What Should I Do If I Have a Bad Start After Crossing Over?

Chapter 14

    ◎The suitor◎

    It was getting late after sending Jiang Zhengnuo. Jiang Yuchu got on a motorcycle and wanted to send Xia Yirou to school.

    But Xia Yirou didn't come up.

    Jiang Yuchu cast a suspicious look at her.

    "You don't have to send me, I'll just walk over"

    "Why? Your leg hurts"

    Xia Yirou was embarrassed and didn't know what to say.

    Jiang Yuchu frowned in confusion, his brain ran fast, and he understood what Xia Yirou meant.

    She parked the car, walked to Xia Yirou, and said:

    "Then I'll accompany you there, I'm not at ease"

    "I'm fine..."

    "No, your leg hurts"

    "Or we'll spend it here"

    Jiang Yuchu has a firm attitude.

    Xia Yirou had no choice but to let Jiang Yuchu accompany her to school.

    Accompanying Xia Yirou for a while, a male voice suddenly came from behind.

    "Mr. Xia, what a coincidence!"

    A gentle-looking man wearing glasses walked quickly to Xia Yirou's side, with obvious surprise and joy in his tone.

     "Mr. Xie"

    Xia Yirou politely replied hello.

    Xie Gu saw Jiang Yuchu's face flashing a moment of vigilance and precaution.

    "Mr. Xia, who is this?"

    He stared at Jiang Yuchu and asked Xia Yirou.

    "I'm Teacher Xia's neighbor"

    Jiang Yuchu didn't want Xia Yirou to answer this embarrassing question, so he answered it instead.

    "Oh my neighbor"

    It turned out to be a new neighbor.

    Xie enough breathed a sigh of relief.

    "Hello, I'm Mr. Xia's colleague, thank you"

    Um... thanks enough, that's a nice name. Jiang Yuchu thought in his heart.

    "Hello, Jiang Yuchu"

    The three chatted while walking to the school.

    "Has Mr. Xia just finished delivering Zheng Nuo?"


    "I haven't seen Zhengnuo for a long time, I miss him so much"

    Xie Gu went to the neighboring county to teach in a neighboring county two months ago, and just came back today.

    As soon as he came back, he couldn't wait to see Xia Yirou.

    He knew that Xia Yirou would go to see Jiang Zhengnuo, and he would definitely pass this road, so he waited here early to create a chance encounter.

    Xia Yirou had a polite smile on her face.

    Seeing that Xia Yirou didn't want to talk to Xie Gu, Jiang Yuchu interjected decisively, and quietly moved between Xie Gu and Xia Yirou to separate the two.

    She could feel that Xia Yirou didn't like Xie Gu very much.


    "Really? I didn't hear Zheng Nuo mention you"

    Xie Gu's face stiffened for a moment, and he said in a far-fetched tone,

    "Really? A child, you have a bad memory. I haven't seen you for two months, so I may not be impressed."

    "Oh, so"

    Jiang Yuchu made a sudden realization and nodded in agreement.

    "What does Miss Jiang do"

    Xie Gu asked tentatively.


    Xie Gu listened with a complacent look and persuaded in a regretful tone,

    "You can't do that, Miss Jiang"

    "Be a person who contributes to society"

    "Like me, my dream since childhood was to be a person who contributes to society"


    Although Xie Gu said it to Jiang Yuchu, Yu Guang kept paying attention to Xia Yirou's expression.

    The intent is clear.

    "Really? Teacher Xie really makes me admire"

    After listening to Xie Gu's more impassioned speech, few people were willing to listen to him. Except for parents and students, Jiang Yuchu was the first one who was willing to listen to him, which made him feel very comfortable.

    Jiang Yuchu responded with Xie Gu's words from time to time and praised him.

    But she always glanced at Xia Yirou, paying attention to Xia Yirou's actions.

    She really didn't want to pay attention to Xie enough, but seeing Xia Yirou's appearance that she didn't want to pay attention to Xie enough, she volunteered to take the gunfire on herself.

    Xia Yirou doesn't like Xie Gu very much.


    But she always felt that every time Xie Gu looked at her, it was very strange and made her feel uncomfortable.

    Xie Gu gave her a very similar feeling to Jiang Yuchu before.

    So she doesn't like getting along with Xie Jia.

    But Xie Gu was very positive and enthusiastic towards her, and she could guess why.

    However, she will not remarry.

    Even if they remarry, that person cannot be thankful enough.

    Jiang Yuchu's actions made her feel relieved.

    She was a little tired of dealing with Xie Gu, and every time she saw Xie Gu, she would walk around.

    Although Xia Yirou usually looks gentle and easy to get along with, she is actually a person who prefers quietness, so I feel very sorry for someone like Xie Gu who sticks to her as soon as she sees her exclusion.

    She also hinted that the other party did not want to remarry, but Xie Gu directly stated that he could wait.

    She had no choice but to avoid him as much as possible.

    Xie Ju and Jiang Yuchu bragged all the way like this, Jiang Yuchu didn't bother him on the surface, and praised him from time to time, which made Xie Ju very satisfied.

    Some people seem to be listening, but they are actually paying attention to the other person.

    Some people are walking seriously on the surface, but they are actually observing another person from the corner of the eye.

    Only one person is talking seriously and immersed in his own world.

    Three people together, one person seems redundant.

    Superfluous without knowing it.

     Walking to the school gate, Jiang Yuchu stopped and asked Xiang Xia Yirou,

    "I'll pick you up in the afternoon, what time do you finish class?"

    "I'll just send Teacher Xia, so I won't bother Miss Jiang. Teacher Xia and I are neighbors, so drop by."

    Xie Gu interrupted the conversation between the two and said.

    "I appreciate Mr. Xie's kindness, but I have moved"

    "Ah? You've moved! You, you don't live in Xia's house?"

    Xie enough said in awe.

    "Don't Teacher Xie know?"

    Jiang Yuchu said in disbelief:

    "Didn't Mr. Xia tell you?"

    "It seems you don't know each other very well?"

    "Oh, I forgot, Mr. Xie went to teach in a neighboring county, so I didn't know it. Looking at my memory, I'm really sorry, Mr. Xie"

    Jiang Yuchu seemed to notice the inappropriateness of his words, and added angrily,

    "Teacher Xie, I definitely don't mean that you have a bad relationship..."

    Xie Gu's face is quite wonderful, red and white.

    Jiang Yuchu had nothing to say.

    Jiang Yuchu naturally noticed Xie Gu's hostility to her from the beginning.

    She is not a fool, she can feel Xie Gu's love for Xia Yirou.

    She didn't speak at first because she was judging Xia Yirou's attitude.

    If Xia Yirou likes him, she will only act as an invisible person. If Xia Yirou doesn't like him, she doesn't mind being a bright light bulb.

    After all, if she wants to make friends with Xia Yirou, she can't do things that disgust her.

    Xia Yirou obviously didn't want to talk to Xie Gu, but Xie Gu came up shamelessly, which has caused trouble for Xia Yirou.

    Just an ordinary suitor, of course she let go.

    Seeing Xie Gu's speechless expression, she thought 'cool'.

    Xia Yirou looked at Jiang Yuchu without a word, how could she feel that Jiang Yuchu's words were intentional.

    Say the most innocent things and do the most hurtful things.

    But Jiang Yuchu didn't look like it was intentional.

    She thinks too much.

    "Mr. Xia, what time do you finish class? I promised Zheng Nuo to pick her up with you. Can you help me, don't let me break my promise in front of Zheng Nuo, please~"

    Jiang Yuchu was so shameless that he acted like a spoiled child.

    However, it works.

    Xia Yirou blushed when she heard Jiang Yuchu coquettish her.

    How can Jiang Yuchu do this...



    "Teacher Xie, I will convey your thoughts to Zheng Nuo"

    Jiang Yuchu said sincerely.

    The closeness of the relationship was pulled apart by Jiang Yuchu.

    Xie Gu smiled awkwardly, "Then I'll trouble Miss Jiang"

    "Mr. Xia, I'm leaving, bye~"

     Bye bye

    "Thank you, goodbye"

    Xie Gu said "goodbye" with a smile that was uglier than crying

    Looking at Jiang Yuchu's leaving back, a shadow quickly flashed in his eyes.

    It's completely different from before.

    Xie Gu fell in love with Xia Yirou the first time she saw her.

    On that day, when she was walking on the tree-lined path, the fallen leaves fell beside her, and he stood in the distance and stared at her.

    From then on, the girl as gentle as a painting was engraved in his heart.

    He is a beta, born in a remote mountain village, he came out step by step by reading and got ahead.

    After he became successful, the first thing he did was to sever ties with his family, lied that his family had died, and established his own household registration in the county seat.

    He doesn't want to have a relationship with that kind of family, he wants to succeed, he wants to go to the top of the pyramid.

    He studied hard for many years and finally graduated at the age of twenty-two.

    In order to have a bright future, he began to teach in the poorest and most miserable places.

    Finally, at the age of twenty-five years old.

    After that, he began to teach in Mi County for a long time, and also obtained the urban hukou of B province.

    At the age of twenty-five, he met Xia Yirou, who was twenty-four, and fell in love with her at first sight.

    He still remembers the holy look of Xia Yirou in a white dress.

    It was so unattainable and white and flawless that he wanted to pull her down from the altar.

     Creeping under his feet.

    He gets excited just thinking about it.

    Later he learned that Xia Yirou was divorced and had a child.

    To be honest, it's impossible not to mind.

    However, it is not unacceptable.

    He put on a pure mask and began to approach Xia Yirou to please Jiang Zhengnuo.

    But it's been four years and he hasn't caught up with Xia Yirou.

    The woman looked gentle and polite on the surface, but in fact she was very guarded and difficult to approach.

     But that's okay, it's more challenging.

    When he gets her completely, he will definitely return it doubled.

    He can only boil the frog in warm water and take his time, hoping that Xia Yirou can put his guard down on him.

    He knew that Xia Yirou didn't like him, but she, a divorced woman with a child, had no right to despise her, and he did not despise her.

    He always believed that Xia Yirou was his, and when he got Xia Yirou, he must call Xia Yirou good-looking.

    He was going to tear up Xia Yirou's aloof mask and watch her kneel at his feet, begging for his gift.

    As for her daughter, he will not help others to raise children, he is not so broad-minded, just sell it when the time comes.

    If, if he were an alpha and not a beta, then everything would be very convenient.

    As long as he releases the pheromone, everything will be captured, Xia Yirou can only be subdued by him.

    Why! why! His parents didn't make him alpha.

    Not only did not give him good living conditions, but also did not give him good physical conditions.

    Why God is so unfair!

    The more angry he is, the more eager he is to get Xia Yirou.

    He often fantasizes about how the woman succumbed under him.

    When he thinks of this, his eyes turn red with excitement.

    Seeing Jiang Yuchu today, he felt an unprecedented crisis.

    He can feel that woman is an alpha, she embarrassed him so much today, he will definitely get his revenge back.

    I'm just an idle alpha, why so arrogant!

    After Xie Gu came back, he realized that Yihua Zhengli had been dealing with him until Jiang Yuchu.

    I dare to play with him, one day, he will want her to look good!

    Everyone who looks down on him will step on them in the future.

    He has to speed up, Xia Yirou can only be hers.

    Everything that stands in his way, he will destroy them one by one!

    He will win.

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