What Should I Do If I Have a Bad Start After Crossing Over?

Chapter 3

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    Jiang Yuchu is also stupid, isn't this, isn't this his original ex-wife?

    Besides shocked, Jiang Yuchu carefully observed the other party.


    The scent of books exudes from her body, giving people a very gentle and comfortable feeling.

    Belonging to the gentle sister type.

    Compared with Xia Yirou in her original impression, she is now more mature.

    The moment she saw Jiang Yuchu, Xia Yirou exuded vigilance and alertness.

    Jiang Yuchu realized that she also recognized herself.


    Can she say she is not that scumbag?

     Obviously not possible.

    Jiang Yuchu took the lead in saying hello:

    "Hi, long time no see"

    The two have barely seen each other since their divorce.

    The atmosphere was awkward, Xia Yirou obviously didn't want to talk to her.

    After all, the original body is really too much, she can understand.

    "Mom, this sister helped me~"

    Zheng Nuo's timely opening broke the tense atmosphere.

    Xia Yirou glanced at Jiang Yuchu in disbelief, and then said "Thank you today" very politely and distantly

    But that's all, the attitude is still very repulsive, alienated, and alert.

    It can be seen how much Xia Yirou hates the original body.

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    But she was overjoyed for a moment. In that case, the child is her daughter.

    Wow, she can have such a lovely daughter, what a great deed she did in her last life.

    I am very happy when I think about the children's beauty and their own contribution.

    "You're welcome."

    Jiang Yuchu knew that Xia Yirou definitely didn't want to see her, so she bid farewell in advance, and she waved goodbye to Jiang Zhengnuo.

    Then said to Xia Yirou

    "I still have something to do, I'll go first, goodbye"

    She originally wanted to remind parents to pay attention next time and not lose their children so carelessly.

    But, right now, she is ineligible.

    How can a mother who does nothing to her child blame another mother who has worked so hard to raise her child!

    Xia Yirou nodded very coldly, and her tense body did not relax until Jiang Yuchu left.

    After Jiang Yuchu left, Xia Yirou immediately squatted down, her eyes were level with Jiang Zhengnuo, and asked nervously, "Did she hit you?"

    "No~ Auntie is very good~ She even bought Zheng Nuo sweet soup to eat~"

    Jiang Zhengnuo said happily.

    Children's minds are always pure and clean.

    There was a hint of surprise in her eyes, but she was still worried. She checked Jiang Zhengnuo's body and confirmed that it was all right, and she was relieved.

    Xia Yirou just brought Jiang Zhengnuo back to the door when she saw Zhao Lili looking around.

    Zhao Lili is Xia Yirou's second sister-in-law.

    When Zhao Lili saw Xia Yirou brought Jiang Zhengnuo back, she immediately stepped forward and scolded Jiang Zhengnuo preemptively,

    "You child, how can you run around, what if you lose it? It makes us worry, too ignorant"

    When Zhao Lili walked towards them, Jiang Zhengnuo hid behind Xia Yirou in fear.

    "Second sister-in-law, don't scare Zheng Nuo, she is still a child"

    Zhao Lili glared at Xia Yirou, scolded "broom star", turned around and walked away.

    Xia Yirou didn't care, it wasn't a matter of a day or two that Zhao Lili didn't like her.

    Xia Yirou brought Zheng Nuo back to the room, and then asked her softly why she went to the vegetable market alone today.

    Although Zheng Nuo is young, her logic is clear and her narrative is organized.

    "The second aunt took me out with the third cousin and the second cousin, and then they left by themselves, leaving me there alone"

    Xia Yirou heard that her eyes were silently covered by a layer of water mist, she turned her head and didn't want the children to see her embarrassment.

    "Mom, don't cry, Zheng Nuo will be obedient and not make mother angry"

    Children are sensitive to emotions, thinking that they made their mother cry, and said anxiously.

    When Xia Yirou heard this, tears flowed directly.

    Her Zheng Nuo has always been very well-behaved and sensible. This made her feel even more guilty.

    After her divorce, she had nowhere to go but returned home.

    But after her parents knew that she was divorced without telling them, they never gave her a good face.

    She has two older brothers who also live in the big house.

    She usually has to attend classes, so the child is raised in the courtyard.

    Her two sisters-in-law didn't like to see her, saying she was a divorced woman, and returned home with a burden, eating food for nothing.

    Even though she pays her parents monthly.

    Her eldest brother has two sons, and her second brother has a son and a daughter.

    They usually isolate Jiang Zhengnuo, laughing at her for having only one mother, saying she is a child no one wants.

    She overheard this, but Jiang Zhengnuo never told her or asked why she only had one mother.

    Her parents were dissatisfied with her divorce, thinking that she would make a big deal out of trouble, and it would be over in her life? What about divorce.

    From the moment she knew Jiang Zhengnuo was being bullied, she would try her best to take Jiang Zhengnuo to school together.

    Jiang Zhengnuo almost lost it today.

    Now that she thinks about it, she feels scared for a while.

    She was lying in bed, unable to fall asleep, and there will be a second time today.

    She thought about it for a long time, but decided to move out and rent a house outside. She usually takes Zheng Nuo with her when she goes to school.

    Although it is inconvenient, it is better than staying at Xia's house.

    She couldn't bear any possibility of losing Jiang Zhengnuo.


    Jiang Yuchu was no longer in the mood to cook after returning home.

    After seeing Xia Yirou today, the **** things that the original body had done to Xia Yirou automatically appeared in her mind.

    Thinking about the **** things that the original body has done, she can't help but want to beat the original body, is this what people do? Too scum.

    The original body has such a beautiful wife and such a lovely daughter. I am not satisfied, and I work hard.

    Look, kill yourself!

    This is retribution, it should!

    If she had such a beautiful wife and such a lovely daughter, she would definitely treat them as treasures, and it would be too late to pamper her.

    The original body is in the bliss and does not know the bliss.

    Being idle is also idle, so she went to a milk tea shop to deal with the last thing and prepare for the opening tomorrow.


    She went to the milk tea shop early in the morning, after all, it was the first day of opening.

    On the first day of the event, buy one get one free milk tea, and promote the product first.

    She hired two people in doll costumes to hand out flyers in front of the store to attract customers.

    It may be because of luck that there is a lot of traffic today.

    Unexpectedly, milk tea is very popular, and I bought a whole day's amount in one morning.

    Because it was testing the water, Jiang Yuchu did not prepare too much.

    In view of the hard work of the employees in the morning, Jiang Yuchu gave them an extra meal for lunch.

    The good business is beyond Jiang Yuchu's expectations, and this only sells milk tea.

    She hired three more people, and after signing a non-disclosure agreement with them, two of them followed Li Hongxue to make milk tea, and one helped to collect money.

    Since the test is successful, it is time to try to get on the right track.

    After a busy day, it was already nine o'clock when she went back, she took a bath and fell asleep.


    Xia Yirou proposed to her family to move out at breakfast the next day. Father Xia said "whatever you want" with a flat expression.

    Xia Yirou secretly ridiculed herself in her heart: It hasn't been a day or two since her parents disliked her since she divorced, so what is she expecting.

    Her two sisters-in-law at least hypocritically kept her.

    She was looking for a house by a friend, Luo Xixi, who was her roommate in college, and the two had a good relationship.

    On the day of the move, Luo Xixi also came to help, and the two omegas were busy all day.

    The house is very close to Jiang Zhengnuo's school and vegetable market, and the price is very reasonable.

    After coaxing Jiang Zhengnuo to sleep, the two began to chat.

    Xia Yirou told Luo Xixi what happened to Jiang Yuchu that day.

    Luo Xixi's first reaction after hearing this was that Jiang Yuchu wanted to **** her daughter.

    "What, that scumbag doesn't want to come to grab Zheng Nuo!"

    "She said she was determined not to be rude"

    Yes, the original body hates Xia Yirou very much, how can she like the child in her stomach, it can even be regarded as hateful.

    After the two divorced at that time, Luo Xixi also found someone to beat Jiang Yuchu, which caused Jiang Yuchu to hide when she saw Luo Xixi.

    Actually, Xia Yirou was also afraid of Jiang Yuchu's thoughts.

    Jiang Yuchu's actions yesterday showed that she likes Jiang Zhengnuo very much.

    Does she regret it?

    Luo Xixi looked at Xia Yirou's frowning face, patted her chest and assured, "Don't worry, she dares to come and **** it, I beat her even her mother doesn't know her, dare to rob my goddaughter, live impatient"


    Xia Yirou couldn't help laughing.

    If Luo Xixi had not been helping her for the past few years, she would not have been able to survive.

    In the past few years, the burdens of life are so overwhelming that she can't breathe.

    "Thank you Xixi"

    "Hey, don't do that"

    Luo Xixi pretended to be numb and rubbed her arms.

    "How are you and Ann?"

    After hearing this, Luo Xixi wilted at a speed visible to the naked eye, and said glumly, "Break up"

     "She said I was too strict with her, leaving her with no personal space at all."

    "It's really breaking up this time, she's getting married"

    Luo Xixi, Jiang An'an, and Xia Yirou are college classmates.

    Luo Xixi and Jiang Anan have been talking together for five years

    Xia Yirou didn't say anything, stepped forward and gave Luo Xixi a hug.

    Silent comfort.

    Luo Xixi couldn't help crying, her strong mask collapsed suddenly.

    The two chatted on and off until twelve o'clock before going to bed, still taking into account that Xia Yirou would have class tomorrow.

    Jiang Yuchu has been around for a week, and the business of the milk tea shop is so hot that she has to handle most of the things herself.

    Now that Zero Degree Milk Tea leaves her, she can operate in an orderly manner, and the proficiency and tacit understanding of the staff have also improved.

    It's time to open a branch.

    Jiang Yuchu, who was finally relaxed, slept at home for a day and only woke up at night.

    She slept too long and was sore, so after eating, she was going to go downstairs for a walk.

    I was hit by a man walking in a hurry

    "Sorry, sorry"

    The tone was anxious and apologetic.

    After seeing the other person's appearance clearly, Jiang Yuchu had to sigh that the world is so small, and she met Xia Yirou again.

    Jiang Zhengnuo was hugged by Xia Yirou, and Xia Yirou was in a hurry. Jiang Yuchu guessed that something might have happened to the little girl.

    Jiang Yuchu couldn't help but get nervous

    "Did something happen to the child?"

    Xia Yirou couldn't take care of Jiang Yuchu at this moment, because Jiang Zhengnuo burned so badly.

    "Well, Zheng Nuo has a fever"

    Xia Yirou said anxiously as she walked downstairs.

    Jiang Yuchu followed behind her, and after listening to Xia Yirou's words, she immediately reached out to take Jiang Zhengnuo and said, "I'll take you to the hospital, so hurry up"

    At this moment, Xia Yirou didn't care about guarding Jiang Yuchu, she only knew that Jiang Zhengnuo burned very well.

    Jiang Yuchu rode a bicycle and exerted her strength to suckle, Xia Yirou sat on the back of the bicycle with her child in her arms.

    After arriving at the hospital, Jiang Yuchu hugged the child and quickly went to the emergency room.

    Fortunately, it came in time, and the doctor gave Jiang Zhengnuo a drip.

    Jiang Yuchu held the child, Xia Yirou sat next to her, feeling Jiang Zhengnuo's body temperature from time to time with the back of her hand.

    Xia Yirou had a day of class today, and she hadn't had dinner yet. After seeing that Jiang Zhengnuo had nothing to do with her, her tense nerves relaxed, and she realized that she was tired and hungry all over.

    I fell asleep leaning on Jiang Yuchu's shoulder before I knew it.

    Jiang Yuchu was inconvenient to walk away. He glanced around and saw the menu and contact number of the restaurant next to him.

    She did not expect that although the economy is backward in this era, there are many smart people.

    She took out her mobile phone, dialed the delivery number, and ordered.

    Not long after, the meal was delivered, and she paid in person.

    Xia Yirou was awakened by the fragrance. When she woke up, she found herself falling asleep leaning on Jiang Yuchu's shoulder, and immediately sat up straight.

    Secretly annoyed for her relaxation.

    She secretly warned herself in her heart: How could you relax your vigilance against her because of Jiang Yuchu's help, have you forgotten how she treated you before? The country is easy to change, but the nature is hard to change.

    Jiang Yuchu saw that Xia Yirou was awake, so he said, "You are awake, eat something to cushion your stomach first, it may take a while"

    "I'm not hungry yet"

    Xia Yirou said decisively.

    However, her stomach growled very inappropriately, causing her ears to blush.

    Jiang Yuchu forced a smile and said, "Don't make it hard, just eat!"

    "Man is iron, rice is steel"

    Afraid that Xia Yirou would be embarrassed to take it, she directly stuffed the lunch box into Xia Yirou's hand.

    Xia Yirou was a little stunned, she thought to herself: Jiang Yuchu seems to have become a little different.

    Yu Guangzhong Jiang Yuchu held Jiang Zhengnuo patiently and tenderly.

    This is Jiang Yuchu she has never seen before.

    Do people like Jiang Yuchu also have a gentle side?

    The Jiang Yuchu in front of her made her feel very strange, completely different from the Jiang Yuchu she knew.

    The Jiang Yuchu she knew was a negative, uncertain and violent person.

    And she hated her very much. From that time, she looked at her with hatred, resentment, and tyranny.

    And now she does not see this emotion in Jiang Yuchu's eyes, her eyes are clear, and she can see the bottom of her eyes at a glance.

    With such clean eyes, is it really Jiang Yuchu?


    I didn't expect to think so much because of Jiang Yuchu's one help.

    How can Jiang Yuchu change, no matter how she changes, it can't cover up her dirty heart.

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