What Should I Do If I Have a Bad Start After Crossing Over?

Chapter 25


    Chen Qiao didn't see Shu Han in place after taking the good things, he looked around anxiously, and finally found Shu Han, but found that Shu Han was pulling and pulling with Jiang Yuchu.

    He warned himself in his heart to restrain his temper and not to be angry. Shu Han likes gentlemen, and he can't be very angry. At the same time, he couldn't help mocking Jiang Yuchu in his heart.

    Chen Qiao's face returned to normal after he came over. He said to Shu Han in a gentle tone, "Why are you running around, don't you know that I'm in a hurry to find you?"

    No anger at all.

    "I just met Yuchu, so I went up to say hello."

    Chen Qiao saw Shu Han's magnanimous face, and his heart fell to the ground.

     "What a coincidence, Miss Jiang, we meet again."

    Chen Qiao kept Shu Han and Jiang Yuchu apart without looking, and said gently.


    Shu Han looked at Jiang Yuchu nervously, she thought she would see sadness and depression on Jiang Yuchu's face, but nothing at all, Jiang Yuchu was very indifferent, as if she was just a stranger to Jiang Yuchu Just people.

    Shu Han felt a pain in her heart, she was a little uncertain now. Did Jiang Yuchu cover up her emotions too well, or did she really care about herself?

    When she thought that Jiang Yuchu might no longer like her, she felt heartache and could hardly breathe.

    "Okay, I will definitely go there then, congratulations to you two."

    Jiang Yuchu readily agreed, not because she wanted to go, but because she wanted to show her attitude: she would never interfere in the feelings of two people.

    Chen Qiao didn't expect Jiang Yuchu to respond, so he naturally wouldn't let go of this opportunity to embarrass Jiang Yuchu, "This is your girlfriend, come over at that time."

    "Are you going?"

    Jiang Yuchu did not directly agree to Chen Qiao, but asked Xia Yirou's opinion.

    Xia Yirou felt a little embarrassed by the situation at this time, she was inexplicably pulled into the Shura field of Jiang Yuchu and the three of them.

    She had resentment against Jiang Yuchu before, but she never resented Shu Han, because as far as she knew, Jiang Yuchu took the initiative to provoke Shu Han, she was just curious about Shu Han: what is it like? Only women can make people like Jiang Yuchu willing to be trapped.

    She is not familiar with Chen Qiao, the only one she knows is Jiang Yuchu, so it is impossible for her to attend the wedding of Chen Qiao and Shu Han. But she was afraid that Jiang Yuchu would not be able to come down to the stage if she said so.

    Jiang Yuchu didn't think so much. Although she thought that Xia Yirou would probably not want to go, she still had to ask, it was a polite question.

    Jiang Yuchu saw that Xia Yirou did not want to participate, so he directly rejected Chen Qiao: "Sorry, Teacher Xia may not be available, she has been busy recently, sorry, I will bring Teacher Shang Xia's blessing attended your wedding for her."

    "I'm not free, that's fine, but Miss Jiang must come when the time comes."

    "But if Hanhan is going somewhere, I will definitely turn down everything and accompany Hanhan."

    “Everyone chooses a different focus, some focus on family, some focus on career. I understand your approach.”

    Jiang Yuchu just didn't take Chen Qiao's trick, she didn't know why Chen Qiao was so hostile to her, she never provoke Chen Qiao, she even wanted to provoke between her and Xia Yirou The relationship is simply disgusting.

    Jiang Yuchu said that, but Chen Qiao couldn't continue. Since there was no topic, he threw out the words of leaving.

    "It feels windy, Hanhan, let's go back."

    Jiang Yuchu rolled his eyes in his heart, where is the wind now? Make up excuses and make up convincing ones.

    "I think so, let's go back too."

    Jiang Yu looked at Xia Yirou at first and suggested it.

    Jiang Yuchu actually wanted to leave when she met Shu Han. After all, Shu Han is also known as the third and third person who once destroyed Xia Yirou's family. She was afraid that Xia Yirou would feel discomfort. She wanted to leave, but people came one after another.

    Xia Yirou didn't know what Jiang Yuchu was thinking. She guessed that Jiang Yuchu felt embarrassed to face her predecessor and her current incumbent, so she wanted to leave as soon as possible. She thought about it in a different position. You might also feel uncomfortable.


    Jiang Yuchu gestured towards Chen Qiao and the others and left with Xia Yirou.

    Chen Qiao watched Jiang Yuchu leave with disdain and contempt in his eyes.

    Shu Han felt complicated, she couldn't believe that Jiang Yuchu was so indifferent to her today. In the past, no matter how angry Jiang Yuchu was, as long as he was in front of her, he would put away his minions, and he would never treat her like this today.

    "I'll walk by myself, go back first!"


    Chen Qiao looked at Shu Han with a serious expression and held back her words.

    "Then pay attention to yourself."

    Chen Qiao turned around and left, but he did not go far, but followed behind Shu Han. He neither wanted to make Shu Han angry, nor did he feel relieved to leave her alone.

    Shu Han suddenly squatted down while walking, buried her head in her knees, and began to sob softly: Jiang Yuchu really doesn't seem to want her anymore.

    It was clear that Shu Han abandoned Jiang Yuchu first, and now he is blaming Jiang Yuchu in turn, I can only say that poor people must have something to hate!


    Chen Qiao stood behind the tree and watched all this silently. He restrained his urge to come forward to comfort Shu Han. He knew that Shu Han was a strong person. Caused Shu Han's disgust.

    "Actually, I've always been here, why can't you take a good look at me."

    Chen Qiao said in a low voice.

    "Are you all right?"

    Jiang Yuchu and Xia Yirou asked at the same time after walking for a while. Both of them froze for a moment, then laughed. They didn't bring up the subject after that.

    After returning to the ward, Jiang Yuchu was idle and bored, and asked Xia Yirou to read to her.

    Xia Yirou's voice was gentle and clear, she read the content of the book eloquently, and Jiang Yuchu was quickly brought into the story.

    Jiang Yuchu was afraid that Xia Yirou would have a sore throat after reading too long, so she took the initiative to take Xia Yirou's book and handed her a glass of water to continue reading instead of her. One afternoon, both of them were reading, listening to spent in the book.

    Xia Yirou has a class on Monday, and the class she teaches has reached the critical moment of the college entrance examination, so she has to go back to class.

    Xia Yirou and Jiang Yuchu said that she would come after class, but Jiang Yuchu did not agree.

    "You will frighten me to go through the hospital discharge procedures overnight. You have to study well, don't worry about me, I have almost recovered, and I don't need anyone to take care of me. Look at me, I am alive and well"

    Jiang Yuchu also stood up and danced to Xia Yirou in verification.

    Although Jiang Yuchu felt happy to be with Xia Yirou, she didn't want to make Xia Yirou more tired. The hospital and Mixian No. 1 Middle School are quite far apart, and Xia Yirou has already had a hard time in class. Wouldn't it be exhausting to run back and forth.

    Xia Yirou knew that she couldn't tell Jiang Yuchu why she came, but she couldn't tell Jiang Yuchu, so she didn't respond. As for whether to come or not, she had the final say.

    Seeing Xia Yirou's silent appearance, Jiang Yuchu thought that Xia Yirou agreed, and said nothing.

    After Xia Yirou went to class, she stayed in the ward alone and panicked. The doctor did not allow her to leave the hospital, saying that she needed to recuperate. So she could only choose to sleep, and she slept from morning until the sun went down.

    In fact, Jiang Yuchu's situation can be quickly recovered as long as he has enough rest, because Jiang Yuchu has the alpha attribute bonus, and the alpha's recovery ability is extremely strong.

    After sleeping for a long time, Jiang Yuchu felt back pain, but she obviously felt that her energy had recovered a lot, and she felt that she could be discharged from the hospital now.

    The door of the ward was knocked, and then the door was opened and closed again, all in one go.

    Jiang Yu thought it was Xia Yirou at first, she quickly turned her head and looked towards the door with a happy expression on her face. Although Jiang Yuchu said that Xia Yirou would not be allowed to come, he still really wanted to see Xia Yirou.

    Jiang Yuchu likes Xia Yirou very much. She always wanted to have a sister like Xia Yirou. Now she feels that she is a little dependent on Xia Yirou. Days are not coming. But when she saw the person coming, her face instantly became cold, comparable to the face change of Sichuan Opera.

    Shu Han?

    "What's the matter?"

    Jiang Yuchu's voice was polite and distant. She thought she seemed to understand what Shu Han wanted to do. Shu Han is thinking that Jiang Yuchu's spare tire can always be there!

    But at the same time, she expressed that she did not understand, since Shu Han chose Chen Qiao and lived with Chen Qiao, why should she come to provoke her.

    Do you want to eat from the bowl and watch the pot?

    Don't Shu Han know that she is married? She wouldn't be a junior or a spare tire for Shu Han. The original body is very likely to do such a thing, she will never do it anyway.

    "I'll see you."

    Shu Han's voice was hoarse, obviously caused by crying hard yesterday.

    "It was you at the zoo that day, wasn't it?"

    After returning home yesterday, Shu Han specifically asked the doctor how Jiang Yuchu got into the hospital. The doctor said it was a leak of pheromones, just like her.

    How can there be such a coincidence in the world, that person must be Jiang Yuchu... She originally thought it was a dream, but it actually happened.

    After knowing that it was not a dream, she was a little disappointed: Why didn't Jiang Yuchu tag her at that time? Did Jiang Yuchu really have no feelings for her at all?

    No, no, Jiang Yuchu must still like her, but Jiang Yuchu is still angry with her, as long as she coaxes Jiang Yuchu well.

    "Yes, what's wrong?"

    "Then why... didn't you tag me that day."

    Jiang Yuchu looked at Shu Han with a strange look, whether Shu Han knew what she was talking about. She couldn't understand Shu Han's mysterious operation.

    "Miss Shu, you need to know that you are married."

    Jiang Yuchu reminded helplessly.

    "There is no possibility between us."

    "Do you want me to be your mistress?"

    Shu Han's face turned pale, she explained anxiously, "I don't!"

    "I didn't mean that!"

    "You didn't?"

    "Then will you divorce me?"


    Under Jiang Yuchu's aggressiveness, Shu Han had no power to refute, she could not divorce Chen Qiao, nor could she divorce Chen Qiao.

    "Then please go out!"

    "Did you like her?"

    Shu Han asked unwillingly. It was obvious that she was Xia Yirou.

    "What does it have to do with you?"

    "You hurt her like that, do you think she will forgive you?"

    "You're taking too much."

    Jiang Yuchu didn't want to pay attention to Shu Han anymore. She felt that talking with Shu Han was a waste of time. They were obviously not on the same channel.

    "Jiang Yuchu, are you still blaming me for not choosing you?"

    "Actually I..."

    Jiang Yuchu was really **** off by Shu Han, she felt that her blood pressure was about to rise, "Yes, you are right, so I don't want to see you again."

    Shu Han did not expect Jiang Yu to say such heartless words, she looked at Jiang Yuchu sadly, her eyes filled with tears, Jiang Yuchu had never seen her cry before, so she would be soft-hearted in betting on Jiang Yuchu.

    Unfortunately, Jiang Yuchu has been replaced.

    Jiang Yuchu was not soft-hearted at all, she just felt annoyed, Shu Han was obviously looking for trouble and stalking, but she didn't want to be responsible.

    The two were deadlocked in the ward, and the sound of the door opening again broke the silent confrontation between them.

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