What Should I Do If I Have a Bad Start After Crossing Over?

Chapter 37

    ◎Shallow Mark◎

      , but the truth was in front of her eyes.

    Learning the truth, Xia Yirou first felt at a loss, followed by joy, full of joy, she didn't care where the original Jiang Yuchu went, she only knew that she could have no worries She likes Jiang Yuchu, she will not be bound by the invisible and difficult to untangle shackles in her heart, she has no excuse to withdraw and fear.

    At the same time, the depression in my heart came one after another, stemming from the guilt of Jiang Yuchu. They just met again, or it can be said that when they first met, Jiang Yuchu had done nothing, but he had to bear her hostility and malice, but Jiang Yuchu was still very kind to her, showing up when she needed it, even if she Jiang Yuchu spoke ill of each other, and Jiang Yuchu still treated her Chicheng.

    Even before she knew the truth, she had fallen in love with Jiang Yuchu quietly, not to mention after learning the truth? Her love for Jiang Yuchu will only be greater than that, just like the seedlings will only grow stronger and stronger after being fertilized.

    In fact, when she was taking a bath just now, Xia Yirou, who had calmed down, had already decided to move out of Mi County after returning to Mi County. She couldn't accept that she liked Jiang Yuchu, what a funny thing it was. She can become friends with Jiang Yuchu, that's all, this is the choice she made under the constant psychological struggle.

    Since she can't control her heart, she should stay away from Jiang Yuchu. Time and distance can dilute everything, including feelings.

    But now, what should she do?

    From childhood to adulthood, her life was lived step by step under the arrangement of her parents. Even if she did not want to get married at that time, she finally chose to compromise and obey the arrangements of her parents, getting married and having children. The only rebellion in his life was when he divorced Jiang Yuchu and gave birth to Jiang Zhengnuo.

    She has never pursued anything actively, but now, for the first time, she has this kind of thought, and this kind of thought is gradually eating into her heart. For her, Jiang Yuchu was like the only light cast in the darkness. She was afraid of the darkness, so afraid that she was willing to muster the courage to break the principle and chase the light, just so that it could stay for a while longer.

    My God, since you made me greedy, can you let that light stay longer, just a little longer?

    Xia Yirou is an indecisive person, she always thinks a lot about things, hesitates, and lacks courage. But as long as she makes up her mind, no matter how big the obstacle is, she will stick to it. But there were very few things that would give her such courage.

    Jiang Yuchu is a special case. Jiang Yuchu gave her the courage to play the game and the confidence to win, and made her a coward willing to fight for it. She believed that since Jiang Yuchu let her win the first time, she would let her win the second time.

    Jiang Yuchu may not like her now, but it doesn't matter, Jiang Yuchu feels guilty about her, she has an innate advantage.

    She is fearless all her life, let her be despicable once. She wants to win this game.

    Since God gave her a beam of light, she must also hope that she can incorporate this beam of light into her world.

    Xia Yirou and Jiang Yuchu were separated by a door, Xia Yirou was thinking outside the door, and Jiang Yuchu was suffering inside the door.

    Jiang Yuchu has never suffered such torture, like being pulled back and forth on the edge of death. The double torture of body and spirit made her unbearable.

    Her brain was chaotic. Even though her brain tissue had no receptors for pain, she could feel the pain in her entire brain. Her brain seemed to be in a tug-of-war, she was the rope that was being pulled by multiple parties, and the tear-like pain came in bursts, and it was fierce.

    More than that, she felt like a patient in a high-temperature furnace with a high fever, her limbs and bones were burning. Because the body temperature was too high, Jiang Yuchu's body kept sweating to regulate his body temperature, but the speed of regulation could not keep up with the speed of heating up.

    The most painful part is the glands at the back of the neck, not only pain, but also burning, swelling, and itching. The original instinct poured out, and the alpha's sac teeth were about to move, making Jiang Yuchu want to bite something.

    Jiang Yuchu is undergoing secondary differentiation, but she herself does not know. The pheromone concentration of Xiangxuelan in the bathroom has exceeded the standard, and Jiang Yuchu's body is overloaded.

    Jiang Yuchu felt that his body was like a high-temperature balloon that had expanded to the extreme, and the balloon was full of hydrogen gas. When hydrogen and high temperature meet, there is no doubt that the result will only be an explosion, so Jiang Yuchu urgently needs to be relieved at this moment, otherwise the consequence will be the complete destruction of the glands, which will be far more serious than last time.

    But the objective condition is that the place where the balloon is located is a labyrinth, and the subjective condition is that the balloon is a road idiot, so it can only be anxious and cannot find the exit of the labyrinth.

    Xia Yirou sensed the sudden increase in the concentration of pheromones around her, and her brain immediately issued an order: Now the situation is very dangerous, she has to flee here quickly. This is Omega's self-protection mechanism and instinctive fear of alpha.

    Xia Yirou clearly realized that Jiang Yuchu was undergoing secondary differentiation. If no measures are taken, the consequences will be severe. She can't just sit and watch. The smell of Lan swept over, Xia Yirou resisted the urge to turn around and wanted to escape, and turned on the filter in the bathroom before her consciousness collapsed.

      It came out enthusiastically, the pheromone had been suppressed for too long, so it came violently and thickly, and it enveloped the alpha pheromone in the air like fire and blended with it.

    Xia Yirou's consciousness has completely collapsed and collapsed, the bathroom seems to be under a spell, whoever comes in must first hand over the admission ticket of consciousness.

    Not only alphas want to mark Omegas when they are in heat, high-level Omegas also want to mark alphas when they are in heat, they also have strong possessiveness and territorial awareness, but alphas have never given Omegas Chance.

    For example, the current Xia Yirou, she is like a hunter who is keeping an eye on her prey, ready to shoot at any time. And the prey completely surrendered the initiative, without any sense of alertness, and didn't even notice that he was being targeted. He was constantly competing with himself, biting his sleeves in order to alleviate the unsustainable sac.

    Jiang Yuchu was already very uncomfortable, but suddenly there was a scent in the air, the sweet lychee smell in the sweet osmanthus scent, she felt relieved and at the same time felt unusually hot. She suddenly missed the taste of lychees and wanted to eat them. What was even worse was that the temperature on her body was getting higher and higher, and her head was getting heavier and heavier. She felt like she couldn't hold it any longer.

    A good hunter knows how to grasp the right moment and shoot when the prey is most vulnerable.

    Jiang Yuchu didn't react from the suddenly rich aroma around her, she felt that the glands in the back of her neck were pierced by a sharp object, domineering and gentle pheromones rushed to invade every part of her body , fast, accurate, and ruthless, giving Jiang Yuchu no chance to resist at all. To sum up Jiang Yuchu's feelings in five words: pain and happiness.

    Under the comfort of high-level Omega pheromones, Jiang Yuchu's body that was off track gradually returned to the right track. Under the adjustment of the body, Jiang Yuchu's body temperature gradually dropped.

    Jiang Yuchu's body was easily tamed by Xia Yirou's pheromone, from fierce resistance to obedient submission.

    In the bathroom, Xia Yirou was kneeling in front of Jiang Yuchu and was making a shallow mark on Jiang Yuchu, while Jiang Yuchu hugged Xia Yirou's waist tightly and buried her face in Xia Yirou's neck. where, rubbing and whimpering.

    It's not that Jiang Yuchu loves to cry, but the resistance made by alpha when the Omega pheromone invades is too intense, and the confrontation between the two pheromones in the body can't be resisted by ordinary people. In the past, Omega experienced this painful process. Maybe Jiang Yuchu is the first alpha experience.

    Does Jiang Yuchu want to tag Xia Yirou? Of course. It's just that Jiang Yuchu can't, and she doesn't dare. Jiang Yuchu's idea was: although lychees are delicious, they are not hers, and they must be eaten with the consent of the owner, so she abruptly eliminated the hooked gluttons one by one, constantly fighting against her own cravings.

    mode, so Jiang Yuchu fell asleep in a daze during the process of being marked by Xia Yirou.

    Jiang Yuchu is not only the first alpha marked by Omega in history, but also the first alpha to fall asleep during the marking process.

    Xia Yirou is the opposite, marking alpha brings her unparalleled beauty. No wonder some alphas enjoy marking Omegas. She didn't understand them before, but now she thinks she understands that marking is really a pleasant thing for both body and mind, especially the spiritual satisfaction.

    Xia Yirou listened to the sound of even breathing coming from her ear, and gently stroked the glands behind Jiang Yuchu's neck, which still had her teeth marks on it, looking a bit hideous.

    Xia Yirou pressed close to Jiang Yuchu's ear and whispered softly, "Look, I have marked you, so you must make me responsible when you wake up and find out."

    "I'm a little impatient, when will you fall in love with me?"

    "I think...be responsible to you in an upright manner."

    "Jiang Yuchu, will you give me this chance? Let me be responsible for you, okay?"

    Jiang Yuchu couldn't give a response, she slept very deeply, even if Xia Yirou was talking into her ear, Jiang Yuchu couldn't hear it, she was too tired, all her senses were closed .

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