War in Heaven

~ The end of childhood

July 2040.

The icy continent at the southernmost tip of the earth is in a long polar night. There is no light 24 hours a day.

However, even in the deepest darkness, some people still take risks to explore.

"Push! Hurry up!"

An old male voice burst suddenly and was immediately overwhelmed by the roar of the engine.

The beam of light tore the icy night, under the rolling of huge wheels, the snowflakes covering the ice rose into the sky. An all-terrain off-road vehicle gallops across the Antarctic ice sheet, and the white body is painted with the big blue words "Polar Explorer".

"Stop shouting, the show is about to start, today is the final word!" A female voice sounded in the car.

The SUV drove on the ice field, and a man and a woman in the car calmed down, listening to the male voice from the stereo. The voice was sullen and frustrated, with a slight sense of granularity:

"Welcome to the large suspense series "Underworld Walker". Today I will tell you the final chapter. The three Underworld walkers finally arrived at the center of the abyss, what will be waiting for them? The answer will be announced soon!"

The two sitting in the self-driving off-road vehicle-to be exact is a holographic projection of a man and a woman, waiting for the final chapter of "The Dark Walker" with anticipation.

What sounded next was not the final chapter content, but a rough male voice:

"It's all **** the last chapter and still listening to piracy? Can you make a face! Can you move bricks to make money if you have no money? Respect the creator's efforts, %&^#!"

"Fuck, I told you to buy the genuine one." The woman in the car complained.

"Lao Zi's hard-earned money can't be spent on these obsessive voices." The old man straightened his chest.

"Then you will get out of it, I will listen to it myself."

The voice of the woman was not over. The old man was already on the radio and asked, "Darian, can we get the resources for the final chapter of "Underworld Walker?"

"Go listen to the genuine." Impatient girl tone quickly answered him: "I have no time."

"Wait, next..."

The old man's voice did not fall, and I saw that the woman sitting next to him had clicked the payment button.

"Don't waste your time, old man!" The holographic projection of the mining queen Mediaa raised her **** to the old man: "I'm going to listen to myself, and you can find it!"

"The young people nowadays have never experienced hard times."

The old man, Shen Wenchong to be precise, focused his eyes on the ice field illuminated by the headlights while shaking his head.

Unlike the world in which he used to live, everything in this world has to be paid for and cannot be robbed like before.

Although five years have passed, Shen Wenchong is still not used to the real-world lifestyle.

Seeing that Media is focusing on the final chapter of "Underworld Walker", without buying the genuine Shen Wenchong, the old projection leans on the seat.

Amidst boredom, a picture from five years ago appeared before his eyes. That was the most impressive scene in his long life:

At that time, Shen Wenchong was repairing the broken government doll in his workshop. There was a sudden noise outside.

"Be quiet……"

Some rickety old men mumbled off the sweat on their faces and walked out of the workshop slowly with crutches, but saw all the people in the base appear on the open ground.

"What are you doing?"

When Shen Wenchong just asked, he saw the owner of this base hurriedly approaching, and the gray-faced followers who had just returned came down with their heads in shame.

"Sorry." Mo Liya whispered: "It's just impulsive."

"It's okay."

Looking at the followers who had just returned, Lin Chi nodded: "At least you are all alive."

"I said, can you explain? What's going on?" Shen Wen asked with a confused face.

Today, he has been renovating the puppets in the workshop, not paying much attention to what is happening outside. I don't know where these guys have gone, but judging from the blood and dirt on them, the others should have just experienced a fierce battle.

"Did you go camping, kid?"

Shen Wenchong pretended to be joking with humor, but no one laughed. This time, the atmosphere in the base was much more serious than usual.

Lin Chi wore a dark blue jacket and brown trousers, which seemed to be rather casually dressed, but inexplicably revealed some kind of "coercion", so Shen Wenchong couldn't help but put away a smile, some guilty questions Tao: "What's the matter?"

"Everyone, it's time for you to know the truth." Lin Chi narrowed his eyes.

Shen Wenchong hadn't had time to ask questions, and a lot of information had been instilled into his consciousness.

At that moment, he had doubts about this world, but he had no time to think deeply. Instantly understood the truth,

Then all the attendants present were silent.

Even if doubts had long been generated, when all problems were resolved, Shen Wenchong still felt a strong shock.

What should I say? It was like a whole universe appeared in front of me.

His eyes lost focus and his eyes flashed back the process of the world from birth to near collapse. After a long silence, he finally asked in a hoarse voice:

"So... everything is fake?"

"If you think that the world created by computers is false, I have no objection."

Lin Chi said softly, looking at his subordinates who were still in shock: "But, I don't think all of this is false. At least your life is real, and the time spent fighting together is also a precious memory."

Jane kept rubbing her eyes in confusion, as if there was sand in her eyes. Several SOG soldiers sat down on the ground, throwing their firearms aside.

All the attendants in the base were in a trance-like manner.

After all, these sudden messages are too "stimulating" for them.

"Okay." Lin clapped his hands late.

"I know you are shocked, but now, I'm running out of time. This spacecraft is about to cut off the signal connection to the lunar radio antenna. I must leave before then."

"Anyway, you are all my men. So, are you willing to leave here with me and go to the real world? Or stay here and live in this world as an indigenous people?"

Faced with difficult choices, the attendants continued to remain silent. This time, the first woman to speak was a tall woman with long red hair:

"I'm going to reality."

"Mining Queen" Media raised her right hand, as if a flame was burning in her eyes: "I want to see the real earth, dig the ore there, and explore all the continents!"


"Oh, it's finally here!"

Media's excited voice pulled Shen Wenchong back from memory to reality. The "Queen of Mining" with an iron-gray body controls the slender mechanical body and jumps out of the car, looking at a black rock illuminated by the headlights.

"This is the meteorite you said?" Shen Wenchong asked in a low voice.

"Yes, yes, and it may be from the asteroid belt!" When it comes to his major, Media's speech speed becomes very fast: "It may contain new elements that humans have never been exposed to, and I, the great Master Media, is the first person to come into contact with them!"

"You probably think too much..."

Shen Wenchong had no intention of getting out of the car, but continued to sit in the passenger seat and watched the electric drill installed by Mediaa with his right hand to drill the meteorite about three meters in diameter.

He still remembers that Media was the first person to make a decision.

After the woman gave the answer, and then chose the road, it was the hacker from New York, Darian.

The girl with the laptop in her arms blinked slowly with green eyes, reaching for the burn marks on her face:

"Master, now humans, should develop very advanced technology?"

"Yeah." Lin Chi replied.

"Then I will go with you." Darian said seriously: "The latest quantum computer should be fun. And I don't have any relatives here."

"Okay, how about others?" Lin Chi looked around.

"Comrades, I'm going to speak!" This time the thin one-eyed bald man was speaking.

In the eyes of everyone, Crazy Evan threw away his bomb backpack and said aloud: "I want to stay here!"

"Aren't you going to see the real world?" Lin Chi stared at the crazy man who was dancing.

"Can you get caught in an explosion over there?" Evan laughed: "And the Soviets in that world no longer exist, and the evil U.S. Emperor is still alive. I will not admit this result!"

"Well, you just stay here." Lin Chi smiled: "Here is a'parallel world'."

——In this time and space, the Soviet Union has not disintegrated and is still in a large-scale duel with the United States. More importantly, if this mixed ball really goes to reality, I am afraid it will cause troublesome explosions.

There is no doubt that this is the most suitable stage for blasting expert Mad Evan.

At the same time, another entourage also made a choice:

"Master Courier."

The Mephirist sage from the old city of Sodom, Molia, walked forward with a light pace, and the white dress remained spotless:

"Sorry, I really want to help you, but I still decided to stay here. I am a blood family, not suitable for going to the reality you are in. In this world, there is something I am looking for."

"I respect your decision." Lin nodded slowly.

Seeing that other entourages were giving answers, Shen Wen lowered his head in a frown and looked at his skinny hands.

"Hey, Shen Wenchong."

This time interrupting Shen Wenchong's recollection is Dalian: "You got the resources for the last chapter of "Underworld Walker."

"No, I am planning to buy a genuine copy." Shen Wenhong frowned slightly.

"You found it with a conscience? Old man." Dalian's voice was still sarcasm.

The followers who came to reality with Lin Chi were all old friends who knew each other. They had no quarrels with each other, and their speech was always very straightforward.

Facing Dalian's sarcasm, Shen Wen shook his head: "The crafts I made have just been sold and I made a lot of money."

As soon as this remark came out, Darian immediately changed her flattering tone: "Can you borrow some money to upgrade the hardware? Recently, Lin Chi wouldn't let me do my old business, and it's really annoying that the money is running out..."

"Because he also knows that it is illegal for you to rob a bank."

Shen Wenchong opened the trading interface and counted the income he had just received while antagonizing each other.

The reason why I choose to go to reality is also due to my absolute self-confidence: with my own manufacturing skills, even in an unfamiliar world, I will certainly be able to live well.

In addition, I am already a centenarian in the world of "Heaven of War", and I am afraid it is coming. Even if you choose to stay, you will die soon.

Although death here does not mean a complete end, but for Shen Wenchong, it is impossible to accept all the memories after being washed and restarted.

Because, I am the greatest organist in history, I must let this craft... pass on.

"So you want to go with me, right? Shen Wenchong."


At that time, Shen Wenchong nodded without hesitation, but saw Lin Chi's words stop talking.

"What's wrong with you?" Shen Wenhong asked.

"Did you serve the young master of Flamewind City when you were young?" Lin Chi suddenly thrown a question.

"No, I have been under General Qin." Shen Wenchong shook his head immediately.

"Oh, that's fine." Lin Chi whispered.

Speaking of which, Shen Wenchong also guessed what Lin Chi said, and a smirk immediately appeared on the old face: "Boy, you met me in a parallel space? Is he handsome and handsome? I was famous for my beauty when I was young man……"

"Shen Wenchong there is a pseudo-mother." Lin Chi said seriously.

The voice was not down, the few people next to him had laughed loudly, but Shen Wenchong was stunned in the face: "Ah?"

"I'm just kidding."


Shen Wen, who was sitting in the off-road vehicle, rushed back to his mind and turned on the radio in the car before buying the final words of the "Dark Walker" radio drama.

A soft female voice began to broadcast today’s newsletter in Chinese:

"The Associated Press news that the US military used a drone to kill Richard Blackton in the United Kingdom. This person was one of the suspects who attacked the US military base in Guam five years ago."

"The United Nations has passed the "Artificial Intelligence Treaty." At present, 147 countries have signed the treaty. This treaty aims to determine the citizenship of artificial intelligence and provide security for artificial intelligence while ensuring human safety."

"The third artificial intelligence games will open at the end of July. The main content of the games is e-sports."

After listening to the news broadcast, Shen Wenchong closed his projection eyes, ignored Media, who was studying the meteorite, and prepared to immerse himself in the story of "Underworld Walker".

When they first arrived in the real world, they were regarded as "artificial intelligence" by real humans. In order to avoid being discovered by others, they could only hide in Lin Chi's house in an unusually low-key manner.

But now, times have changed.

With the further development of science and technology, artificial intelligence organisms are increasing, and humans begin to recognize the existence of artificial intelligence and coexist peacefully with them.

Of course, in order to ensure that artificial intelligence creatures will not treason, the necessary monitoring measures have always been there.

However, these followers brought to reality by Lin Chi have not yet exposed the identity of artificial intelligence.

——Unlike these “creatures” created by human beings later, they came from that world, but they are actually living people.

Thinking of this, Shen Wenchong smiled again on the old face projected:

After all, he once lived in another world and experienced a long and glorious life.


In the dense forest of Liulishan Forest Park, the agile figure is going fast.

Unlike ordinary walkers in the woods, the man who ran in the woods wore a light pink pleated skirt and a white short top, with leather boots and bubble socks, and looked like from the shop window The doll ran out of it.

Although the body shape is a standard adult woman, with a childish sense of small round face and single ponytail hairstyle, it is completely inconsistent with the figure, creating a strong sense of violation.

This is the shortcoming in the design of the new version of "Maid Robot". However, those who are using this body do not care about this insignificant defect.


The slender fingers covered by the artificial skin caressed through the small wound on the right cheek. Noting that his face was injured, the expression of "girl" became serious.

——Go back and repair the skin, otherwise the artificial muscle below may rot.

She was thinking about it, and a listless male voice sounded in the wireless headphones:


"Yes." She answered immediately.

"A patrol drone passed by you, don't get caught." The man yawned.

"no need to worry."

The Frankenstein said, put his right hand in the jacket pocket and pressed it. The optical camouflage protective cover on his body instantly started, and the whole person directly integrated with the jungle and silently leaned on the trunk.

The faint buzzing sound of the drone flying over the jungle.

Ten seconds later, Frankenstein released the optical camouflage and continued to walk deep into the jungle.

With the further destruction of the global environment, people finally began to realize the importance of protecting the environment. This unattended forest park has also seen patrol drones in the past two years.

Despite this, some people still risked arrest and built illegal buildings here.

"Did you forget to bring it?" The man smiled softly: "I'm hungry."

"I brought it." The Frankenstein's tone revealed an unpleasant tone, glancing down at what was in his hand.

On the cylindrical cake box, the words "Midnight" and "MIDNIGHT" are written, with a red rose pattern on the side, and the words "Midnight Dessert House Limited Edition" are written in small letters on the edge.

——Midnight Dessert House, which was famous five years ago, is said to have started from a small shop downstairs in a certain community. Today, it has become a national chain of famous stores, which can be called the existence of the king of the domestic dessert world.

The girl who created the "Midnight Dessert House" was hailed as the "Queen" of the dessert industry.

Perhaps because she was tired, she started to retreat behind the scenes a year ago, and rarely made desserts by herself.

The dessert that the girl made by herself is now difficult to obtain. Some people often try to buy her "authentic" at a high price, but always return without success.

However, the cake carried in Frankenstein's hands came from the owner of the dessert shop at midnight.

"Come on, I'm hungry," the man urged.

The little face of the maid robot showed an irritable expression: "I just threw the cake."

"Sorry, sorry." The man said quickly: "I was wrong."


Listening to the other's busy apology, the artificial muscles on the robot's face also stretched out, and the wrinkles on his face disappeared immediately.

Coming to a towering tree, she reached out to grab the dent in the trunk and climbed up in two steps. Standing on a wooden board between two branches, the lens in his eyes stared at the tree house in front of him.

The tree house is made of lightweight composite materials, with an area of ​​about 40 square meters, and the roof is covered with leaves for camouflage camouflage. Only this kind of giant tree who has not lived for a long time can support a tree house of this scale.

Frankenstein stood in front of the wooden house door, opened the dark green curtain hanging at the door, and entered the "luxury" house.

Although it is summer, the house is extremely cool, and the environment in the dense forest creates the effect of natural air conditioning.

Frankenstein remembers that when he first came to Forest Park, a man once said that building a tree house was his childhood dream.

——"Do you know the "Tree House"?"

- "A house built on a tree."

——"Yes, that's the kind of house made of planks and hanging on the tree. My childhood ideal was to build a tree house when I grew up, and then live in it, and live a happy life."


And now, when the childhood ideal was the guy who built the bookstore, he was sitting on the sofa facing the entrance.

"Hi." The man waved at Frankenstein.

The original messy hair turned into a refreshing inch, the man was as thin as before, and his eyes were still indifferent. Except for the hairstyle, it was basically the same as five years ago.

Lin Chi was still casually dressed, still wearing jeans with holes and an ordinary white shirt. Although the appearance is still pretty, but the decadent temperament has not changed for so many years.

However, something internal has changed.

I can still feel it while learning to become a Frankenstein of human beings. Compared with him five years ago, Lin Chi is like a new person. The man who tried to enter the digital world to meet eternity was gone, replaced by another man who was a little bit elusive.

Frankenstein put the cake on the small table in the middle of the wooden house, and the lens in his eyes looked at the laid-back man. After a moment of silence, he slowly said:

"Although it has been many times, I still want to ask, are you really Lin Chi?"

"What do you think I am, then what I am." Lin Chi's body leaning back on the sofa shrank inwards, and with a wave of his right hand, a holographic projection appeared immediately beside him.

"Welcome to watch the virtual anchor tea party!"

Seeing a purple-haired maid posing as a cute girl in the projection, Frankenstein sat down on the wooden chair next to her and said, "Your hobby is getting more and more boring."

"Older, I want to see something cute."

Lin Chiman said casually, his eyes fixed on the virtual anchor who was selling cute, but his consciousness gradually went away because of the problem of Frankenstein.

-The question "Are you yourself" has been asked many times by Frankenstein.

After all, even Lin Chi occasionally wondered whether the return from the solar sail spacecraft was the "Lin Chi" in the past, or a created avatar.

That incredible night five years ago, I did get the highest authority for "War Heaven" and successfully saved the world from the chaos. At the last moment before the spacecraft cut off contact with the earth, the followers who were willing to follow themselves entered the earth network.

But is this really the case? Maybe the memories are also false:

——At the last moment before leaving the world, the girl who gave herself the highest authority had a final conversation with herself.

"Are you sure you want to leave and give up such a good opportunity? If you quit now, you will never be able to return..."

"Yes." Lin Chi nodded without hesitation: "There are people on earth waiting for me."

"Don't want to be eternal in the electronic world?" the girl asked.

"Of course I think." Lin Chi replied frankly: "But that time has not yet arrived."

Before, he had nothing to worry about in the real world, so he could simply choose to leave.

But now, there are still people in the family waiting to go back.


When Lin Chi got the answer, the girl sighed. Just when Lin Chi was about to try to forcibly quit, she spoke again:

"That's fine, at least you didn't repeat my tragedy."

Standing on the refreshing lawn, Lin Chi nodded to the girl: "Thanks."

"No, it's me who should say thank you." The girl smiled slightly: "Leave here, savior."

While the two had a conversation, the scene in front of Lin Chi began to blur. The hut in the valley and the girl standing in front of the house were distorting at a rapid rate.

I will leave this place forever.

Realizing this, Lin Chi was confirming whether the followers kept up, but heard the girl say another sentence:

"I prepared a surprise--"

He had no time to ask what the so-called surprise was. The whole person had left "War Heaven", and after a short "coma", he woke up from the game warehouse.

After spending too long in the virtual world, he just returned to reality and was a little confused. He unconsciously loosened his restraint.

Then, he noticed that the welcome robot in the white shell was looking at himself and asked, "Are you all right?"

"I... seemed to have a long nightmare." Lin Chi said.

"Who are you?" Frankenstein asked.

"Of course... I myself." Lin Chi said slowly, sitting up and moving his numb limbs: "Be prepared, some guests are coming."

"What guest?" Frankenstein took a step back.

Looking at the robot's alert look, Lin Chi smiled and motioned to calm down: "It's my followers."

——In the last moment before quitting "Heaven of War" forever, Lin Chi used the highest authority of the creator to carry out some "black box operations."

He explained everything to his followers and gave them the opportunity to choose. Some of them followed him into the real world, and some chose to stay in "Heaven of War."

For those who stay in the virtual world, the farewell just now is farewell.

However, Lin Chi believes that with the abilities of those guys, staying in this world will also do well:


The bald blasting expert looked at the mushroom cloud he had made, and happily searched for something from his backpack. The Soviet soldiers beside him asked curiously: "What are you doing? There are no enemies here."

"This is a firework dedicated to a good brother!" Crazy Evan laughed.


The three soldiers of SOG walked through the burning street, assault rifles equipped with optical sights, and aimed at the street corner in front.

"The United States needs us, even if it is only false."


"Jackal" Mondello put on a camouflage hood and got up and left the apartment where he was hiding. As soon as he opened the door, he saw his ex-wife appeared in front of him.

"Don't grab the bank." Zenia's voice was disdainful: "Come with me, there is a big job."

"Don't you hate me?" Mondello's voice trembled.

"We have already avenged, aren't we?" Zenia smiled and patted his shoulder: "Come on, dear, let's get another vote."


In the Imperial Palace of Flamewind City, a handsome man wearing an ancient exoskeleton bowed his head in front of General Qin and clenched his fists tightly:

"The young master will not come back, but I will still work for the flame wind army. I am the wind of flame."


On the deserted frozen waste soil, the big lich turned the magic book with the blue skin using his bone-only fingers. Countless skeletons began to crawl out of the dirt, and blue flames lit in the hollow eyes.

"The followers, servants, soldiers from the dark winter! Follow the call of Kel'Thuzad!"


In the collapsed church, the slender figure wrapped in a gray cloak hurried forward, with clear brown eyes under the hood, staring at the **** cross directly in front:

"I'm sorry, Master Courier. Even then I will continue to beg for help. I want to understand the meaning of my existence... what is it."


In addition to the followers who stayed here, the followers who left with them also found a way to survive in this "other world".

Skeleton Face opened a small bar in the field and drunk and dreamed with the guests every day.

Media, Darian and Shen Wenchong are now exploring the Antarctic.

As for Jane and the child's "pets", it was not far below the tree house.


A fast-moving mechanical hound, swinging his claws and cutting open the dead branches in front, the body covered by the iron gray shell jumped forward, and turned back to observe the open space behind with a mechanical lens.

"Slow down, it's not easy to walk here." The robot behind made a clear juvenile voice.

The robot is a relatively small model, consistent with the height of "Jane" in another world. The whole body is covered with silver metal, and the lines are very smooth. The LCD mask on the face shows a -_- expression .

Looking at the robot's faltering look, the hound sighed and asked, "Is this good?"

"Good?" The robot shook his head. "I like it very much."

——I have regained my freedom, and I am no longer the superpower warrior that was used. Now you can be said to have never been easier.

After gaining a new identity, Zhen awakened the "wildlife" hobby, just like a child of this age, wandering around the forest park with a "hunter" every day, observing various animals and plants, looking for hidden Cave.

However, the beast wanted to ask not this:

"I mean, that man." The hound looked up at the tree house above his head. "You like that man, right."

Jane's body shuddered, almost losing balance, and quickly denied: "No, I just treat him as a loved one!"

"Ah, but I think he should be a pair with the "Frankenstein"." The hound said: "If you don't hurry up, you will have no chance in the future."

"I will hurry! No, you haven't heard anything..."

Explaining panicly, the sound was covered by the crackling sound of a broken tree branch.

He panicked across the low bushes, and a cold female voice sounded in his consciousness: "How can I help you solve Frankenstein?"

Zhen talked silently with another consciousness of her own: "It's not that kind of like, don't think too much."

"When do you let us go out to play?" The woman sneered: "We are trapped here for a long time, should we change people?"

"Next time, I haven't seen enough scenery."

Jane accelerated her pace and kept up with the mechanical hound walking in front.


"What are you dazed about? The game is about to start."

Hearing the sound of Frankenstein, Lin scratched his head, turned off the projection of the virtual anchor, and switched the screen to the arena.

"Dear viewers, tonight's "Life and Death Duel" is about to begin. This time the ultimate showdown is going to be the strongest in-brain imaging game player in history-the coach, and the legendary killer demon-Blood Blade! A game starts in five minutes, be prepared to be shocked!"

Looking at the scene of the two players rubbing their hands together and eager to try, and then looked at Lin Chi sitting in a daze on the sofa, Frankenstein couldn't help but ask: "Aren't you going to participate."

"Ah?" Lin Chi frowned and looked at the maid robot.

"You haven't played the game in a few years, don't you think about coming back." Frankenstein's eyes focused on the retro wooden table lamp beside Lin Chi: "Still miss that game? Now no one remembers "War Heaven", right? ."

Netizens' memories are very short. Today, the sensational "Heaven of War" has long been unknown, and many new players even think that the game does not exist at all, just the stories compiled by the old players.

The turmoil caused by the game's sudden suspension of service, and the legend of a man's unknown salvation, have long been covered with dust, and will never be known by others. But even so...

"I still remember." Lin Chi smiled. "That's enough."

He stood up, walked to the wooden board outside the tree house, and looked up at the blue sky.

——In a distant starry sky beyond his own sight, a solar sail spacecraft is drifting.

The spaceship was loaded with dangerous weapons that once destroyed a military base, as well as a quantum computer, and an entire world.

In that world, dramatic stories are being staged all the time. The lives and deaths, love and hate of countless people have gone away with the spaceship.

However, Lin Chi will never forget his adventure in that world.


The sound of Frankenstein sounded from behind him: "I have always wanted to ask, there is another question."

"What's the problem?" Lin Chi turned to look at the pretty face of the maid robot.

"That one……"

The maid robot lowered her head as if thinking for a moment, then spoke again:

"Are you going to join me in the duel of life and death?"

"Huh?" Lin raised his eyebrows late.

"The game I lost to you at the beginning, the more I thought about it, the more I was unconvinced. Let's have another game. Just like the coach and the blood blade, a game is played in front of everyone." Frankenstein waved his right fist: "This I won’t lose to you again.”

Hearing this, Lin Chi couldn't help laughing, looking at the girl who challenged herself: "Do you still want to lose again?"

"You will lose." Frankenstein's tone is very certain.

"Go and sign up, I'll finish the cake first."

Lin Chi said, turned and walked back to the tree house: "Go tell them that the real professional players are back."

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