantasy

Using a Wok to Reorganize Life and Fly to Immortality

Su Yu, a descendant of a royal chef, entered a novel of the immortal world. She became a second senior sister who took over a mountain full of wounded and disabled from her missing senior brother.

According to the original plot, her third junior brother’s golden core was broken. Her fourth junior brother gets into trouble. His fifth junior brother was deceived… In short, they are dead, become casualties, or are injured.

Su Yu: Ah, this… our division seems to be over.

Looking at a group of skinny, weak, or disabled juniors, Su Yu, who wanted to retire: What kind of immortals are cultivating and fighting? Come and help me cook! Peace is a blessing!

However, when she researched the ingredients in this world of cultivating immortals and decided to make a pot of delicious vegetables… the spiritual energy in the wok was great and the fragrance spread, but there was a faint circle of energy, which turned into super-quality spiritual pill that could repair broken meridians lying on the bottom of the wok.

Su Yu: !

The seriously wounded and waiting to die juniors: !

Master Su didn’t believe in failure. When she was preparing to make a lotus leaf roasted rib, oil dripped and the aroma was overflowing. But at the bottom, there was a faint gleam of light accompanied a two-foot-long spirit sword, unparalleled in sword energy and a rare treasure once in a century.

Junior brother who gave up cultivation because of lack of spirit sword: !

Looking at the pots and pans full of spiritual pills and spiritual treasures piled up in her small kitchen, Su Yu frowned.

You may not believe it, but I just want to make a dish.

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