What Should I Do If I Have a Bad Start After Crossing Over?

Chapter 10


    Maybe her gaze was too hot, Xia Yirou noticed it.

    The eyes of the two of them collided in the air.

    Jiang Yuchu didn't look back, but still looked at her.

    Only now did she realize that Xia Yirou's eyes were beautiful. It turned out that Jiang Zhengnuo's eyes followed her.

    Xia Yirou's eyes are black and clear, like lacquer, and there seems to be a vast ocean in them.

    Jiang Yuchu put down his work and walked to Xia Yirou's side, with a tone of joy and surprise,

    "Miss Xia, why are you here?"

    "I teach here"

    Xia Yirou took a step back and maintained a safe social distance from Jiang Yuchu.

    Yes, she forgot, Xia Yirou seems to have become a teacher later, Du Tao once told Yuanshen, but Yuanshen didn't care.

     "Mr. Xia also come to buy milk tea?"

    "Buy for Zheng Nuo"

    Every time Jiang Zhengnuo went out of school with her, she couldn't help but sneak a peek at the milk tea shop.

    Xia Yirou knew that Jiang Zhengnuo wanted to drink it, but it took a long time to line up to buy milk tea. She never had time to buy it for Jiang Zhengnuo before.

    Today Du Tao will go to the kindergarten to pick up Jiang Zhengnuo, so she has time to line up here to buy milk tea.

    I didn't expect Jiang Yuchu to work here.

    Maybe as Du Tao said, Jiang Yuchu began to change.

    But what does it have to do with her, she will not believe that Jiang Yuchu's black heart can be washed away by time.


    "Xiao Zhengnuo wants to drink, what about you"

    "I'm not interested in this"

    Jiang Yuchu felt that Xia Yirou's face-changing ability was very strong. Before meeting her, Xia Yirou had a gentle smile on her face and greeted the students. When she saw her, His face instantly turned cold.

    The speed of changing faces is astonishing.

    Jiang Yuchu is thick-skinned, she doesn't care about her hot face sticking to her cold ass.

    After all, she is someone who is determined to make friends with Xia Yirou.

    She had expected the process to be difficult, but she was fearless.

    She went back to the store and took out two cups of milk tea and handed it to Xia Yirou.

    "Here, no more lines"

    "No more"

    "Zhengnuo wouldn't want the milk tea from the queue"

    Jiang Yuchu was choked and speechless.

    So, she returned the milk tea she just took.

    "Let me line up, the line is too crowded"

    Xia Yirou glanced at her lightly and did not refuse.

    Just like that, Jiang Yuchu lined up in front of his milk tea shop, Xia Yirou stood aside and read a book.

    When the clerks saw the boss lining up, their movements were much faster.

    After waiting in line for half an hour, Jiang Yuchu finally got the milk tea that was queued upright.

    "Here, I bought it this time"

    Jiang Yuchu was sweating a lot, the team was too crowded, and the place where people gathered was particularly hot.

     "Thank you"

    Xia Yirou closed the book, then took out a hundred yuan and stuffed it into Jiang Yuchu's hand, took the milk tea and left.

    Very decisive.

    The ruthless woman.

    However, who has feelings for someone who has hurt them?

    Jiang Yuchu, you can't always think about problems from your own point of view, but look at problems from Xia Yirou's point of view.

    After Jiang Yuchu reacted, he shouted "Mr. Xia, give me a lot"

    Why did you give her one hundred dollars?

    Forget it, give it back to her next time I see her.

    She went back in a depressed mood and explained a few words to Li Hong, and went back on a motorcycle.

    When she left the first intersection of Mi County No. 1 Middle School, she saw a group of people gathered in front of her.

    She's not in the mood to watch the fun right now, she just glanced at it and decided to leave.

    But when she saw the woman sitting on the ground in the crowd, she suddenly stopped the car.

    Why did Xia Yirou fall?

    She got out of the car quickly, because she was too anxious, she was mixed up when she got out of the car.

    "Thank you"

    "Sorry, Teacher Xia, are you alright"

    A boy in a school uniform apologized in a panic.

    "It's okay, next time pay attention to travel safety"

    Xia said gently in a soft tone, she wanted to try to stand up, but found that her legs were temporarily unable to exert strength.

    "Teacher, let me take you to the hospital"

    "What's going on?"

    Jiang Yuchu squatted beside Xia Yirou with a worried face.

    "It's none of your business"

    Seeing the person coming, her gentle tone suddenly turned cold.

    Jiang Yuchu reached out to see Xia Yirou's injury, but she was fiercely blocked by Xia Yirou before she touched it.

    "Don't touch me"

    Jiang Yuchu's hand was in the air, and then she silently took it back.

    She looked at the perpetrator, a student of Rice Noodle No.1 Middle School.

    The motorcycle must belong to her family.

    When the boy saw her spit ice-like eyes, his body couldn't help shaking, and he lowered his head in panic.

     Behind the boy stood a girl, who was pale and panicked.

    She almost got it.

    Mixian No. 1 Middle School expressly prohibits falling in love, this kid even used the family motorcycle to pick up girls.

    She can't control that. The problem is that she hurt Xia Yirou, so she will manage it.

    She said to the boy indifferently, "Give me your parents' phone numbers"

    "Sister, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, can you please not tell my parents."

    "Hurry up"

    Jiang Yuchu urged with impatience and anger.

    "Why, dare to do it or not, or call the police, you choose one"

    The boy's face turned pale.

    "Forget it, it's just a minor injury"

    Xia Yirou told the boy:

    "You don't want to ride the motorcycle at home next time, you know? It's not safe. If something goes wrong, your family will be worried"

    This student is from Xia Yirou's class. In my impression, this boy is quite quiet and shy.

    Although she won't pursue anything, she will contact his parents and let them pay attention, after all, it will be bad if something happens.

    "It's called a minor injury."

    Jiang Yuchu said in a somewhat aggressive tone.

    "Shut up"


    "I'll take you to the hospital"

    "No, I'm fine"

    Jiang Yuchu was a little angry, why is this woman so stubborn, even if she doesn't like her, she can't make fun of her body!

    She doesn't care.

    Jiang Yuchu directly hugged Xia Yirou.

    "What are you doing! Let me go"

    Xia Yirou exclaimed, with a strong anger in her tone.

    She resisted, her body became tense the moment Jiang Yuchu touched her, and her eyes were intertwined with fear and fear.

    As she got closer, she could smell the faint milky fragrance of Jiang Yuchu's body, which was the smell of Jiang Yuchu's pheromone.

    But she felt a physical nausea.

    Jiang Yuchu didn't notice Xia Yirou's change. She is so angry now that she has lost her mind. How can Xia Yirou make fun of her body? What if she gets tetanus or lame?

    Ignoring Xia Yirou's resistance, she put her directly on the motorcycle, then sat behind her, surrounded Xia Yirou, started the motorcycle, and went straight to the hospital.

    When driving, Xia Yirou did not resist, her face was very pale.

    The body is shaking slightly.

    Jiang Yuchu's breath wrapped around her body, and all the cells in her body began to clamor for resistance and resistance.

    The scene of that day began to replay in her mind, she bit her lip, as if she was enduring something painful, and fine beads of sweat were secreted on her forehead.

    When Jiang Yuchu arrived at the hospital, he didn't take Xia Yirou directly, but first went to find a wheelchair, then carried Xia Yirou to the wheelchair and pushed her in.

    She noticed the paleness of Xia Yirou's face, thinking that she was seriously injured, which made her face so ugly.

    Seeing Xia Yirou's pale face, she sweated anxiously. Fortunately, there were not many people in the hospital today, so she quickly hung up and pushed Xia Yirou straight to the consultation room.

    The female doctor at the orthopaedic department today looks older.

    Jiang Yuchu said anxiously as soon as he entered the door, "Doctor, take a look, she is seriously injured."

    The scene the doctor saw was a panicked, delicate-looking woman pushing a beautiful woman with a pale face and a wrong state to enter.

    "Don't worry, let me see"

    The doctor was also frightened by Xia Yirou's bloodless face.

    She lifted Xia Yirou's skirt to the bottom of her legs and carefully examined the injured part.

    Both knees and calves were bruised, about the size of a palm.

    "Doctor, is it broken?"

    "It's nothing, it's just scratches. It looks scary, but it's just scratches on the surface."

    "But this looks serious, needs a tetanus shot"

    "No need to fight, I'll deal with her, and then change the medicine regularly, that's all."

    "Will there be a scar?"

     Without waiting for the doctor's answer, she was afraid that Xia Yirou would be sad, so she immediately comforted herself by talking to herself, "It doesn't matter, even if you have scars, it doesn't matter, God is fair, you are so perfect, even if you have a little flaw It's ok"

    "We don't have to be sad"

    "You're still perfect"

    The doctor silently pushed the frame on the bridge of the nose and interrupted, "There is an overseas ointment, which won't leave a scar after applying it, but the price is a bit expensive."

    "It's okay, we're not bad"

    "The most effective and most expensive medicine"

    Every girl loves beauty, Xia Yirou is definitely no exception, so you must use the best ointment, and there is no possibility of scarring.

    "Well, I'll deal with her first."

    "Okay, thank you doctor, sorry doctor."

    The doctor first took out a bottle of medicine to rinse the wound, and then took out iodophor for disinfection.

    Jiang Yuchu kept observing Xia Yirou's face and the doctor's movements back and forth.

    As soon as she saw Xia Yirou frowning, even if it was only a slight wrinkle, she would say to the doctor, "Doctor, take it easy, it hurts her"

    "Doctor, you tap"

    "Already light"


    "Will you come"

    The doctor stopped, his tone a little impatient.

    It was the first time she encountered such an annoying and talkative family member.

    The babble made her brain faint.

    "I'm not talking anymore, doctor, go ahead"

    Jiang Yuchu blocked his mouth with his right hand.

    She opened her palm slightly and couldn't help adding a sentence,

    "But be gentle, she's afraid of pain"

    "Got it"

    The doctor can't do anything about her, and the movements of her hands are light and light.

     "Doctor, do you have water?"

    "over there"

    The doctor raised his eyes and gestured.

    Jiang Yuchu picked up the disposable cup in the past, took some hot water, mixed with some cold water, and then handed it to Xia Yirou after the temperature was suitable.

    "Drink some water"

     "Thank you"

    She took the water glass weakly, her hands shaking slightly.

    She took small sips of water to ease her stomach discomfort.

    "How are you?"


    The doctor gave Jiang Yuchu an order and said

    "Pay first, then you can get medicine"

    "Ok thank you doctor"

    Jiang Yuchu took the order and said to Xia Yirou,

    "I'll pay the money and get the medicine first, you wait for me here for a while"

    Xia Yirou nodded.

     While treating Xia Yirou's wound, the doctor asked

    "That was your lover just now, looks like she cares about you"

    Love? Ah

     Her lover could not be Jiang Yuchu.

    Even though Jiang Yu looks a lot changed now, the hurt she has brought her has been rooted in her heart, and every time she thinks of it, she can't help but feel frightened and afraid.

    She can't remember how many times she was awakened by a nightmare in the middle of the night.

    She will not allow herself the possibility of reliving that nightmare.

    It was her midnight, lingering nightmare.

    Thinking of this, she just recovered some complexion, and turned pale again.

    She replied with a trembling voice and a cold tone

    "No, I don't know her well"

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