What Should I Do If I Have a Bad Start After Crossing Over?

Chapter 39

    ◎The clue◎

    After drinking the water, Jiang Yuchu stood there staring at the cup in a daze, confused: She must be thinking too much, Xia Yirou in the bathroom just now should have no other meaning, really just thinking To let her feel the warmth of her hand, it was because she had a ghost in her heart that she speculated in other areas. She must have been influenced by her subjective emotions. How could Xia Yirou have other thoughts about her?

    Jiang Yuchu shook her head and removed unrealistic thoughts: she was so narcissistic? Don't you know how much you weigh yourself? Crazy all day long! And it's normal for girls to hold hands, but she's fine, thinking about it in a mess.

    Jiang Yuchu took a few deep breaths, adjusted her condition, and walked back into the bathroom.

    Jiang Yuchu took the ointment from Jiang Zhengnuo's hand: "I'll help you apply the medicine."

    "I thought you were gone." Only Xia Yirou knew that her voice trembled faintly when she said this.

    "Where can I go when you are here?" Jiang Yuchu hesitated for a while, but still reached out to hold Xia Yirou's injured hand, and used a cotton swab to apply medicine to the back of Xia Yirou's hand.

    Jiang Yuchu gave medicine to Xia Yirou while blowing, with gentle movements and focused eyes.

    "Jiang Yuchu."


    "What type of Omega do you like?"

    Jiang Yuchu took the medicine for a moment and replied, "I like... girls who are gentle, kind, lovely, smart, and tolerant." Just like you.

    Jiang Yuchu didn't realize that she was actually described according to Xia Yirou's image, and thought that Xia Yirou was just the type she liked. The truth is: I think I like this type of girl because I like you.

    It turns out that Jiang Yuchu likes this type, but...she seems to only meet two conditions: gentle and intelligent. The former is because a lot of people have said so. The latter... She considers herself smart, though a bit narcissistic to say so.

    "Why did you ask this all of a sudden?" Could it be that Xia Yirou wanted to introduce her to someone? Xia Yirou despised her? But she's been very calm recently.

    "Just a little curious."

    Jiang Yuchu looked at Xia Yirou suspiciously and said, "Liar to me that you are a puppy."

    "I lied to you that you are a puppy, bark."

    Wait! Xia Yirou was admitting in disguise that she was lying to herself and wanted to take advantage of her. Did she understand correctly?

    "Wang Wang Wang ~ Aunt Jiang, that's how the dog barks!" Jiang Zhengnuo arrived at a particularly inopportune time.

    Jiang Yuchu looked at Xia Yirou with a smile, obviously teasing her, and questioned herself: Does she look like a bully? Also, when did Xia Yirou become so bad?

    The inexplicable smile at the corner of Jiang Yuchu's mouth made Xia Yirou feel dangerous, but she still pretended to be calm, what can Jiang Yuchu do with a piece of wood?

    Jiang Yuchu stretched out his hand to cover Xia Yirou's eyes, and brought it to Xia Yirou's ear: "Wang~"

    "Sister~ Are you satisfied~" Jiang Yuchu deliberately said this very softly.

    Xia Yirou's eyes suddenly lost the light, and then she felt itchy and hot from the hot breath, especially when her eyes were covered, it was Jiang Yuchu who completely broke her defense What she said, the heat spread from her ears to her entire neck and face, she forgot to even breathe, and the bones and tendons of her hand grasping the wall of the sink were clearly revealed.

    Xia Yirou licked her pouch teeth unconsciously, she wanted to bite Jiang Yuchu...

    Jiang Yuchu felt itchy in her palm, Xia Yirou's eyelashes trembled slightly in her palm, with a wet feeling?

    Oops, I just got up for a while and lost my sense. Jiang Yuchu quickly retracted his hand and quickly distanced himself from Xia Yirou. Jiang Yuchu was thinking about how to apologize to Xia Yirou when he ran into Xia Yirou Soft mist, slightly absent-minded eyes, curled long and dense eyelashes trembling constantly, and reddish end of eyes. Jiang Yuchu's mind immediately shut down.

    Xia Yirou realized that her state was not right, and left the bathroom in a hurry.

    Jiang Yuchu was left with a shocked, stunned face, covering his heart. Jiang Yuchu's hands clenched the clothes on his chest, trying to ease his fast heartbeat.

    Jiang Zhengnuo stood aside, wondering: Why do you feel that Mom and Aunt Jiang have become strange recently?


    The first landscape of Ning City is Yiyuan Garden. Many tourists come here every year. The development of tourism drives the development of service industry. Therefore, the development momentum of service industry in Ning City is the strongest in the province. of.

    On the way, Jiang Yuchu and Xia Yirou didn't dare to look at each other. They led Jiang Zhengnuo to Yiyuan respectively. Only when Jiang Zhengnuo asked questions, the two would talk, and the rest Time for the two of them to have their own thoughts.

    The structure of Yiyuan Garden is similar to Jiangnan Garden. It was the home of Meng Yi, the Prime Minister of the Southern Dynasty who lived five hundred years ago. He was an ancient Confucian minister dedicated to gender equality. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, it was incorporated into the state.

    In the end, Jiang Yuchu couldn't help but break the deadlock between the two. She had been holding back and didn't speak to Xia Yirou, she couldn't take it anymore.

    "Is this Meng Yi very powerful?"

    "Well." It's not that Xia Yirou didn't want to talk to Jiang Yuchu, but when she saw Jiang Yuchu, she couldn't help but think of what happened in the bathroom, which made her a little embarrassed to face Jiang Yuchu.

    "Prime Minister Meng was the only person in history who proposed gender equality. Unfortunately, he was persecuted by traitorous officials and died of grievances. After several dynasties, his descendants succeeded in clearing his grievances. "

    "At that time there was no second gender, everyone was only divided into men and women, but Prime Minister Meng, as a man, could advocate equality between men and women. He was a great person. It is precisely because In this way, Prime Minister Meng will be persecuted."

    “In my country, most of the members of affirmative action organizations are followers of Prime Minister Meng, so many people come to see Yiyuan.”

    "According to you, there should be quite a lot of affirmative rights organizations in our country, why..." Jiang Yuchu was stumped by the words that could be expressed.

    "Because most of those in power and wealthy businessmen are alphas, while most advocates of equal rights are Omegas and betas. Vulnerable groups have a large base and a small proportion, so there is no progress in the affirmative action in our country."

    "This lady is right." A clear female voice came from behind them.

    "Sorry, I didn't mean to listen to you, but... your views are very similar to my ex-wife, so I couldn't help interrupting your conversation." The woman was referring to her ex-wife There was a look of loneliness on his face.

    Jiang Yuchu raised his eyes and looked at the other party. The woman was tall and slender, with a charming face and a cold expression, with a sense of oppression from a superior. She was holding a little girl in a white dress, it should be her daughter, the expression on the little girl's face was exactly the same as the woman's indifference.

    "Sister Meng?" Xia Yirou didn't expect to meet Meng Li in Yiyuan. She mentioned 'ex-wife' just now. Could it be that Sister Meng and Teacher Wen have divorced?

    "You know me?" Meng Li can be sure that she doesn't know Xia Yirou, as long as she has met someone, even if only once, she can remember.

    "Well, I'm Mr. Wen's student. I often heard Mr. Wen mention you before, and Mr. Wen also showed me your group photo. So, I'm very impressed with the senior."

    "Really?" Meng Li's face was obviously delighted, and her flat tone finally fluctuated: "Wen Wen, is she okay? Where is she now?"

    "Sorry, senior, I haven't had much contact with Mr. Wen after graduation, you guys..."

    "I'm sorry, I'm too excited." Meng Li smiled bitterly: "Because I haven't seen her for a long time, I'm a little lost when I hear her name."

    "Mom, let's go." The little girl pulled La Mengli's sleeve and said succinctly.

    "Sorry, I'm leaving first, goodbye." Meng Li was afraid that she would lose control of her emotions if she stayed any longer. This was the first time she heard Wen Wenxue mentioned by others in seven years. The name hidden in her heart.

    Sister Wen...where are you? You are really so cruel, don't you want me?

    Xia Yirou looked at Jiang Yuchu with a bewildered face and explained: "Just now, that was Meng Li, the deputy mayor of Ning City, one of the initiators of the affirmative action organization, and also my senior sister. It's a university."

    "This also seems to be an alpha leader with equality awareness."

    "It can be understood in the same way." Before, she remembered that Teacher Wen told her that Sister Meng was a defender of alpha power, so she was surprised when she learned that Meng Li publicly proposed affirmative action. There should be some twists and turns in this, and it is very likely related to Teacher Wen, which is why Meng Xuejie's attitude towards affirmative action has changed so much.

    "Are you also participating in affirmative action organizations?" Jiang Yuchu asked in a positive tone.

    "Well." Xia Yirou didn't plan to hide Jiang Yuchu, she was sure that Jiang Yuchu would not be dissatisfied with affirmative action like other alphas.

    "Then take me one? I also want to participate." Jiang Yuchu looked at Xia Yirou eagerly.

    "Okay, then you have to be good." Xia Yirou agreed without hesitation. She stretched out her hand and wanted to touch Jiang Yuchu's head. This was a habit formed by Jiang Zhengnuo, but she found it a little difficult. Just when she wanted to take it back, Jiang Yuchu lowered her head and rubbed Xia Yirou. hands and said, "I'm very good."


    "Mom, there is a boat there, Zheng Nuo wants to go!" Jiang Zhengnuo shouted excitedly when he saw the boat.

    "Okay, let's go boating." Jiang Yuchu led Jiang Zhengnuo, and Jiang Zhengnuo led Xia Yirou towards the rowing direction.

    There are many people who come to take the boat, and there is a long queue, even if the price is expensive, it can't resist everyone's enthusiasm.

    It is said that in order to please his wife, Prime Minister Meng specially asked the emperor to ask the officials of the Ministry of Industry to build an artificial river.

    Historical records show that Meng Yi was a strict wife and never took a concubine. offspring brought it up.

    The sun is very strong in the afternoon, and the queue may take a long time. When Jiang Yuchu came just now, she noticed that there was a stall selling sun hats, she said to Xia Yirou: "I'll leave. "Then run to the stall.

    There are three kinds of hats on the stall, the cheapest straw hat, the ordinary sun hat, and the sun hat with rabbit ears, very cute.

    Jiang Yuchu bought two sun hats, one for Xia Yirou and the other for Jiang Zhengnuo. She was not used to wearing hats, so she did not buy them for herself. She bought both hats with bunny ears.

    When Jiang Yuchu came back, he handed the hat to Xia Yirou. Xia Yirou mistakenly thought that Jiang Yuchu asked her to put it on Jiang Zhengnuo, so she squatted down and helped Jiang Zhengnuo put it on carefully.

    Xia Yirou just stood up, and Jiang Yuchu put the hat on her head. Jiang Yuchu was so cute with Xia Yirou's look, she couldn't help touching the bunny ears on her hat and praised: "So cute."

    Xia Yirou understood, it turned out that Jiang Yuchu wanted to see her wear it at first, but she is so old, and she still wears a hat with rabbit ears, just thinking about it makes me ashamed. She reached out to take off the hat, but was stopped by the fast-eyed Jiang Yuchu. Not only that, Jiang Yuchu also pressed the front of the hat down.

    "It's cute, don't pick it"

    Xia Yirou hesitated for a while, and finally compromised, who told Jiang Yuchu to like it?

    Jiang Yuchu pulled the rabbit ears on Xia Yirou's hat from time to time during the boring process of waiting in line.

    "What are you doing?" Xia Yirou couldn't bear it anymore, and said angrily, Jiang Yuchu must have done it more than five times in one minute.

    "You have something dirty on your hat, I'll pat it for you" Jiang Yuchu said solemnly.

    Xia Yirou stretched out her hand and pinched Jiang Yuchu's face, and said helplessly and indulgently: "What should I do if the puppy is naughty?"

    The smile on Jiang Yuchu's face instantly condensed. The light red started from her ears and spread to her face. Jiang Yuchu's face gradually flushed, and she couldn't hold back a word for a long time.

    "Huh? Why are you blushing? Is it hot?" Xia Yirou asked pretending to be puzzled.

    Jiang Yuchu was about to be teased by Xia Yirou and cried anxiously. She had no power to refute at all. She just stood there and looked at Xia Yirou stupidly.

    Xia Yirou felt that she might be a little perverted. The more pitiful Jiang Yuchu behaved, the more she wanted to bully Jiang Yuchu.

    "If you bully me again, I, I'll... leave." Jiang Yuchu was stuck for a long time, and could only come up with such a powerful word.

    "Pfft." Seeing Jiang Yuchu's fierce look, I thought she would speak some serious cruelty, so she was so 'ruthless'.

    "Then...you're gone, what should I do with Zheng Nuo?" Xia Yirou said in embarrassment.

    "So you are not allowed to bully me any more!" Jiang Yuchu said, thinking that he was particularly fierce, but in Xia Yirou's eyes, it was like a little milk dog humming.

    "Okay, I won't bully you, then you have to be obedient."

    "Well." Jiang Yuchu turned around and carried Xia Yirou behind her back, she was still a little angry, she had to digest it herself.

    Xia Yirou looked at Jiang Yuchu, who did not forget to block her from the sun even when she was angry, and wanted to hug her and comfort her.

    When can she do whatever she wants?

    Also, Jiang Yuchu seems to be a little cowardly.

    Jiang Yuchu, who was letting go of himself, caught sight of a person, and it was even more coincidental that she knew this person, Chen Qiao!

    This world is too small, can you meet Chen Qiao and Shu Han here?

    "Miss Jiang, what a coincidence!" Chen Qiao took the initiative to greet her, and the hostility from last time was gone.

    "What a coincidence, are you?"

    "I will have a wedding banquet with Shu Han in three days. Today, I will come to Ning City to pick up a wedding ring and stop by Yiyuan Garden." Chen Qiao's face was filled with joy.

    "Miss Jiang must come by then. It will be held in Mi County. I will send someone to send the invitation to you." Actually, what Chen Qiao mainly wanted to say to Jiang Yuchu was this sentence .

    "Okay, sure, I wish you two a happy wedding."

    Shu Han's mood is completely different from Chen Qiao's joy, because she asked about Jiang Yuchu's taste that does not belong to Jiang Yuchu, but is Omega, which only shows two situations, Jiang Yuchu was marked, or Jiang Yuchu has had a relationship with others in the past few days.

    The only woman around Jiang Yuchu is Xia Yirou, so with Jiang Yuchu... it will only be Xia Yirou.

    Shu Han's nails were embedded in the flesh of the palm, and her lips would be bitten by her. How could Jiang Yuchu...

    Chen Qiao and Shu Han have different concerns. He smelled alpha pheromones on Jiang Yuchu that did not belong to Jiang Yuchu.

    Chen Qiao looked up and down at Jiang Yuchu in astonishment, confused: Isn't Jiang Yuchu's pheromone flavored with milk?

    How is this possible? Chen Qiao couldn't understand.

    "Are Miss Xia and Yuchu together? Yuchu actually smells like Omega."

    Xia Yirou did not expect Shu Han to be so direct and ask such private questions in front of her husband, and it also involved her ex.

    Shu Han's words surprised the three of them.

    Jiang Yuchu didn't know what she was talking about. She didn't understand what Shu Han meant. She didn't have the smell of Omega, but she only smelled of laundry detergent.

    Chen Qiao looked shocked and dumbfounded: This, how is this possible?

    At the same time, a major event occurred in Mi County, and various newspapers rushed to report it.

    A newly opened restaurant in Mi County died on the spot due to food problems. Food poisoning is common in Mi County, but there are only a handful of deaths.

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    Today is not a short day! 【Pride.jpg】


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